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Secret compartment boxes

Author: Rea Gibson
Published: December January 2003

Could there be a more interesting gift than a secret compartment and hidden treasure?


People of all ages will enjoy this unique puzzle.

Try giving one as a gift (with or without hidden treasures) and watch the fun begin.

If you study the diagram of the locking mechanism (for both the coin and the jewelry box) you will see that the top is locked when the rivet is held up into the top by the magnet.

To open the box, it requires a sudden jolt downward. The pin will then drop and the top can be slid open

Coin Box

Cut out the body and top. Cut the top longer than the body so that it can be trimmed to the same length as the body after the lock is installed. Fit the lock as shown at one end of the box. Drill the holes for the coins with a Forstner bit. It will make the sides of the holes smooth and the bottom of the holes flat. Drill the holes larger than the particular coins you choose to store. That way, they the coins will slip in and out easily.

Jewelry Box

Cut out the body, top and sub-top of the box. Cut the sub-top longer than the body, so that the sub-top can be trimmed to the same length as the body after the lock is installed. The top is then glued to the sub-top. The lock is fitted at one end of the box and the jewelry compartment is cut into the centre of the box. The inside of the jewelry compartment can be covered with felt or velvet material.

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