Wood Chuckle

>One Lazy Son-in-Law

One Lazy Son-in-Law

Don’s son-in-law helps him build an... Read more
>Summer Help

Summer Help

A son-in-law arrives to help with some home improvement projects... Read more
>My Neighbours

My Neighbours

I don’t like my neighbours! I think I just heard... Read more


Students come in many types, but Don’s not sure why... Read more
>The Class

The Class

Teaching would be easier if I knew what I was... Read more
>Carl Has Termites

Carl Has Termites

What do you get when you mix termites and ants... Read more
>Carl Buys Some Tools

Carl Buys Some Tools

It started with a screwdriver; a slot­ted one because he... Read more
>Carl’s house – part 2

Carl’s house – part 2

As I sit here on my deck in my robe... Read more
>Carl’s house – part 1

Carl’s house – part 1

The other day, my new neigh­bour, Carl, showed up at... Read more
>Simple Tools

Simple Tools

When woodworker-slash-writer-types like myself write about tools, they invariably talk about... Read more
>Basement Boatbuilding – Part 4

Basement Boatbuilding – Part 4

Today, as I write this, it is December 1st. This... Read more
>Basement Boatbuilding – Part 3

Basement Boatbuilding – Part 3

For those of you who have a short attention span,... Read more
>Basement Boatbuilding – Part 2

Basement Boatbuilding – Part 2

When I last left you I was preparing to build... Read more
>Basement Boatbuilding – part 1

Basement Boatbuilding – part 1

A few years ago this magazine changed its name to... Read more
>A Home in the Woods — Part 5

A Home in the Woods — Part 5

So, I was sitting around in my office the other... Read more
>Renovations Explained

Renovations Explained

I love renovating. Or to be a little more accurate,... Read more
>A Home in the Woods — Part 4

A Home in the Woods — Part 4

I’m Baaaaaaack! I realize this may be a disappointment to... Read more
>A Home in the Woods — Part 3

A Home in the Woods — Part 3

Way back in the August/September issue, my article was Part... Read more


Ah, Christmas! Christmas is sup­posed to be a time of... Read more


Boxes are much like people; they come in many different... Read more
>A Home in the Woods — Part 2

A Home in the Woods — Part 2

When last I left you, I was on my way... Read more
>A Small Shop Addition

A Small Shop Addition

As most of you are, or at least should be,... Read more
>A Home in the Woods — Part 1

A Home in the Woods — Part 1

Over the years I have often – too often, some... Read more
>Tree Carving

Tree Carving

As I write this month’s column, Halloween is fast approaching.... Read more


Way back in June, The Boy came to me and... Read more
>So Many Projects

So Many Projects

Within the next two weeks, my dear wife will be... Read more


So I got this e-mail from my edi­tor requesting an... Read more
>Childhood gifts

Childhood gifts

I have three children. I don’t sup­pose I should refer... Read more
>The Renos Continue

The Renos Continue

It is the first day of February as I write... Read more
>Loaning Tools – Part 1

Loaning Tools – Part 1

For the past few decades, the fruit growing people of... Read more
>Surprisingly Smooth

Surprisingly Smooth

If you began reading at the beginning of the magazine... Read more
>Educating Woodworkers

Educating Woodworkers

Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. The rest... Read more
>A Small Bathroom Repair

A Small Bathroom Repair

Since moving to B.C. last year, my situation has changed... Read more
>Trials of a Small Shop

Trials of a Small Shop

Those of you who pay any kind of attention to... Read more


Man has been on this planet for several years now... Read more
>Still Renovating

Still Renovating

Renovation: n /rénna váy shun/ (heavy accent on shun, as... Read more


Renovate /rénna vayt/ vt 1 To destroy part or all... Read more
>A Woman’s Place is In The Shop

A Woman’s Place is In The Shop

I wish there were more woodworking women. Then maybe circular... Read more
>Woodworking Women

Woodworking Women

I recently received a letter from one of my many... Read more
>Swords and Helmets

Swords and Helmets

By the time you read this column, it is quite... Read more
>The Workshop

The Workshop

How many of you reading this column either have your... Read more
>The Tablesaw

The Tablesaw

If there is one tool in the average workshop that... Read more
>Learning to Woodwork – Practicing on the Lathe

Learning to Woodwork – Practicing on the Lathe

Another couple months have gone by and I still haven’t... Read more
>Learning to Woodwork: The Lathe – Part 2

Learning to Woodwork: The Lathe – Part 2

When I left you last issue I was hiding out... Read more
>Learning to Woodwork (The Specifics)

Learning to Woodwork (The Specifics)

When it comes to pur­chasing large scale woodworking equip­ment, most... Read more
>Learning to Woodwork (Concluded)

Learning to Woodwork (Concluded)

There really is something to be said about trial and... Read more
>Learning to Woodwork (The Sequel)

Learning to Woodwork (The Sequel)

In a previous article I left you anxiously awaiting the astonishing... Read more
>How it all Started

How it all Started

Many times over the course of my woodworking career I... Read more
>Christmas Wrap

Christmas Wrap

The year is finally wrapping up and with it ends... Read more
>A bird, a daughter & a garbage can

A bird, a daughter & a garbage can

Welcome back to the ongoing saga of how I became... Read more
>Goosing My Career

Goosing My Career

This is my third and final article relating to my... Read more
>Carving a Career

Carving a Career

The year 1967 was one filled with many important events.... Read more
>Blitzkrieg To-The-Sea

Blitzkrieg To-The-Sea

For most people, carving is a solitary pursuit. Time spent... Read more


By the time you receive this long anticipated issue of... Read more
>A Woodworkers Christmas

A Woodworkers Christmas

The Christmas season is often the busiest time of year... Read more
>Collectors Are A Strange Breed

Collectors Are A Strange Breed

Walk into any woodworking shop in any basement or garage,... Read more
>Oh, to build a canoe

Oh, to build a canoe

For many years I wanted to build a cedar strip... Read more
>The great Canadian invention

The great Canadian invention

Over the course of man’s reign on earth he has... Read more
>Jerry Has An Idea

Jerry Has An Idea

Jerry had an obsessive-compulsive personality. In behavioural psychology circles he... Read more
>Smokin’ In the Woodshop

Smokin’ In the Woodshop

Every once in a while you come across someone who... Read more
>Tools We Love

Tools We Love

For those of us who work with wood, there is... Read more
>Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

There is a maxim to do with woodworking that we... Read more
>Installation from HELL

Installation from HELL

I’m sure we have all had projects in which nothing... Read more
>Projects from Hell

Projects from Hell

In most businesses and endeavors, there always comes a time... Read more
>Some Days

Some Days

Some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed.... Read more