Know Your Tools

>Laser distance measure

Laser distance measure

While a tape measure is a great choice for distances... Read more
>Hammer drill

Hammer drill

A hammer drill is similar to a con­ventional drill/driver in... Read more
>Circular saw

Circular saw

A circular saw can make crosscuts and rip cuts, and... Read more
>Cordless lawnmowers

Cordless lawnmowers

There are four types of cordless lawnmowers – push, self-pro­pelled,... Read more
>Manual tile cutter

Manual tile cutter

When it comes to cutting ceramic, porce­lain or glass tiles... Read more
>String trimmers

String trimmers

String trimmers (a.k.a. weed whackers or weed eaters) are available... Read more


Woodworking screws are available in hardened steel, stainless steel, solid... Read more
>Benchtop grinders

Benchtop grinders

With a bench grinder you can reshape and sharpen all... Read more
>Leaf blower

Leaf blower

There are three common types of leaf blowers on the... Read more
>Biscuit joiner

Biscuit joiner

A biscuit joiner (a.k.a. plate joiner) is a good choice... Read more


There are dozens of different types of screwdrivers on the... Read more
>Angle grinders

Angle grinders

The wide range of accessories available for angle grinders make... Read more
>Battery-powered generators

Battery-powered generators

While portable battery-powered generators (BPGs) deliver less power than fuel-powered... Read more
>Card scrapers and burnishers

Card scrapers and burnishers

A very simple tool, the edge of a card scraper... Read more
>Fuel-powered portable generators

Fuel-powered portable generators

What you need to know about fuel-powered portable... Read more


While hammers and mallets perform similar functions, the major difference... Read more
>Oscillating Multi-Tool

Oscillating Multi-Tool

An OMT operates by high-speed oscillation, rather than rotating or... Read more
>Impact driver

Impact driver

An impact driver delivers significantly more torque than a drill... Read more
>Coping saw

Coping saw

Although a coping saw can be used in several situations,... Read more
>Spoon-Carving Tools

Spoon-Carving Tools

Get the Most Out of Your Spoon-Carving... Read more
>Reciprocating Saws

Reciprocating Saws

The reciprocating (a.k.a. recip) saw is the preferred choice for... Read more


A jigsaw can make many types of cuts in a... Read more
>Router Bits

Router Bits

Router bits can do so many things in a woodworking... Read more
>Shoulder planes

Shoulder planes

An unsung hero of a hand tool woodworker's kit, the... Read more
>Rasps and files

Rasps and files

Files and rasps allow you to carefully remove small amounts... Read more
>Western style handsaws

Western style handsaws

Know Your Tools: Western Style... Read more
>Sharpening Stones

Sharpening Stones

If a hand tool isn't working well consider the sharpness... Read more
>Combination square

Combination square

Know Your Tools: This simple looking tool has a lot... Read more
>Track saws

Track saws

A track saw (aka ‘plunge saw’) is a type of... Read more
>Marking and cutting gauges

Marking and cutting gauges

Marking and cutting gauges are precision tools that enable you... Read more
>Trim routers

Trim routers

Not only great for trimming plastic laminate, trim routers are... Read more
>Belt sanders

Belt sanders

These aggressive sanding machines can work wonders in the shop... Read more


If you have trees on your property a chainsaw can... Read more


Spokeshaves are as fun to use as they are functional.... Read more
>Japanese Saws

Japanese Saws

A Japanese saw is a finely crafted tool that creates... Read more
>Benchtop CNC routers

Benchtop CNC routers

You can think of a benchtop CNC machine as an... Read more
>Benchtop thickness planer

Benchtop thickness planer

Also called lunchbox planers, a benchtop thickness planer is a... Read more


A very simple tool, the chisel’s job is to accurately... Read more
>Hollow chisel mortiser

Hollow chisel mortiser

Know Your Tools: Hollow Chisel Mortiser. Invest in premium bits; they’ll... Read more
>Block plane

Block plane

Get the Most Out of Your Block Plane. These are... Read more
>Random orbit sanders

Random orbit sanders

Get the Most Out Of Your Random Orbital... Read more


Get the Most Out Of Your Jointer. Jointers are available... Read more
>Cordless drill/drivers

Cordless drill/drivers

Compact drill/drivers provide ample power for most day-to-day drilling and... Read more


Get the most out of your... Read more


Bandsaws are versatile shop machines that don’t take up much... Read more


With a stationary (aka fixed-base) router, the cutting depth remains... Read more
>Drill press

Drill press

To drill straight and true holes quickly, easily, and consistently,... Read more
>Table Saws

Table Saws

Also called a variety saw because of all the operations... Read more
>Cyclone Dust Collectors

Cyclone Dust Collectors

Cyclone collectors are more efficient at handling wood chips and... Read more
>Dado Sets

Dado Sets

A dado set is not for cutting workpieces to size,... Read more
>Brad Nailers

Brad Nailers

Brad nailers are among the most pop­ular pneumatic tools in... Read more
>Compact air compressors

Compact air compressors

Compact air compressors can power a range of tools, including... Read more