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With the wide selection of new products that come out annually, it can be overwhelming to have to keep up to date with everything that hits the market. To make this task easier on Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement readers, we have assembled this list of “Hot Products” to kick off 2018.


With the wide selection of new products that come out annually, it can be overwhelming to have to keep up to date with everything that hits the market. To make this task easier on Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement readers, we have assembled this list of “Hot Products” to kick off 2018.

 Revolutionary DVR Drive Lathe

The Nova Galaxi DVR 1644 Lathe has more features than any lathe in its class. The 1-3/4 HP Digital Variable Reluctance motor delivers variable speeds from 100 to 5,000 RPM. Features digital readout, electronic auto brake, 16″ inboard turning (29″ outboard), 44″ between centers, self-ejecting tailstock centre; and 360° swivel head. VIDEO

All the Power, None of the Noise

Cut down on shop noise with the ultra quiet, super light King Canada KC-1410A Oil-Free Air Compressor. Its 3/4 HP motor purrs along at 60 decibel, delivering 1.2 CFM at 90 PSI and 1.8 CFM at 40 PSI – which means you can easily run brad and finish nailers, pinners, and light duty staplers. Features a 1 gallon tank and standard 1/4″ connector.

The Secret to a Dust-Free Shop

Keep you shop dust-free while protecting your respiratory system from exposure to fine dust with the Grizzly G0703 1-1/2 HP Cyclone Dust Collector. Powered by a standard 120V outlet it has a suction capacity of 775 CFM (at outlet) and a 0.2-2 micron high efficiency canister filter. Includes a remote control for easy on/off operation. VIDEO

Folding Saw Stand

The Magnum EZ-Fold Mitre Saw Stand performs where you need it – on the jobsite or in your workshop. Features adjustable infeed and outfeed supports for stock up to 106″ in length, a telescoping levelling foot, ad a folding design for easy transportation. Compatible with most miter saws.

Shine a Light on Your Work

There are times in the workshop or on the job site when you need extra light to see your work clearly. The King Canada 2202LED-C 20-watt Cordless LED Worklight delivers 2,200 lumens of bright task lighting to the job. It also has magnetic feet for service applications and charges with both AC and 12V (automotive) power.

Finally, Affordable Drum Sanding

A drum sander is the perfect machine for quick and efficient sanding of veneered and solid panels, but they tend to be large and expensive. The affordable Grizzly G0458Z 18″ Open End Drum Sander is ideal for the small shop. Get consistently smooth results on stock from 1/8″ to 4-1/2″ thick and up to 36″ wide. VIDEO

Rip and Crosscut Panels Perfectly

Processing sheet goods on the table saw can be nerve racking and dangerous. Not so with the Grizzly T10687 9- amp Track Saw. Make perfectly straight cuts quickly and easily. Also cut solid stock up to 2-5/32″ thick. 28″ and 58″ guide rails and rail connectors are available.

For the Smoothest, Cleanest Cuts in Sheet Goods

This A.G.E. MD10-601 10″ blade is specifically designed for clean cuts in plywood, MDF, chipboard and single-sided laminates. It leaves a smooth, clean, chip-free finish on the top and bottom edges. The greater number of teeth, triple-chip grind and 12º hook angle provide an excellent balance between feed resistance and cut finish.

The Perfect Finishing Gun

The GREX 850LX 21-Gauge Nailer is equipped with all the features found in GREX TOOLS including their unique integrated edge guide. Light weight, it shoots brad nails from 3/8″ to 2″. GREX 21 gauge fasteners feature superior holding power versus 23 gauge fasteners, while still leaving a nearly invisible hole for filling and finishing.

