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Small shop essentials 2021

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There are lots of choices to be made when setting up a first workshop or upgrading an existing shop. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned woodworker, these hand and power tools, machines, and workshop accessories will help you work smarter, safer and more efficiently. This is our 10th annual roundup of Small Shop Essentials.

There are lots of choices to be made when setting up a first workshop or upgrading an existing shop. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned woodworker, these hand and power tools, machines, and workshop accessories will help you work smarter, safer and more efficiently. This is our 10th annual roundup of Small Shop Essentials.

When you need to hold things together, look to Akfix. They have a wide range of high-quality, high-per­formance, cost-effective indoor and outdoor adhesives and glues for use in the workshop, on the jobsite and around the home. Akfix 705 Fast Adhesive is a two-part high-vis­cosity cyanoacrylate adhesive and activator with exceptionally high bonding strength. Akfix D3 is a water-based, water-resistant PVA adhesive that delivers excellent bond strength on both hard and soft woods. Visit their website for information on the full line of Akfix adhesives.

Akfix adhesives

FEIN offers three performance classes of multi-tools: the 300, 500 and 700, all avail­able in both corded and cordless versions. The three classes now share one single, powerful name: MULTIMASTER. The innovative tool-free QuickIN clamping system enables the user to remove and install accessories in a matter of seconds while the self-supporting motor with vibration decoupling delivers out­standing vibration and noise reduction. There are over 180 industry-leading Starlock, StarlockPlus and StarlockMax accessories developed by FEIN to match the performance of its tools and to achieve maximum transmission of power from tool to accessory.

BESSEY’s newest clamping inno­vation, the EZR-SET track system clamp, not only makes clamping easy with a one-handed trigger lever, but a quick push-button release mechanism allows an easy conversion to spreading without the use of tools. Insert the included 2″ adaptor into the upper or lower jaw for step-over work. The EZR-SET gives you three clamping functions – table clamp, standard clamp and step-over clamp. A cross prism design integrated in the plastic cap allows secure fastening of round, pointed and angular pieces. Engineered with a 2K ergonomically shaped handle for comfort and safe handling.

Bessey EZR-SET

The T18 Easy Drill Driver is part of Festool’s comprehensive cordless tool lineup. Its ergonomic, lightweight and precision-performance design is ideal for completing jobs in tight spaces while limiting arm fatigue. It features a large drilling capacity, a 1/2″ keyless chuck, optimum LED illumination for a well-lit work area and integrated bit storage. Festool’s complete line of cordless tools, including the T18 Easy, is German-engineered for premium quality and durability, and all carry the company’s three-year, all-inclusive warranty once registered online at The warranty covers the tool, battery and charger against wear-and-tear.

Festool T18

Vicmarc lathes are known inter­nationally for their robust design and ease of use. They’re made in Australia using only the best mate­rials and latest high-precision, computer-controlled CNC machines. Precise engineering and manufactur­ing result in solid, quiet, vibration-free operation. The hardened and ground headstock spindle runs on a tapered bearing, ensuring a smooth and true running spindle. The hardened quill in the tailstock has a 75mm (60mm on the VL150) scale enabling you to accurately know how deep you have drilled, and how much farther you can go.

vicmarc lathe

Hunter Tools Systems turning tools are manufactured from very fine grain carbide specifically engineered to meet the sharp tooling requirements demanded by the woodturn­ing community. While proficient in rough turning operations, they excel when used as a finishing tool for final shaping and light finish cuts, which can reduce or eliminate tedious sanding. The heart of the Hunter Tool is a circular structured carbide cutter that lasts up to 100 times longer than high-speed steel cutters. As the cutter dulls, simply rotate the cutter to a new cutting edge. When the cutter is rotated all 360°, then simply replace the cutter with a new tip.

