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The Dura-Grit products are designed for rough and fine shaping as well as finish sanding of wood materials.

Those rotary power tools such as the Dremel, Black & Decker, and Ryobi are probably the handiest power tools in the workshop, but they have one major drawback. The accessories such as sanding stones, sanding drums and cutters seem to wear out faster than normal. Although these accessories are apparently designed for high-speed rotary power tools, it is perhaps this same high speed that shortens their life span. If this limited life is as annoying to you as it had been for me, I have an answer for you: Dura-Grit’s High-Speed Tungsten Carbide Cutting and Sanding Wheels. They are specifically designed for high speed rotary power hand tools and up front, I can tell you that the 5-80, 1/2″ x 5 1/16″ diameter, flat-head stone is excellent for quick material removal. I used the 80-grit stone on an oak carving with great results. This stone is also available in 60 grit for even more aggressive removal.

The Dura-Grit products are designed for rough and fine shaping as well as finish sanding of wood materials. They also perform well with fibreglass, carbonfibre, laminates, composite materials, leather, rubber and plastic. They are not recommended for using on metal.

The Dura-Grit products are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and grit numbers. I particularly liked the cut-off wheel. It chopped unwanted rough portions like a hot knife through butter.

Regardless of which brand of high speed rotary power tool you may have, Dura-Grit’s cutting and sanding wheels will make a noticeable difference in it’s performance.

The price of the Dura-Grit accessories is less than $15. They are a little more than conventional wheels and burrs, but they will last you 10 times or more longer than the less expensive ones, so that makes it a great deal.

You can buy Dura-Grit products on-line at

Last modified: September 29, 2023

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