Extreme Bandsawing

If you’re looking to rip large planks to size, resaw lumber into veneer, or cut complex shapes in the thickest of stock, you need the power and features offered on the Laguna 18|Bx 3 HP, 220V Bandsaw. This premium machine has all the features you’ll want, at a price you can afford. VIDEO

Make Quick Work of Pruning

The Makita DJR183Z Cordless Reciprocating Saw, with its 1/2″ stroke and 0-3,000 SPM, is ideal for light to medium demolition work around the home or on a jobsite. And, equipped with a Makita 723053-A-5 or 723052-A-5 blade it does a remarkable job pruning tree branches up to about 3″ diameter. Tame your back yard.

Smart Turning Tools

Sharpening turning tools can be difficult for novice woodturners, and time consuming for experienced turners. The Rikon Model 70-800 Woodturning System uses replaceable Carbide Insert Cutters. You get a 16″ aluminum handle and three 8-3/8″ steel shafts equipped with a replaceable Circle, Square, and Diamond cutters. Simpler to use, smoother results, less sanding. VIDEO

The Improved Pipe Clamp

Although viewed as a more traditional tool, the pipe clamp can be found in nearly every workshop. The BESSEY H Style Pipe Clamp has a stable base, smooth action ACME thread and a large clamping contact surface. It also comes standard with pads. Available in 1/2″ (PC12-2) and 3/4″ (PC34-2) versions, the cast construction is designed for years of reliable service. VIDEO

Quick and Easy Panel Clamping

The Canadian-made Damstom Panel Clamps are a lower cost alternative to commercial panel presses and more convenient for those who don’t want to make their own clamping system. Available in 24″ and 38″ lengths they accommodate panels from 3/4″ to 4-1/2″ thick. Powder coated steel rails won’t flex under load, deliver even pressure to perfectly align boards, and dried glue is easy to remove. Damstom is expanding in Western Canada, and seeks qualified dealers – contact Simon at [email protected]


Organize, Sort, and Transport

It can be frustrating keeping tabs on all the small tools, hardware, and accessories we use in the shop and on the jobsite. The DeWALT TOUGHSYSTEM provides a set of three modular, stackable, lockable storage units and a convenient L-cart carrier to move them about. Now available as well is the Toughsystem Radio. Functional, durable, and built tough. VIDEO

Get Perfectly Precise Cuts with any Circular Saw

The secret to getting straight, clean rip and cross cuts with your circ saw is to use a Hi-ATB blade and the Bora 50″ WTX Clamp Edge And Saw Guide Kit. Works with most left or right handed saws. Made of heavy grade aluminum for a lifetime of use and expandable for up to 8’ of cutting capacity with optional accessories. VIDEO

Cut the Cord, Not the Power

If you use a brad nailer, pinner, or stapler for trim work or finish nailing, the DeWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX 2.5 Gallon Cordless Air Compressor has the power and convenience you need. Sink over 1,200 nails on a single 6.0Ah battery charge. Features a brushless motor and unique OneTurn self-regulator. VIDEO

The Smarter Cordless Drill

The WORX Ai Drill (WX178L) has an advanced intelligence electronic keypad with three functions: BitLock, SafeDrive, and PulseAssist. BitLock’s motorized jaws tighten around bit shanks with 30 percent more holding power. SafeDrive automatically drives screws flush to the work surface and then backs off. PulseAssist applies just enough bit rotation to drive and reverse screws without stripping the head. VIDEO

A Cordless Nailer For Any Job

Whether it’s for framing, flooring, cabinetry, or furniture making, choose from 4 new DeWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brushless Nailers that are right for the job. These lightweight and compact nailers have a wealth of features including tool-free depth adjustment, tool-free selectable trigger, and low nail lockout. Backed by a 3-year warranty. Cordless from start to finish. VIDEO

Two Sawing Tools in One

Increase your productivity and save time and money with the WORX Axis WX550L combination jigsaw and reciprocating saw. Powered by a 20V MAX Power Share battery, it’s compact and lightweight. Uses standard recip and T-shank jig saw blades. Axis’s articulating arm is fixed at 90°. Press the tool’s pivot release button and it converts into a recip saw. VIDEO,

