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Hot Products 2018

With the wide selection of new products that come out annually, it can be overwhelming to have to keep up to date with everything that hits the market. To make this task easier on Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement readers, we have assembled this list of “Hot Products” to kick off 2019.


Hot Products 2018: With the wide selection of new products that come out annually, it can be overwhelming to have to keep up to date with everything that hits the market. To make this task easier on Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement readers, we have assembled this list of “Hot Products” to kick off 2019.

Solid Carbide With 2.5X Longer Life

Spektra router bits feature a micro-thin ceramic coating that enables the tool’s cutting edge to retain crucial sharpness and lubricity. The coating prevents high heat build-up and oxidation, which is detrimental to cutting performance. There are a range of cost effective Spektra bits to choose from for both CNC and router applications.

Long Life Pruning and Clean Wood Cutting

The Demo Demon Carbide pruning and fast clean wood blades feature an aggressive carbide tooth geometry for an unmatched 50 times longer cutting life, faster cuts and increased productivity in pruning and clean wood cutting applications. These blades are designed with large gullets and a strengthened, over- sized blade body for fast chip removal in extreme cutting applications. A Perma-Shield non-stick coating prevents gumming and friction for fast, effortless cuts.

Original Knife and Tool Sharpener

Designed to sharpen every knife you own, the WSKTS uses exible abrasive belts to sharpen not just straight bladed knives, but also curved knives, tanto blades, filet knives, serrated knives, gut hooks and virtually any other shape of knife blade. Precision angle sharpening guides ensure you get the proper angle every time. Includes two guides: a 50° guide for hunting and outdoor knives (25° per bevel) and a 40° guide for thinner blades and kitchen knives (20° per bevel). Also sharpens other common tools including scissors (with the optional scissors guide), axes, hatchets, mower blades, garden shears, shovels, and most any tool with a cutting edge. Professional knife makers use exible belts to put a razor sharp edge on their blades, and now you can have the same technology at home to use any time your knives get dull.

Woodworker II: Three Blades in One

This award-winning, carbide-tipped 40-tooth general purpose table and circular saw blade delivers quiet, high quality rips, combos, and crosscuts up to 2″ in hard and softwoods with a smooth-as-sanded surface and no bottom splintering. Specially-engineered clearances on the blade teeth eliminate side scoring. Available in 4-3/8″ to 16″ diameters, and priced from $87 to $207. Made in the USA, they come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Industrial Turbo Air Scrubber

Made for home workshops and small woodworking businesses, the Magnum MI-11600 comes with washable dual 1 micron lters. Three speed settings and the ability to run continuously keeps the air clean while you work, capturing dust created when sanding by hand or with a portable electric sander. Its compact, low-pro le design makes for a great t for shops with limited space or low ceilings.

Industrial Turbo Air Scrubber with HEPA Filter

The Magnum MI-11650 Turbo Air Scrubber with HEPA filter features the same space-saving design as the MI-11600, yet it’s equipped with a two-stage electrostatic HEPA ltration system that captures particles and allergens as small as 0.3 microns for superior protection from the smallest dust particles. Its powerful induction motor operates at three speeds, topping out at 850 CFM.

Industrial Overhead Air Filter

Made to operate around the clock, the Magnum MI-11700 can improve the air quality in your shop quickly and quietly. It has a two-stage filtration system that removes airborne particles and allergens as small as 1 micron, and includes a handy remote and timer. With a maximum air ow of 1,250 CFM, this professional-quality system performs well in either a home shop or industrial setting.

Industrial Replacement 19.75″ HEPA Cartridge Filter

Upgrade your dust collector with a Magnum MI-99125 HEPA cartridge filter. It ts all Magnum Industrial 1.5, 2 and 3 HP dust col- lectors, as well as other brands, and is rated to 0.3 microns. This cartridge provides better ltration and air ow than a conventional lter bag; plus it has more surface area and a built-in shaker for easy cleaning.

Industrial Precision Mitre Gauge with Fence and Flip Stop

Make accurate, repeatable cuts safely and easily with the Magnum MI-99525. The aluminum fence has a metric and imperial measurement scale and integrated ip stop. The miter gauge has seven positive stops from 0°to 90°. The MI-99525 ts both standard mitre slots and T-slot tracks. In addition, the mitre bar has spring-loaded detents to keep the gauge snug in older, well-used mitre slots.