Win a Badger #5 Straight Turning Tool

The LongMill CNC helps take your wood­working and fabrication to the next level. It can handle a wide range of materials, including any species of wood, a vari­ety of plastics, soft metals such as aluminum and brass, and a variety of machinable foams and waxes for model making or metal casting. The LongMill is available in a variety of sizes, depend­ing on rail length, including 12″ × 12″, 12″ × 30″ and 30″ × 30″. It’s the perfect affordable desktop CNC for beginners and those who want to explore CNC as a hobby.

Sienci Longmill

The ergonomically designed, single-handed RALI 105N Evolution Hand Plane is the ideal tool to carry on the jobsite for those last finishing touches. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket but big enough to do the job. The 105N features a precision-laminated steel sole and anti-corrosion smooth nickel sides. The RALI disposable blade design allows for blade changes in seconds, with the blade always square to sole and height adjustment by lever. Each blade has two cutting edges for quick rotation. No more sharpening or setup required! Four chrome steel knives included. Replacement knives available in chrome steel and carbide.

rali 105N

The King Canada KC-15HS-VS delivers a wealth of features, superior performance and great quality in a 15″ floor model band saw. A powerful 3/4 HP, 8.6-amp motor, coupled with a mechanical variable speed system, offers two smooth speed ranges from 280 to 1,100 RPM and 900 to 3,300 RPM. The externally mounted variable-speed lever reduces the need to access belts and pulleys. You get a full 4″ stroke capacity and a 5/8″ chuck that will accept your largest drill bits. Digital readout deliv­ers precise spindle speed control while dual intersecting adjustable laser guides make accurate, repetitive drilling quick and easy.


The new King Canada KC-12HS-VS, with a foot­print of only 19-1/2″ by 21″, will be a welcome addition in any space-challenged workshop. It has a 5/8″ chuck capacity, a 12″ swing and a generous 3″ stroke. The 1/2 HP, 5-amp motor delivers variable speeds from 580 to 3,200 RPM with smooth and balanced performance even at the highest speeds. The mechani­cal variable-speed system transfers full power and torque through the entire speed range, while digital speed readout makes precision drilling quick and easy. The external, easy-to-adjust variable speed lever eliminates the need to access belts and pulleys. The KC-12HS-VS is a powerhouse for your shop.


The six-blade Flexcut JKN91 Carvin’ Jack is the world’s first fold­ing multi-tool for wood carving. You can use it for both rough shaping and detail work. It’s equipped with two scorps, straight gouge, a hook knife, chisel and a detail knife that all lock in the open position. You also get a slip strop, a bar of Flexcut Gold polishing compound to keep your blades sharp, and a leather belt-mounted sheath that looks good with jeans or even your better pants.

Flexcut JKN91


Professionals will like the quality and hobbyists will appreciate the value of Flexcut’s KN500 3-Knife Starter Set. They’ve packaged some of their most popular knives in one 3-Knife Starter Set. The comfortable curved ergo­nomic handle allows for long periods of carving without hand fatigue. The blades are precision-made from high-carbon steel. Cutting edges stay sharp and are easily maintained. Each blade is hand-sharpened at Flexcut’s factory in Pennsylvania before shipping. Knives included are KN12 Cutting Knife, KN13 Detail Knife and KN14 Roughing Knife. Flexcut Gold polishing compound is also included.

Flexcut KN500

The Flexcut JKN96 Spoon Carvin’ Jack has both a shallow and a deep hook knife designed to form the hollows of spoons and bowls. It also features a straight blade for shaping and carv­ing fine details into the design. This tool fits neatly in your pocket, so you can carve wherever you go. The handle is made of rugged aerospace alu­minum with an ergonomic design that contours to fit the palm of your hand. There is also deep crosshatching on the handle to keep the knife from slipping while carving.

Flexcut JKN96

Adding an auxiliary table to expand the work surface and accommodate acces­sories can enhance the functionality of the drill press and make life in the shop more enjoyable. With the Magnum 99-705 you get a perfectly flat 12″ by 24″ work surface with twin T-tracks and two hold-down clamps. The 24″ adjust­able anodized aluminum back fence incorporates a 2-1/2″ dust port and sliding flip-stop. After installing this handy add-on for your drill press, you’re going to wonder how you ever got along without it.