Your Portable, Compact Sidekick

A lightweight worktable, the WORX Sidekick (WX066) weighs 13 lbs. and sets up in seconds. The sturdy 23.6″ x 23.6″. tabletop is supported by a tubular steel leg set that folds up for transport or storage. The worktable supports loads up to 300 lbs. and has a working height of 32″. Use in the workshop, garage, patio or yard. Four clamp dogs are provided for holding lumber and other materials. VIDEO

Cleaner, Faster Sharpening

Diamond sharpening stones are a great way to keep your cutting tools sharp and ready for any job. Trend’s new Workshop Diamond Stones have 600 grit on one side, 180 grit on the other. They’ll never dish out, won’t crack if dropped, are maintenance-free, and cut noticeably faster than water stones. VIDEO

Handle Sheet Goods and Doors with Ease

Lift sheet stock, entry and fire doors, and large panels, up to 440 pounds, with ease. As well as being able to move heavy stock up 60mm in height, the Trend Heavy Duty Door & Board Lifter (D/LIFT/C) incorporates a swiveling feature that provides side-to-side movement. Robust steel construction with a non-slip rubber foot pad for better grip. 

Jig and Fixture Hardware

Woodworking jigs are a staple in just about every workshop. They help increase accuracy, speed up complex joinery operations, and increase user safety. BlackJack has all the jig accessories you need, from T-bolts to HDPE plastic, T-tracks and jig knobs.

The Ultimate Sharpening Kit

This limited edition Trend Diamond Sharpening Kit has everything you need to keep all your tools razor sharp. It includes two dual sided 1000/300 and 600/180 grit stones, lapping fluid, honing compound, leather strop, and storage case. Great for the shop, perfect for the jobsite.

Love Your Lungs

Continued exposure to fine dust, especially silica dust, is likely to cause you grief down the road. Protect your lungs with a Trend Air-Stealth P3 Respirator. This small, lightweight half-mask filters 99.99% of airborne particles and can be worn under a visor. A bottom mounted exhalation valve eliminates steam and fog on your visor or glasses.

Renovators, Finish Carpenters – Meet Your New BFF

The cordless Fein MultiTalent QuickStart oscillating multi-tool, with its two high-performance batteries, will keep you running on full, all day long. The self- supporting motor has practically no vibration, it’s super quiet, and offers tool-free accessory change. It’s your new Best Friend Forever. VIDEO

Instantly Measure Angles

The durable, precise, and convenient AccuMASTER 2-in1 Digital Angle Gauge enables you to find true level and precisely check any angle on saw blades, jointer fences, drill press and band saw tables, and more. Features a large, bright Stayglow reversible display, readings in°, inches/feet, millimeters/ meters, and percent slope, and a strong magnetic base.

Dust-Free Orbital Sanding

Sand more quickly and virtually dust-free with the ergonomic and lightweight Mirka MR-35SGV Orbital Sander. Weighs only 1.8 pounds and with the 3mm orbit, it is ideal for smaller sanding jobs and delivers a superior finish. When bought as kit MCA-MR35SGVK it includes five packages of Abranet sheets in 80, 120, 180, 240 and 320 grits.

Affordable 3-D Carving

Carve expensive corbels, cut intricate inlays and engravings, cut plaques, ornamental boxes, and precision parts for your projects with the all new CNC Piranha XL. Fits easily on the end of a workbench yet features a large 12’’ x 24’’ cutting area and comes with VCarve software. VIDEO

Production CNC for the Small to Mid-Size Workshop

With its 25″ x 50″ cutting table, the CNC Shark HD4 Extended is perfect for carving and machining a large variety of projects in wood, soft metals or plastics. Now with Color Pendant Controller and CNC Shark HD4 Exclusive Auto Alignment. Features a heavy duty gantry reinforced with plate aluminum, and anti-backlash wear-compensated high precision lead screws.