Industrial One-Handed Clamp/Spreaders

Magnum Clamp/Spreaders have a quick-release mechanism that makes it very easy to switch between clamping and spreading functions. They provide up to 300 pounds of clamping pressure. Available in 6”, 12”, 18”,24”, and 36” lengths. Light weight, powerful, and affordable.

32″ Benchmark Laser Measure

The new Benchmark Laser Measure is perfect for builders, real estate agents, contractors and DIY projects. It provides continuous measurement, which means as you move the laser pen it continually measures the distance to where ever the red laser dot is. Pushing the button will lock in the reading. It has great range and accuracy for such a small compact device and is capable of measuring in Imperial and in Metric from 1.7 to 32 feet or 0.5 to 10 meters with the accuracy of +or- 1⁄4”. The small, pen like shape makes the Benchmark Laser Measure perfect for a shirt pocket and ts comfortably on the hand.

16-in-1 Retract-a-Bit With Light and Knife

This new Benchmark 16-in-1 Retract-A-Bit comes equipped to handle 16 different uses. As a screwdriver, it includes 4 × push-to-lock and retractable 2″ bits (1/4″ Slot Bit, #2 Square Bit, #2 Philips Bit, #1 Square Bit), 3 × 1″ bits that store in the handle (#1 Philips, T15 Torx Bit, 3/16″ Slot Bit). It also doubles as a nutdriver, and includes 6 × 1/4″ drive sockets that also conveniently store in the handle (1/4″, 9/32″, 5/16″, 11/32″, 3/8″, 7/16″). A fold out bright LED flashlight powered by a lithium CR1632 coin battery offers up to 60 hours of use. And finally, a carbon steel fold out utility knife that accepts standard trapezoid utility knife blades also stores in the handle. It is a feature packed Retract-A-Bit and takes the multi-driver to a new level.

Versatile Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

With a multi-tool you can sand, saw, cut and scrape. It’s narrow and fast angle of movement provides a high degree of control. A tool-less quick release system makes for easy blade changes. The King Canada 8349QR comes with a hook and loop sanding back-up pad, 24 sanding papers (60 to 120 Grit), HSS segment saw blade, 35mm Tru-Cut narrow offset saw blade, 52mm rigid offset scraper blade and carrying case.

Ultra-Quiet 10 Gallon Air  Compressor

The King Canada KC-10020SQ packs a lot of power into a compact compressor. It features a 3HP, 14 amp motor with a twin cylinder oil-free pump rated at 3,000 hours, a 10 gallon air tank, and a low 75 decibel noise level. Air delivery is 5.6 CFM at 40 PSI and 4.4 CFM at 90 PSI. There are two 1⁄4” universal quick connect couplers, and 6-3/4″ wheels for portability.

Sharp, Reliable Chisels

Hultafors chisels are designed to combine maximum sharpness with hard-wearing durability. EDC Chisels are made of perfectly sharpened Japanese steel and a heavy-duty handle, made of glass-fiber reinforced PP-plastic, that can stand even the most hard-hitting treatment. HDC Chisels are forged in one piece with an I-beam for extreme durability and to maximize the force transmission down to the work piece.

Precision Sharpening System

The Tormek T-8 is the most advanced water cooled sharpening system available and allows you to sharpen your tools to the nest edge, without removing more steel than necessary. It’s built for continuous duty and has a unique and efficient drive system that manages to hold a constant speed, even under full load. Your tool’s edge is cooled by the water, so there’s no risk it gets overheated.

Ideal for small shops and the home hobbyist

With its 1HP motor, and 3 high speed steel cutterhead knives, the Craftex CT086 6” jointer provides plenty of power and features jackscrew knife adjustment, open style stand and a 46-1/4” precision ground cast iron table. The infeed and outfeed tables are precision ground cast iron, and the large 4-1/2″ x 29-1/2″ cast iron fence is centre mounted with positive stops at 45 and 90°. On sale for $499.

Replacement HEPA Canister

Get significantly improved dust filtration with the CXHEPA canister, designed to fit Craftex 2HP and 3HP dust collectors, but can be retrofitted to most other collector brands on the market. It filters out 99.6% of dust particles 0.3 to 0.5 micron and 100% of all dust particles 1 micron and larger to help keep that harmful particles out of the air you breathe. Starting at $195.