Magnum 99-705

DAP WOODPRO-X goes on pink so you can easily see the areas you’re repairing, but then dries to a natural colour letting you know when WOODPRO-X is cured, ready to be sanded, stained or painted. It’s low in odour and cleans up with water. This all-purpose, high-quality, latex-based wood filler is formulated to create a surface and body that looks and acts like real wood. Use it to repair cracks, gouges, holes and other surface defects on indoor or outdoor furniture and woodwork. The thick, knife-grade formula can be spread smoothly and evenly, and easily moulded and sculpted for corners as well as vertical and unsupported surfaces.


The new Kreg 520PRO makes it easier than ever to create rock-solid pocket-hole joints anywhere you build with materials 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ thick. It’s loaded with features, like the VersaGrip 360° rotating han­dle that helps the 520PRO adapt easily to nearly any pocket-hole project. VersaGrip also includes built-in clamping – just squeeze the handle until your material is clamped securely. Pre-set material thickness settings on the drill guide block make setup fast for 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1-1/2″ material. Plus, the adjustable stop offers repeatability when you need to drill multiple pocket holes in pieces of similar thickness.

Kreg 520PRO

The Leigh Through Dovetail Jig (TD330) makes classic fit­ting dovetail joints on boards up to 12-7/8″ wide and from 1/8″ to 13/16″ thick. Perfect for draw­ers, utility boxes, case goods and much more. Seamlessly join boards of different thicknesses with a handheld router or on a router table! Included is the Leigh patented elliptical guide bush­ing. Easily adjust joint fit for great fitting joints every time. Visit us online to see demo videos.

Leigh Through Dovetail Jig TD330

The Leigh Box Joint & Beehive Jig (B975) is a multipurpose box joint jig. It’s a simple, easy-to-use tool for making 1/2″ and 3/4″ box joints on boards up to 13/16″ thick, and from 1-7/16″ to 17-13/16″ wide. Along with boxes, drawers and benches, it’s also well suited for beehive boxes. Easily adjust joint fit with the included Leigh patented elliptical guide bushing so you can achieve great-fitting joints every time. Added feature – works on a router table! Visit us online to see demo videos.

Leigh Box Joint & Beehive Jig B975


Cut sheet goods and solid wood panels down to size with precision and ease using the Kreg Straight Edge Guide. Work with material up to 4 feet and get the cuts you need — whether you’re using a circular saw, jigsaw or trim router. The guide works with most brands. Your saw rides against the aluminum guide, allowing you to make straight and precise cuts. Retractable cutline indi­cators help position cuts perfectly. Guided cutting makes it easier than ever to see exactly where you’ll cut so you can get the results you expect.

Kreg Straight Edge Guide

Cracks, gouges, holes and other surface defects happen. But with DAP WOODPRO you don’t have to worry. This high-quality, latex-based, indoor/outdoor, low-odour wood filler is formu­lated to create a surface and body that looks and acts like real wood. Use it for repairs on furniture, woodwork, moulding, cabinets, panelling, plywood, windows, doors and painted sur­faces. The thick, knife-grade formula can be moulded and sculpted, making it ideal for corners as well as vertical and unsupported surfaces. When dry, it can be sanded, cut, planed, drilled, nailed or screwed, stained, and painted. It’s shrink-, crack- and crumble-resistant, and provides strong nail and screw anchoring.


The Viking Arm Installation Tool reduces the number of hands needed for certain types of instal­lation work. This allows for better economics in the professional field and a significant reduction in frustra­tion among home improvers. It makes working alone much easier and with a lifting capacity of up to 330 lbs. the range of applications is virtually unlimited. Constructed of hardened stainless steel and alumi­num this ingenious and built-to-last tool helps with the installation of kitchens, windows, doors, cabi­nets, floors and much more. Get into tight spaces and lift, clamp, press or tighten with controlled precision. Your imagination sets the limits.

