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rockler drill guide drilling dog holes

Rockler portable drill guide

A drill press is indispensable for furniture making and nearly so for most other woodworking endeavours. When work pieces are too large or heavy to take to the drill press we usually revert to a hand-held drill/driver. While anyone can drill a hole it’s another thing to drill perfectly straight (or perfectly angled) holes consistently, especially when using Forstner and saw hole drill bits that have a tendency to skip or walk away from the center when you first start drilling. That’s where a portable drill guide comes in. These drill/driver accessories enable you to drill straight or angled holes with a much higher degree of precision than you can drill freehand. Over the years I’ve tried several of these drill guides, with varying degrees of frustration. But, I think I’ve finally found portable drilling nirvana with the Rockler Portable Drill Guide.

Rockler Portable Drill Guide

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