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Einhell Rassaro 36V 17" cordless push lawn mower kit – brushless

Mowing your grass has never been easier.


Mowing your grass has never been easier.

Author: Rob Brown

Cutting grass is a chore that just about every homeowner needs to take care of regularly. In fact, sometimes I feel like I spend more time with my lawnmower than I do with my plunge router or block plane. All the more reason to simplify your mowing.

I’ve used electric and gas mowers over the years, but there are downsides to each. An electric extension cord follow­ing me around the yard is an experience I want to forget. And although a gas mower is great for a large lawn or long grass, I don’t (usually) have either. I also have some short but steep hills on our property and a gas mower is heavier to maneuver up and down them. As an aside, I once watched in horror as my gas mower got away from me on one of those slopes and headed straight for a vehicle travelling at 60 km/h. That wasn’t fun.

Einhell Rassaro 36V 17″ Cordless Push Lawn Mower Kit – Brushless
MSRP: $519.99 (Currently $399; a promotion until August 31, 2023)

Back to the Rassaro. Battery-powered mowers are great for small- to mid-sized lawns, and if your lawn has steep slopes, they’re lightweight and easy to operate on them. Battery-powered mowers are also light and simple enough to pack up, throw in your trunk and take across town to mow someone else’s grass, if the need arises.

Einhell’s Rassaro 36V 17″ Cordless Push Lawn Mower Kit – Brushless is now avail­able across Canada. The company is new to Canada and has a wide range of both woodworking and home improvement power tools, not to mention an extensive line of outdoor yard tools. A single battery platform they call Power X-Change will power each of their cordless tools.

A quick and easy setup was complete in about two minutes. This Einhell mower offers a few clipping collection options. A 45-litre collection bag is included, and it works well, though I usually don’t use a col­lection bag when I mow and let the grass clippings compost on the lawn. If you use this collection bag, you’ll be pleased to know there’s a filling indicator to let you know when the bag needs to be emptied. There’s also a mulching plug included, which is easy to install. It ensures the grass clippings get broken down even more before remaining on the lawn. I generally leave both the collection bag and mulching plug off the mower and allow the longer clip­pings to fall where they may. They get evenly ejected onto the path of the mower without making too much of a mess of my pants and shoes.

Einhell lawnmower
Collection Bag – This 45-litre collection bag stores the clippings; an indicator on the bag will let you know when the bag is full. The indicator flap remains up (or open) when there’s still room in the bag. When the bag is full airflow is impeded, causing the indicator flap to lower.
Einhell lawnmower
Mulching Plug – If you want to mulch the clippings, insert the mulching plug. Grass clippings will be cut repeatedly, allowing them to more quickly compost on the lawn. The plug can be removed and the collection bag left off for rear-eject mowing, an approach Brown prefers.

The height-adjustable handle is relatively easy to collapse and expand for storage or moving. For the purposes of this review, I packed the mower up, put it in my vehicle, set it back up and mowed a few other lawns about six times. It’s an easy process, and the carry handle ensures the mower is balanced and easy to handle. The Rassaro will easily fit in all but an extremely small trunk.

Einhell lawnmower
Collapsible Handle – Cam levers where the handle connects to the base and at the centre of the handle allow the mower to fold into a compact size for storage and transportation. When the ejection door is closed, cut grass ejects onto the ground in front of the user.

The double-battery system on this mower powers the blade nicely, even on medium-length grass. If grass is very long, or is wet, the motor will bog down a bit, but that’s to be expected from a battery-powered mower. It’s always best to cut your grass regularly, so it doesn’t get too long, and only when it’s relatively dry. I wish the clear hous­ing protecting the batteries stayed in an open position on its own while I installed the batteries, but I got used to this tiny shortcoming quickly. The brushless motor ensures efficient power transfer.

Einhell lawnmower
Lots of Power – The 4.0 Ah batteries included with the mower provided a decent run time and the necessary power to easily deal with a medium-sized lawn that hadn’t been mowed for a week. You can use the three-light indicator system to tell how much power is left in the batteries.
Einhell lawnmower
Safely On – Once the upper button is depressed, you can squeeze the lower lever to turn the mower on. If the mower isn’t in use you can remove the safety key directly above the battery slots.

In use, the large rear wheels make mov­ing the mower around easy, and the six height-adjustment settings allowed me to easily and quickly dial in the cutting height of the grass to between 25mm and 75mm. On top of this, near-edge cutting reduced the time I needed to spend with my string trimmer.

This quiet, light-weight and easy-to-oper­ate mower has the power and run-time to mow small- and medium-sized lawns with ease. And the charger will have your bat­teries back to full strength quickly if you’re mowing a large lawn. Although I still prefer using my block plane, this mower will have me back in the shop quicker than ever this summer.

Last modified: July 31, 2023

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