Heavy Duty Mobile Workshop Stand

The B3620 is the perfect movable workstation for mounting any benchtop equipment or machinery. It features a large 20″ by 23″ composition top and a 15″ by 24″ storage shelf. Load up the tool holder to always have your hand tools ready and accessible. A foot activated caster lift lever makes it easy to unlock the stand for easy movement. On sale for $199.

Full Featured Table Saw

Equipped with a durable 2 HP motor the Craftex CX212 has the power to easily cut through stock with ease. It features a 40-1/2″ × 27″ table with a T-type heavy duty 30″ rip fence with aluminum face, user friendly blade guard, left tilting arbor, ample storage shelves, riving knife, and a 4″ dust port for optimum dust removal. On sale for $1,099.

14″ Bandsaw With 13″ Depth of Cut

Featuring a one piece frame construction and a powerful 2HP, 110V motor, the Craftex CX119N is extremely stable and vibration-free. It has a dual tilting table, computer balanced cast iron wheels, ball bearing blade guides, a quick release tension lever, a large 16″ × 20″ cast iron table supported by a one piece trunnion system, and an improved T-Fence for more accurate cuts. On sale for $1,399 + $50 in- store credit.

Affordable Dust Collection

The Craftex CT053 1 HP Dust Collector is one of the best selling dust collectors in Canada. It features a 1 HP motor, 570 CFM and a 3 year warranty. This powerful dust collector will serve one machine at a time and will handle large machines such as thickness planers and jointers with ease. The 1-micron upper bag & 570 CFM provide the efficiency you need. On sale for $165.

Cordless Power Assist Wheelbarrow

Powered by any Makita 18V Li-Ion power pack (sold separately) and a brushless motor, the Power-Assisted Wheelbarrow can carry up to 287 pounds, and easily handle inclines up to 12°. With an 18V 6.0 Ah power pack installed you get up to 60 minutes of runtime. For added convenience you can install a second 18V power pack and get up to 2 hours of runtime.

Exchange-A-Blade Starlock Carbide Tipped Wood & Metal Blade

Carbide tipped oscillating blades last 30 times longer than regular bi-metal tools. Combine that with EAB’s green exchange system and you’ll realize substantial savings. When the blade gets dull, simply return it to your retailer for a $5 discount toward a replacement blade. The EAB flush cut 3/4″ blade (#1071502) ts the new Starlock blade mounting system and OIS compatible tools. These are top quality blades made in Switzerland, and are designed to easily cut through a wide variety of materials, including wood, metals, nails, particle board, and more. $29.99 (includes a $5.00 exchange credit).

Wave Cutter Evolution Bits

The scalloped edges on Fisch Wave Cutter bits cut quickly at any angle, produce less fric- tion, decrease heat build-up, and improve chip ejection. You get super clean holes – both rims and bottoms. The wavy peripheral cutting edge prevents the edges from wearing out. These forged bits are CNC precision ground and can be re-sharpened multiple times. Available in a wide variety of sizes.

Tersa Planer Knives – The Original

Tersaknives Inc. is the Canadian source for all your Tersa planer knives. We carry knives in HSS, M+, Carbide and Chrome Steel in various lengths, custom cut lengths available. Very competitive prices and free shipping on orders of $250 or over. Orders placed are processed on the same or next business day.

Find Miter Saw Settings, Easily. No Math. No Waste.

The Sawset is a carpenter’s protractor that finds saw settings with complete accuracy. Constructed with durable 18 gauge engraved stainless steel with a large 7-inch scale allows you to read up to a quarter of a degree. It’s double sided with 2 large easy to read scales, one for double miters and the other for single miters. With this simple to use tool and your T-bevel it just takes 2 easy steps to find absolutely any saw settings for any angle. This 18 gauge stainless steel engraved protractor is perfect for both Pros and DIYers alike! Sawset eliminates guessing, mistakes and waste. Use it for crown moulding and baseboards, wainscoting and handrails and hardwood flooring.

Superior Table Saw Protection

The Centurion Table Mounted Blade Cover (#CEN12215) can be mounted on any 12″ or 14″ table saws. The sturdy telescopic blade cover provides an excellent barrier to user’s hands and effective dust collection capability. It provides a 5″(127mm) high clearance above the table and can be locked in place as needed. There is no need to remove it when you want to rip narrow pieces or make rabbet or dado cuts, and a 3″ diameter dust-extraction hose keeps dust from the cutting area.

