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Rob Brown

Studio furniture maker and Canadian Woodworking magazine editor Rob Brown’s weekly blog – entertaining, informative and educational.

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Storage is king

Designed for a recession

Assembling the goods

Another leaf table

Why knot give it a try?

Mocked-up joints

Drawing blood

The Great Jere Osgood

Why do you use social media?

 The basics can be tricky

Colour your world

Meet John Glendinning

Exploding wood

Workshop injuries

Show me your hammers!

Hammer time!

A foot to stand on

More live edge slabs

Laminate competition

Crazy for cauls

Scary sounds in the shop

Comparing two bold boxes

In praise of simple projects

Sharpening our pencils

Shelves: lots of surprises

Wanted: shop kids

Care to snaptoggle?

Carvings and curvy doors

Busy times

Are you serious, Rob?

Experiments gone right

Gord Peteran’s favourites

Yuri Kobayashi’s favourites

Yorgo Liapis’s favourites

One fun marble run

Fancy joints

Epoxy: what’s next?

The coolest project ever

Learning when to say no

Big, old trees

Is there woodworking on mars?

Sometimes simple is best

New year – new blog
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