Helical 8″ Benchtop Jointer

Not every workshop needs a huge stationary jointer. The Magnum Industrial MI-81180 8″ Bench-Top Jointer gives you the cutting capacity of a larger machine with the convenience of a benchtop model. A helical cutterhead, with 16 double-sided carbide inserts, and powered by a 1HP motor, give super clean cuts in any type of wood.

Turn Your Oscillating Multi-Tool into a Multi-Cutter

The unique three cutting surfaces on the new Fein Multi-Cutter blade enable you can cut a wide range of materials, including carpet, PVC flooring, cardboard, bitumen shingles, and roofing fabric. Cut in tight and hard-to-reach places. Fits most brand of multi-tools.

The Universal Dust-Free Router Hood

This unique router accessory from Oneida Air captures nearly all the wood chips and dust produced by hand held routers. Molded from clear polycarbonate – the material used for industrial safety glasses – the Universal Dust-Free Router Hood offers excellent clarity and superior durability. It’s designed to work with most of the fixed base and plunge style routers from major brands. Tame the Dust! VIDEO

Three Knife Starter Kit

The Flexcut 3-Knife Starter Set contains 3 of Flexcut’s most popular knives: KN12 Cutting Knife, KN13 Detail Knife, KN14 Roughing Knife, along with Flexcut Gold polishing compound. The comfortable curved ergonomic handles allow for long periods of carving without hand fatigue. 100% North American made, assembled and sourced.

Tersa Planer Knives – The Original

TersaKnives is the Canadian source for all your Tersa planer knives. They carry knives in HSS, Carbide, Chrome M42 Steel in 40mm to 810mm lengths. You get the best prices plus same or next day shipping, and free shipping on orders over $250. VIDEO

Keep Warm in the Shop or on the Jobsite

Here is one hot tool guaranteed to keep you warm during the harshest winter days. The Ridgid GEN5X 18-Volt Hybrid Forced Air Propane Heater delivers a 30,000 to 60,000 BTU output on a standard 20lb tank. Brushless technology ensures a longer motor life. Includes an electronic igniter button and UL certified overheat protection. VIDEO

Every Woodworker Needs a Great Knife

Whether it’s for carving, scoring or marking, a sharp knife is an essential hand tool. Flexcut Knives are precision made and hand sharpened for maximum performance. Curved ash handles allow for maximum comfort – regardless of how long you use them. With 16 styles to choose from you’ll find the right one for any job at hand. VIDEO

Cordless Without Compromise

Get the power of a corded sander with the convenience of lighter weight with a Festool Cordless Compact Sander. Features a brushless motor, ergonomic design, and 30 minute run time (with an 18V 3.1 Ah battery). Use with an AC adapter for continuous operation. Three models to choose from – 80x130mm orbital, 100x150mm detail, and 125mm random orbital. VIDEO

Formaldehyde-Free Sheet Stock

The soy-based adhesive in PureBond Hardwood Plywood eliminates any added formaldehyde from Columbia Forest Products standard veneer-core and pMDI composite hardwood plywood core panels. What really makes PureBond special is that it’s cost competitive with the standard urea formaldehyde (UF) construction that you’ll find in most decorative veneer-core hardwood plywood on the market today. Manufactured exclusively in Canada and the US, PureBond is even more water resistant than UF panels. Better for you, better for the environment. VIDEO

The Ultimate in Free-Form Power Carving

The unique spherically shaped Arbortech Ball Gouge attaches to any standard 4″ and 4-1/2″ angle grinder to give you the ultimate in free-form power carving – sculpt with texture, make small spherical shapes or just remove wood in a delicate fashion. Self-sharpening technology and anti-grab design make this accessory a carvers dream tool. VIDEO

