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Worx 1800 PSI pressure washer

This portable, light-duty pressure washer is great for small to medium size jobs around the home.


This portable, light-duty pressure washer is great for small to medium size jobs around the home.

Author: Carl Duguay

For a lot of jobs around the home you don’t need a large, heavy, wheeled gas or electric pressure washer. A smaller, compact, lightweight, electric washer can do an excellent job cleaning your car, RV, outdoor furniture, landscaping equipment, deck and patio, fencing, siding, gutters, windows and more.

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  • Motor: 13 amp
  • Pump: Axial cam
  • Water pressure: 1800 PSI
  • Gallons per minute: 1.2
  • Soap tank: 0.6 gal
  • Hose length: 20 ft.
  • Power cord length: 35 ft.
  • Weight: 17.2 lbs
  • Warranty: 3 Years
  • Includes: Wand, 40° nozzle, soap nozzle, turbo nozzle

One of the benefits of a light-duty pressure washer is that it doesn’t generate the excessive water pressure that can easily damage vinyl siding, strip paint, splinter wood, tear window screens, damage window and door seals and even crack older bricks and grout.

The WORX WG605 is a light-duty pressure washer with a robust and sturdy metal frame. It has a 13-amp motor that delivers 1,800 psi of water pressure and 1.2 gallons of water per minute. It features an axial cam pump that has a longer service life and greater efficiency than a wobble pump. It also has a 0.6 gallon soap tank that you’ll find convenient when washing the car, deck or windows. The power cord is a generous 35′. Couple that with the long 20′ flexible water hose and you can cover a lot of distance without having to unplug and reconnect to a different electrical receptacle.

You can’t adjust the water pressure other than by changing the nozzles, which I found worked well for just about all the jobs around our home. The nozzles have 1/4″ fittings that insert directly into the end of the spray wand by depressing the brass ring on the wand. The 40° nozzle gives the widest (and gentlest) spray pattern and is best used for rinsing. The turbo nozzle delivers the maximum spray pressure and is used for power cleaning. And there is a soap nozzle that you use when you’ve put detergent into the soap tank (the pressure washer will add the detergent to the water automatically). There are aftermarket detergents especially designed for pressure washers. The nozzles (along with the wand) can be neatly stored right on the unit – very convenient.

At just over 17 pounds and with a top-mounted handle, I found the WG605  easy to carry around the home. And it’s compact enough to tuck into the car trunk if you want to take it to the cottage.

The pressure washer is easy to use, much quieter than larger units (especially gas-powered washers) and is practically maintenances-free.  You need to be a bit careful when attaching the wand hose to the pump’s output valve as the valve is fairly close to the frame. Once connected I leave the hose permanently attached (unless I intend to store the pressure washer for a long period of time).

I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet the WG605 runs – a lot quieter than my dust extractor or air compressor. The 1800 psi of water pressure and turbo nozzle made quick work of cleaning the brick walkway and concrete retaining wall in the front of the house. And using the 40° nozzle I watered the hedge and shrubs.

Light weight, compact size, long power cord, flexible hose, low noise level, on-board parts storage and 3-year warranty – the WG605 is a cost-effective outdoor power tool that I can highly recommend.

Worx pressure washer
The WORX WG605 pressure washer
Worx pressure washer
Attaching the garden water hose to the pressure washer.
Worx pressure washer
Attaching the washer hose to the pressure washer.
Worx pressure washer
Wand attached to the washer hose.
Worx pressure washer
Nozzles easily snap onto the end of the wand.
Worx pressure washer
Soap tank is easy to fill.
Worx pressure washer
On-board nozzle storage.
work pressure washer
Makes quick work of cleaning a walkway.

Last modified: September 29, 2023

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