Viking arm installation tool

For a smoother finish and quieter operation, upgrade your Makita planer or jointer with a Sheartak Spiral Cutterhead. Each cutter sits at a slight angle on the cutterhead to pro­duce a shearing, staggered cut, which eliminates tear-out and leaves a glassy surface finish on even highly figured hardwood – reducing or even eliminat­ing sanding. Noise is greatly reduced, and dust extraction is easier as spiral cutterheads produce thinner and shorter chips. The precision-ground 15mm × 15mm × 2.5mm tungsten carbide four-sided cutters are super quick to change and last up to 10 times longer than high-speed steel blades.


The Shaper Origin is a hand-held preci­sion CNC router. It combines precision and repeatability with unprecedented flexibility. With the Origin it’s just as easy to rout intri­cate inlays on small panels as it is to rout dovetails, dadoes or grooves on large workpieces. The Shaper Workstation is the ultimate workspace and fixturing solution to use with the Shaper Origin. It’s designed to streamline and expand upon Origin’s abilities, offering rapid, repeatable and precise fixturing of a wide range of stock configurations. The Shaper Origin and Workstation give you the convenience and accuracy of a CNC, but in a com­pact, portable package with no limits on workpiece size.

shaper tools

Using flexible abrasive belts, the Worksharp MK. 2 Knife and Tool Sharpener can sharpen not just straight-bladed knives, but also curved knives, tanto blades, filet knives, serrated knives, scissors and virtually any other edged tool. Use the low-speed setting for knives and fine-edge tools, and the high-speed for grinding larger tools when you need to remove a lot of material. With the flip of a switch, you can select between 20° or 25° bevel angles. A front edge guide increases control and supports the blade through the full pass so you can maintain consistent factory profiles from heel to tip.

Worksharp MK. 2 Knife and Tool Sharpener

The new Laguna F3 Fusion Table Saw is unlike any saw on the market. Encased in an indus­trial 14-gauge steel cabinet is a 3HP motor with completely redesigned cast-iron trunnion and cabinet-mounted arbor along with permanently lubricated bearings and Acme screws. The F3 comes with a wealth of fea­tures, including precisely machined cast-iron table and wings, a European high-low industrial-quality fence, premium mitre gauge, quick-release blade guard and spreader, riving knife, and zero-clearance throat plate.

Laguna F3 Fusion Table Saw

The Oneida Air Systems Universal Dust-Free Router Hood (AXH000001) connects to a wet/dry vacuum and captures nearly all the wood chips and dust produced by handheld rout­ers from both above and below the bit. It virtually eliminates post-project cleanup, facilitates fine detail work, and reduces wear and tear on bits. Moulded from clear polycarbonate, it offers excellent clarity and superior durability. It’s designed to work with most of the fixed-base and plunge-style routers from major brands and comes with multiple snap-on chip covers for edge, shallow edge and inset routing. It’s made from the same material used to make bulletproof “glass”, motorcycle helmets and jet fighter canopies. Incredibly tough and extremely durable. Tame the dust!

oneida router hood

The PantoRouter makes woodworking joinery fast, accurate, safe, repeatable and fun! Mortise and tenon has never been easier with over 150 perfectly fitting sizes using their patented tapered templates. You can set up and cut angled or compound-angled joints in minutes, virtually dust-free due to the incredibly effective dust collection hood. Go from setup to glue-up in under five minutes in most cases. Box joints and dovetails can be variably spaced, and custom templates can be shop-made to produce the perfect size and shape for your project. Hobbyists and custom furniture makers use the large table and numerous clamping positions as a con­venient platform for custom jigs and fixtures so the tool never limits their design. Customers rave about PantoRouter’s thoughtful design, engi­neering and high-quality construction. And because there’s no safer way to use a woodworking router, the PantoRouter is pop­ular in high school shops across the country. Visit their website to see videos of the PantoRouter in action and learn more about how others are using this unique tool.



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