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90 degree aluminium alloy positioning squares


These positioning squares increase accuracy and provide a helping hand when you need to assemble corners.

Trying to hold two pieces of wood together at 90 degrees (not to mention four pieces of wood!) so that you can screw them together can be frustrating. Clamps are helpful, but they tend to obscure the edges you’re trying to drill into. That’s where positioning squares (also called clamping or assembly squares) come into play. They’re simple to use and make it quick and easy to square up the corners on boxes and cabinets.

Manufacturer: Temu
Item: 90 Degree Aluminium Alloy Positioning Squares
Price: $58.57 (set of 4)
Format: 100, 120 and 140mm bar lengths
Materials: Aluminum and plastic
Made in: China

The anodized aluminum positioning squares from Temu are available in 3 different bar lengths (100, 120 and 140mm). Each set comes with 4 squares and 8 adjustable clamping blocks. The bars of the squares measure 5/8″ by 3/4″ and are drilled with a series of 5/16″ holes to accommodate the clamping blocks. The faces of the clamping blocks are 5/8″ by 1″. I’m of the ‘bigger is generally better’ school of thought, but find that the 5/8″ bearing surfaces do providing reasonable registration against work surfaces.

Temu positioning squares
The set comes well packaged.
Temu positioning squares
Each set consists of two squares and four clamping blocks (star knobs, angled brackets and blocks)

You can attach the squares to stock up to about 2″ thick. The squares have a relief cut on the inside corner to prevent binding on your stock if it’s a bit out of square.

I found these squares to be quite well machined – no flexing, no sharp edges and accurately drilled holes along the bars. However, for the 140mm set I tested all the bars were off by .008″ over their length. I found that this didn’t really affect their functionality. There are metric and Imperial scales engraved on the outside of the bars. I haven’t found any reason to use the scales as of yet. The 1-3/8″ star knobs are a good size unless you have super large hands.

Temu positioning squares
The square are nicely machined.
Temu positioning squares
Off by about .008″ – nothing overly serious.

On narrow assemblies you’ll likely want to place the squares on the inside – so that the outside corners of your assembly are fully accessibly for drilling.

Temu positioning squares
Frames can be secured outside or inside.

These well-made positioning squares will help you get good results with minimal fuss when assembling all but the very largest boxes or cabinets.

Temu positioning squares

Last modified: June 6, 2024

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