Colour and Protect in a Single Coat

RMC Oil Plus 2C is a two component finish, available in 40 standard colours that can be applied to any wood surface. It’s comprised of an oil and an accelerator that you mix together and then easily apply with brush, pad or cloth. The result is a quick drying superior finish that is wear, water, and heat resistant finish, and 100 percent VOC-free. It cures fast, and after 5 days the surface can be cleaned with water and soap. A beautiful finish in no time, with no mess. Available in 350 ml, 1.3 L and 3.5 L duo cans. VIDEO

The Most Powerful 5-Stage HVLP Spray System On The Market

Equipped with a Heat Dissipation Box that removes any heat build-up from the turbine case, and a Noise Reduction Cover that reduces noise, the Fuji Mini-Mite 5 Platinum T70 is an industry favourite. It’s powerful, portable, and perfect for all fine-finishing. Includes a ‘Bonus 5-for-5 Package’ that consists of a 6’ Whip Hose, Wet Film Gauge, Cleaning Kit, Extra Filters and “Always Measure” Booklet.

Combination Jointer/Planer Offers Superior Performance

With the Scorpion CWI-JP1604HC you get both a 16″ jointer and a 16″ planer in a compact machine that is perfect for the smaller shop. It features super quick changeover, a 4HP motor, and a 5-row helical cutter head with 80 carbide insert knives that deliver exceptionally clean cuts and superior performance.

The Multi-Function Sanding Machine

With the Sandx CWI-S1042 heavy built benchtop 1″ and 2″ x 42″ belt and 8″ disc sander you can tackle a myriad of sanding jobs. It has an extra strong 3/4HP motor, and both the belt and disc sanders have have cast iron tilting tables.

The Workhorse Bandsaw

The Stallion CWI-B2013 HD Series 20″ bandsaw is equipped with a 4HP motor, solid cast iron wheels, a massive ribbed cast iron table, foot brake, a precision resaw fence that can be easily adjusted for blade drift, and a mobility kit. And, a lovely 13″ resaw capacity.

Superior Helical Cutterheads

The CWI-HC13 Stinger cutterhead is specifically designed to dramatically improve the performance of the DEWALT DW735 portable planer. Its 4 rows of knives and 40 knives deliver superior cuts, especially in figured woods. Also available for other planer models.

Full-Featured Sliding Table Saw

The Stallion CWI-T1204-S4 Sliding Panel Saw delivers exceptional cutting quality. It features a 12″ saw blade with 4HP motor, 48″ sliding table to facilitate processing sheet stock, and a second scoring saw blade with its own 3/4HP motor for extra clean cuts – all in a small footprint for space challenged wood shops.

A Heavy Duty Lathe That Sets A New Standard

The Rivolver CWI-WL650 offers a 16″ x 43″ turning capacity and a bevy of excellent features. A 2HP motor drives a poly flat groove belt in three different speed ranges infinitely variable from 45 to 3750 rpm. Notable features include an electronic digital read out and 360° swiveling headstock.

Hang Like a Pro

The Hang ‘Em Fast Joist Hanger (1010-508) is the fast and easy way to install joist hangers on all sizes of dimensional lumber. It not only makes the job go a lot quicker, it improves accuracy and easy of nailing. The high strength polypropylene handle is made to last. VIDEO

Hard Hitting Without the Kickback

This 16oz Straight Claw Milled Face Framing Hammer is drop forged in one piece – there are no welds to come apart. The longer 15-1/2″ design gives it the striking power of a 28oz hammer, but without the added weight, while the triple injected handle reduces vibration and kickback.

The Fast Acting Furniture Stripper

These fast acting Canadian made strippers penetrate intricate surfaces to effectively remove multiple layers of paint, varnish and stain from wood, metal, masonry, antiques and fine furniture. Heirloom Furniture Strippers won’t harm veneer or raise the wood grain. Eliminate the need for harsh sanding and achieve a professional finish in 4 easy steps! Semi-gel and thick gel formulas are available in 946 mL and 3.78 L cans. VIDEO

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