Garden shed from concept to completion

You can only bang your head so often, stumbling backwards out an overly low and narrow doorway while trying to deftly guide a fistful of whatever past obstacles to avoid the inevitable crashing avalanche of tools and pots before something has to give. Tin garden huts are fine for storing small stuff, but if you want a space you can spend time in, making a proper shed to suit your needs and style is surprisingly easy.

This versatile addition is a personalized sanctuary, storage in style, covering a host of needs. It’s also a really satisfying one- or two-person project.

Garden shed
garden shed illo

Build a Blanket Box

Build a Blanket Box

Offering much needed bedroom storage space, and a place to sit for a moment, this blanket box design is fun to build and very customizable to your décor. A box like this can be easily scaled up or down and used to store linens, toys, games, clothing…almost anything.

It can be stationary on feet or mobile with added casters. It can have an added cushion for seating, or left plain for simple storage. Materials can be left natural or stained then clear-coated or can be painted for added colour. 

Blanket Box
Blanket Box Project Plan