Take the plunge into the world of track saws

When I first encountered a track saw, I was smitten. As a general carpenter focusing on renovation work, I was building custom cabinetry and built-ins for additions and renovations, so most of my work was based at a job-site; portability and flexibility were essential in a tool. The idea that a saw could be easily moved across a piece of fixed material instead of moving the material across a table saw was not a new one; I was more than familiar with circular saws. I had never, however, thought of a circular saw as a particularly accurate tool. Wandering cuts, burn marks and splinters seemed challenging to avoid. The combination of a brilliantly designed track and dedicated saw, which together could rival the accuracy of a panel saw, was a revelation. I took the plunge (pun intended) and, after some initial research, purchased a Festool TS75 EQ track saw and have been using it for almost two years now.

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