Turn Your Table Saw into a Panel Saw

The Centurion 60″ Table (#CEN12146), constructed of heavy duty tubular steel for maximum stability, can be mounted on most 10″ to 14″ table saws. The table slides on ball bearings and can be quickly locked in place. The crosscut fence is 64″(162cm) long and can go beyond 101″(256cm) with the extension. It can be positioned either at the front or at the rear of the table, or removed and stowed when not needed.

Dual Speed Bandsaw

The15″ 1-3/4HP Steel City 20-400 offers 2,250 and 3,350 linear feet per minute blade speeds to accommodate a wide range of materials. You get an 11-3/4″ resaw capacity and a 14-3/4″ throat depth. It comes with a quick blade tension adjustment and locking handle, and graduated rip fence that slides on ball bearings. The cast iron 16″ × 20″ table tilts -10° to 45°.

6″ Jointer with Either Straight or Helical Cutterhead

You can get the Steel City 30-200 jointer with either a 3 blade cutterhead, or if you mill a lot of figured wood, with 16-2 sided replaceable insert knives. Both models feature a robust 1HP motor, extra long 55-3/4″ cast iron tables, cast iron fence with -45°, 0°, and 45° angle stops, magnetic switch, and hand wheels with retractable handle.

Portable and Affordable Dust Collection

The 2HP heavy–duty motor on the Steel City 80-210CS3 delivers an impressive 1,550 CFM of air ow. It features a 12-3/4″ blower fan wheel, a 42 gallon dust collection bag, and a 6″ inlet port (that you can also convert to two 4″ ports with the included adaptor). Mounted on four casters, it’s easy to move around the shop as needed.

Full Featured 3HP Table Saw

The 3HP motor on the Steel City 10-500 S3 delivers all the power you need to process the toughest stock up to 3″ thick (2-1/2″ at 45°). It features a generous 29″ × 78″ cast iron main table and extension wings, and a 50″ rip capacity to the right of the blade. It includes a blade guard, anti-kickback pawls and both a standard and European- style riving knives.

All Purpose Latex Wood Filler

DAP WOODPRO is a high quality, low-odour, easy-to-use latex-based wood filler formulated to create a surface and body that looks and acts like real wood. It can be used to repair cracks, gouges, holes and other surface defects on furniture, woodwork, moulding, cabinets, panelling, plywood, windows, doors and painted surfaces. Can be sanded, cut, planed, drilled, nailed or screwed, stained and painted. Water clean-up.

Wood Filler with DryDex

DAP WOODPRO-X has the same qualities as DAP’s WOODPRO, but with the addition of DryDex Dry Time Indicator – goes on pink and dries natural for an invisible repair. The colour change lets you know when WOODPRO-X is cured, ready to be sanded, stained, or painted. This easy-to-use filler is low in odour and cleans up with water.

The Ultra-Portable Chainsaw Sawmill

The Logosol F2 can easily handle logs that are up to 24″ (60 cm) in diameter and 12-1/2′ long (3.8 m). It’s so lightweight that you can lift and move it by hand. The frame is built of 3-1/2′ (1 meter) sections that fit in the trunk of a standard car. In a couple of minutes, you have assembled and set up the sawmill at home in your backyard or out in the woods.

Works BIG in Small Spaces

The BESSEY GearKlamp provides a unique clamping solution for cramped locations, up against another object or, when reaching across something to clamp. The patented gear mechanism separates the spindle from the handle for greater clearance and is fully enclosed to keep out dust and debris. There is a quick release shift button for fast set-up and a rotating rail- mounted handle for final pressure application.

10 Times Longer Sanding

SandNet discs provide 10x longer life versus standard sanding discs. Each disc features a clog-reducing net design coated in premium aluminum oxide grit for fast material removal while reducing material build-up. Clean and reuse multiple times by simply shaking, vacuuming, or rinsing the disc to remove any build up. A 10 pack of discs includes a free connection pad (a $5 value) for easy attachment to tool.

True Helical Portable Planer

The Scorpion 13″ planer is the only portable planer that has 40 carbide 4-sided knives with a curved edge set on a shear angle for slicing through any type of wood with virtually zero tear out. It produces a beautifully smooth surface. Features include a Wixey electronic digital height readout, anti-snipe cutterhead lock, adjust- able height 12″ extension tables, and a cutting depth indicator. On sale for $1199.95.

