Beginner's Journey

>Vandalism fells centuries-old tree in U.K.

Vandalism fells centuries-old tree in U.K.

The untimely demise of the historic and beautiful Sycamore Gap... Read more
>Market mayhem

Market mayhem

The highs and lows of trying to sell my woodworking... Read more
>Mystery cookie makes an ideal table

Mystery cookie makes an ideal table

This project turned out so well I decided to sell... Read more
>The dirty truth about dust control

The dirty truth about dust control

It’s way more important than a lot of newcomers... Read more
>Tale of a tricky trivet

Tale of a tricky trivet

I learned more than my fair share of lessons trying... Read more
>Giving new life to an old table

Giving new life to an old table

After watching countless restoration videos online I decided to try... Read more
>Giving permission to let go

Giving permission to let go

We all love our well-equipped workshops, but that may pose... Read more
>What’s old will soon be new again

What’s old will soon be new again

The demolition of an old farm granary will help preserve... Read more
>Build it or buy it?

Build it or buy it?

When it comes to constructing a home playground, the easier... Read more
>On the auction block

On the auction block

I went to a farm sale looking for a riding... Read more
>A new office for an old desk

A new office for an old desk

Making the move to a bigger house means I can... Read more
>3 pros suggest how to spend your first $1,000 on woodworking

3 pros suggest how to spend your first $1,000 on woodworking

Outfitting a small shop is easy if money’s not an... Read more
>A Few loose screws

A Few loose screws

My decision to enter the computer era of woodworking wasn’t... Read more
>Climbing the ladder

Climbing the ladder

I tried making a blanket ladder. See if you can... Read more
>The Roots of my Addiction

The Roots of my Addiction

When it comes to getting into woodworking, everyone has a... Read more
>Hobby to business – making money

Hobby to business – making money

We look at how to make money with your woodworking... Read more
>Stir Crazy in Isolation

Stir Crazy in Isolation

Between working from home, dealing with your young kids, and... Read more
>Sharing Space

Sharing Space

My small workshop would feel a lot bigger if it... Read more
>Beware the woodworking mirage

Beware the woodworking mirage

Sometimes the projects you think you see in scraps of... Read more
>Stairway to Headache

Stairway to Headache

Sometimes the best home renovation is the one you never... Read more
>The Project That Never Ends

The Project That Never Ends

In February my wife suggested we put up shiplap in... Read more
>Demolition man

Demolition man

It’s no secret that building things with my own two... Read more
>Don’t be afraid to reach for the router

Don’t be afraid to reach for the router

A powerful and efficient tool in the workshop, the router... Read more
>Bin There, Done That

Bin There, Done That

This hideaway fence took just a few hours to complete,... Read more
>10 woodworking rules of thumb and exceptions

10 woodworking rules of thumb and exceptions

As they say, there's an exception to every rule. Here... Read more
>Looking for the Right Inspiration

Looking for the Right Inspiration

How do you get inspired to go back to the... Read more
>Getting Your Wires Crossed

Getting Your Wires Crossed

You know that wire protruding from the wall, that you... Read more
>Woodworking To-Do List

Woodworking To-Do List

When summer turns to fall and winter, the “to do”... Read more
>DIY – The Millenial Way

DIY – The Millenial Way

Millennials get blamed for just about everything. The question is…... Read more
>Overbuilders anonymous

Overbuilders anonymous

Why use one screw when you could use seven? If... Read more
>The Toronto Woodworking Show

The Toronto Woodworking Show

I have embarrassingly few tools to my name. Sure I’ve... Read more
>A Beginner Woodworker’s Paradise

A Beginner Woodworker’s Paradise

For someone getting into woodworking, getting a formal education is... Read more
>The True Cost of Craftsmanship

The True Cost of Craftsmanship

In late November last year, I was working on getting... Read more
>An Illuminating Experience

An Illuminating Experience

If a rookie woodworker with almost no experience can make... Read more
>Cry Me a River

Cry Me a River

River tables are all the craze today, and they’re really... Read more
>Serious About Shop Safety

Serious About Shop Safety

It’s funny how certain memories from your childhood stick with... Read more
>Lugging Lumber

Lugging Lumber

Sometimes getting lumber home is the hardest part. Other times... Read more
>Custom woodworking

Custom woodworking

The leap from being a hobbyist or beginner to a... Read more
>Affective woodworking

Affective woodworking

Most woodworking projects are three dimensional and therefore present a... Read more
>Why we woodwork

Why we woodwork

The everyday ordinary tasks of doing woodworking is, in a... Read more
>Joining – part 1

Joining – part 1

If you had a chance to practice hand planing a... Read more
>Building confidence with hand tools

Building confidence with hand tools

Have you ever associated using hand tools with gaining confidence?... Read more
>Hand tools

Hand tools

Hand tools are a necessary part of woodworking, even when... Read more
>Woodworking shopping list

Woodworking shopping list

The most important thing about making and maintaining a shop... Read more
>Mystique of hand tools

Mystique of hand tools

Probably everyone involved with woodworking has noticed the expanded interest... Read more
>The soul of woodworking

The soul of woodworking

When was the last time you thought about how much... Read more
>Furniture styles – Sheraton

Furniture styles – Sheraton

The Sheraton style of furniture is named after Thomas Sheraton,... Read more
>Furniture styles – Chippendale

Furniture styles – Chippendale

After the Shaker, Chippendale is perhaps the best known north... Read more
>Hobby to business – what do clients want?

Hobby to business – what do clients want?

Get practical advice on what clients for quality furniture projects... Read more
>Pricing your work

Pricing your work

Pricing your work is one of the most difficult things... Read more
>Furniture styles – Victorian

Furniture styles – Victorian

The Victorian style was named for Queen Victoria, who reined... Read more
>Hobby to business – what will I build?

Hobby to business – what will I build?

If you are considering the idea of starting your own... Read more
>Furniture styles – Mission

Furniture styles – Mission

The Mission style was developed by a number of influential... Read more
>Hobby to business – business basics

Hobby to business – business basics

Before you can hang out your shingle, you will need... Read more
>Furniture styles – Colonial

Furniture styles – Colonial

Defining furniture styles can be very difficult. Defining 'American Colonial'... Read more
>Hobby to business – follow your dream

Hobby to business – follow your dream

So, you want to start a woodworking... Read more
>Furniture styles – Shaker

Furniture styles – Shaker

The Shaker style reflects the lifestyle and beliefs of Shakers,... Read more
>Furniture styles – historical overview

Furniture styles – historical overview

Understanding furniture styles can help you bring your woodworking to... Read more
>Two simple words

Two simple words

What it takes to be a good... Read more
>Design time

Design time

Prior to the construction of anything, from china cabinets to... Read more