Wood Turning

>Adding texture to wood

Adding texture to wood

Adding texture to a wood surface creates visual and physical... Read more
>Designing a segmented turning

Designing a segmented turning

Forget about expensive, complicated computer software; with a bit of... Read more
>Preparing a Blank for Segmented Turning

Preparing a Blank for Segmented Turning

At first thought, accurately making segments for a turned segmented... Read more
>Pen Making 101

Pen Making 101

There is a lot to know before you turn your... Read more
>Tips for the Novice Woodturner

Tips for the Novice Woodturner

These tips are bound to help you get the most... Read more
>Using the skew

Using the skew

If you're a novice turner, then like many other novice... Read more
>Turning beads and coves

Turning beads and coves

This article will help you get more use out of... Read more
>Basic turning techniques for beginners

Basic turning techniques for beginners

Turning can be very rewarding, but for the beginner, it... Read more
>Mounting a blank

Mounting a blank

There are a number of ways to mount a turning... Read more
>Vacuum chuck

Vacuum chuck

Vacuum chucking is used to hold a workpiece on a... Read more
>Turning alternate materials

Turning alternate materials

In addition to turning domestic and exotic woods, you can... Read more
>Introduction to hollow turning

Introduction to hollow turning

There are many forms and techniques for hollow turning and... Read more
>A marriage of textures

A marriage of textures

There are many skills and techniques involved in woodturning: skill... Read more