Take Your Turning to the Next Level

The Laguna Revo 18|36 is one of the only lathes that comes with a Variable Speed Drive. The VFD converts 1 phase input to 3 phase output, so even at low settings you will get an incredible amount of torque. A Digital Read Out unit displays accurate RPM at all times and you can make adjustments electronically. Turning speed ranges from 50 to 3,500 RPM.

The Mother of All MIDI Lathes

The new Laguna Revo 12|16 is the most robust MIDI lathe on the market. It features a Pulse Width Modulation inverter that allows for consistent and power- ful torque through all speeds and no dropping of speed with load. You get 15-1/2″ between centers and a 12-1/2″ swing over the bed. Includes a reverse function, full function spindle lock, self ejecting center removal, and so much more.

Peerless Performance in Dust Collection

The Laguna P|flux series are designed for shops that run dust collectors all day. Available in 1.5, 2 and 3 HP con gurations with air intake levels from 1,314 to 2,817 CFM. All feature HEPA canister l-fiters, 32 gallon waste drum, smart sensors that let you know when the waste drum is full, and remote control switches.

The Woodworker’s  Dream Dust  Collector

The Laguna C|flux series set a new standard for quality and performance. The horizontal chute is designed to maximize air ow while improving CFM. It features a 1 micron canister that removes 99.97% of particles between 0.2 and 2 micron, and 48 sq. ft. of polyester spun bond pleated lter to ensure maximum air flow.

Extreme Bandsawing

If you’re looking to rip large planks to size, resaw lumber into veneer, or cut complex shapes in the thickest of stock, you need the power and features offered on the Laguna 18|Bx 3 HP, 220V Bandsaw. This premium machine has all the features you’ll want, at a price you can afford.

Affordable Heavy Duty  Bandsawing

The new Laguna 14|bx is a beefed up version of the hugely popular 14|12 bandsaw. The upscale 14|bx features a solid one-piece heavy gauge frame, magnetic on/off switch, disc brake with micro-switch, and dual light mounting positions.

Combination Worktable and Sawhorse

The WORX Pegasus is a space-saving worktable that quickly and easily converts into a sawhorse that supports up to 1,000 pounds. It has a 31″ × 25″ tabletop that supports up to 300 lbs and features integrated quick clamps and slots for four clamp dogs. A lower storage shelf holds tools and materials, and includes a place to attach a power strip. Can be interlocked it with another Pegasus to get an expanded work surface.

2-in-1 Jigsaw/Reciprocating Saw

With the WORX Axis 2-in-1 Jig Saw/Reciprocating Saw you get two power tools in one. Converts with the push of a button. Convenient, tool-free changes of standard reciprocating saw blades and T-shank jigsaw blades. The 20V Max battery delivers 3,000 RPM with a 3/4″ stroke length. Its compact and lightweight design, coupled with an ergonomic grip provides comfort and control.

Drill and Drive with the Switchdriver

The WORX 20V Max Li-Ion Cordless Switchdriver is a 2-in-1 cordless drill and screwdriver with rotating dual chucks that make switching between drilling and driving faster and smoother than ever. The 20V battery delivers a variable 2-speed range of 0-400/1500 RPM. A precise electronic 11+1 position control delivers up to 265 in-lbs of torque. Dual 1/4″ hex quick-release chucks provide quick and easy bit changes.

Value Packed Drill-Driver Combo

You can tackle the toughest projects with the WORK 20V Cordless 2-Piece Combo Kit. The drill features a 3/8″ chuck, a no-load variable speed of 0-1,350 RPM, 265 inch pounds of torque, and 16 clutch positions. The impact driver features a 1/4″ hex chuck and delivers 950 inch pounds of torque and an impact rate of 0-3,000 IPM. The kit comes with a 3 year warranty.

Benchtop Bandsawing

Perfect for anyone who works in a small shop or doesn’t need to resaw large boards, the Grizzly G0803 is equipped with a 1/3 HP motor that delivers a blade speed of 2,460 FPM. It features a steel frame and doors, a 12″ × 12″ work table that tilts a full 45° and has an 8-78″ throat capacity with a 3-5/8″ cutting height.

Affordable and Portable Cyclone  Dust Collector

The 1.5 HP motor on this Grizzly G0860 collector delivers a maximum air ow of 868 CFM with a static pressure of 9.7″. It features a 12-3/4″ welded steel impeller, 20 gallon waste drum with a quick release handle, 6″ intake hole port, and wireless remote control. Swivel casters make it easy to move the collector around the shop.

