Make a Passive Smartphone Speaker

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A different spin on storage

Need more shop storage? This rotating rack can be custom- built to the size you need, and will give you flexible storage for years to come.

No matter what size shop you have, storage is always an issue. I really like the versatility of the pegboard system of hanging things. The hooks aren’t permanently locked to specific locations on the board, and moving them when you need to adjust isn’t a hassle. The downside in my shop was the linear area it was going to take up, and hence a spinning solution was born. The idea for this rotating pegboard came from the corner cupboard in my kitchen with its internal spinning storage rack.

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A Spoon Carver’s Toolbox

Dowel joinery: simple, strong and accurate

Using dowels for joinery can be a very strong and accurate method. It’s also generally a very simple technique to master. I think woodworkers tend to avoid dowels for a number of reasons, even though they are perfectly capable of making you a better woodworker, and your furniture stronger as well.

In this article, studio furniture maker Steve Der-Garabedian shows you how to dowel with panache.

dowel joinery

Fly-tying chest

If you’re a fly fisherman and a woodworker, there’s no better project than a fly-tying chest. With lots of storage for smaller items it will make your fly-tying easier. And mix it up with some colourful woods for drawer fronts, and you have yourself a trophy project.

A fly-tying chest was one of several things that pushed me into a career of woodworking back in my early 20’s. I had just taken up fly fishing and was on a trip to Montana. I came across a show where a gentleman was selling spectacular tying chests for a hefty sum. Well, like most woodworkers, I knew I could build one for a lot cheaper. Sure, I had to invest a ton of money into new tools. Ahem. That first one was made out of poplar core plywood and lots of screws and glue, plus the skills I had at the time.

Fly-tying chest
Fly-tying chest illo