Simple, Quick and Precise Pocket Holes

The Milescraft PocketJig200 (#1323) is perfect for making corner joints, T-joints, framing joints, and miter joints. With built-in board thicknesses, there is no need to manually measure. Just set this pocket jig to your desired setting, set the depth of your bit and start drilling. Includes everything you need in a convenient carry case to get started with your first project.

Durable Rolling  Kneepads

KneeBlades (#1603) are designed for any job where you are required to be on your knees, providing you with more balance, exibility, and mobility. The three-wheeled mobile base allows for full 360° turning capability, without lifting from the floor. Close to the ground knee roller design minimizes back stress. With the push of a button, you can go from Knee Blade to knee pad.

Portable Drill Guide

With the Milescraft DrillMate (#1318) portable drill stand you can drill straight holes, angled holes, on the edge of a board or even round stock. Everyone knows that the success of many DIY projects depends on drilling straight and accurate holes. Now you can add a whole new level of accuracy with this drill guide jig when drilling holes with your standard hand drill.

The Perfect  Pocket  Hole Jig

With the PocketJig100 (#1321) you can connect work pieces in a quick and timely manner or do repairs around your house. Its small, compact design allows you to do applications where a small jig is required. Built-in board thickness locations make for easy measurement and set-up of your work pieces, virtually eliminating the need for manual measurements. Everything you need to get started with your first pocket holes.

Create Accurate, Strong Dowel Joints

The Dowel Jig Kit (#1309) contains everything you need to get started creating strong and accurate doweled joints. The self-centering jig and adjustable

fence allow for precise dowel alignment and maximum joint strength. Now you can perform one-handed alignment and skip the hassle of measuring and marking when drilling corner or edge joints.

Ergonomic Multi-Purpose Push Block

The Milescraft Grabber (#3403), made from a Non- marring, TPR material, is ideal for use on router tables, table saw, jointers and even bandsaws. Its high visibility yellow makes it easy to nd in busy shops. Safety is very important and you always want to keep your hands as far away from the cutting tool as possible.

Powerful 5-Stage HVLP Spray System

Equipped with a Heat Dissipation Box that removes any heat build-up from the turbine case, and a Noise Reduction Cover that reduces noise, the Fuji Mini-Mite 5 Platinum T70 is an industry favourite. The 5-stage turbine, which develops approximately 9.5 psi, is powerful, portable, and perfect for all fine-finishing. Additional power allows the user to apply heavier coatings and thicker viscosity finishes faster and with less time spent on preparation of materials. The system is easy to operate and maintain, and is perfect for the professional or beginner. Includes the Fuji T-70 air gun with 1 QT cup and a standard air cap set #3 (1.3 mm) for general purpose fine finishing, plus five bonus items – 6 ft. whip hose, wet film gauge, 19 pc. spray gun cleaning kit, extra turbine filters and ‘Always Measure’ booklet.

When Visibility & Versatility Count

The Mini Carver is the newest version of the Mini Grinder, taking one of Arbortech’s most popular wood carving tools to the next level. Additional features and functionality make the Mini Carver even better at rough shaping, sculpting and sanding. Robust enough to last but compact enough to offer detailed carving capabilities and maneuverability. It’s the ideal power tool for wood sculptors and carvers who value performance, efficiency and versatility.

The Perfect Finishing Gun

The GREX 850LX 21-Gauge Nailer is equipped with all the features found in GREX TOOLS including their unique integrated edge guide. Light weight, it shoots brad nails from 3/8″ to 2″. GREX 21 gauge fasteners feature superior holding power versus 23 gauge fasteners, while still leaving a nearly invisible hole for filling and finishing.

Colour and Protect in a Single Coat

RMC Oil Plus 2C is a two component finish, available in 40 standard colours that can be applied to any wood surface. It’s comprised of an oil and an accelerator that you mix together and then easily apply with brush, pad or cloth. The result is a quick drying superior finish that is wear, water, and heat resistant nish, and 100 percent VOC-free. It cures fast, and after 5 days the surface can be cleaned with water and soap. Get a beautiful finish in no time, with no mess. Available in 350 ml, 1.3L and 3.5 L duo cans.

Last modified: September 29, 2023

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