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Canadian-Made Wooden Spoons

Published: August September 2020
barry Loewen Morden
barry Loewen Morden

Drawn from inspiration found in their backyards and beyond, here’s a selection of beautifully crafted wooden spoons from some of our country’s best spoon carvers.


Barry Loewen, Morden, MB
Full-wrap baby spoon Cherry

barry Loewen Morden

Laura Pitkanen, Port Severn, ON
Charcuterie knife Juniper Horn for stabbing small food items Instagram: @junipercarvings

Laura Pitkanen

Steve Hanley, Kitchener, ON
Eating spoons

Steve Hanley

Jack Radford, Nelson, BC
Small eating spoon Spalted Maple Instagram: @radjackfruit

Jack Radford

Keith Sherwin, Banff, AB
Love spoon Walnut Instagram: @sherwinspoons

Keith Sherwin

Brett Andrews, Salmon Arm, BC
Scoop Walnut Instagram: @bigbear_woodshack

Brett Andrews

Glenn Bartley, Victoria, BC
Spatulas Walnut

Glenn Bartley

Ingo Dyrkton, Lasqueti Island, BC
1/2 cup measuring scoop Maple Instagram: @uadze

Ingo Dyrkton

Dave Old, Calgary, AB
Spoons and a bowl Manitoba Maple

Dave Old

Chris Tucker Newmarket, ON
Spoons Maple Machined with a CNC router Instagram: @tuckersworkshop

Chris Tucker

David MacMillan, Fox Point, NS
Bowls and baby spoons Maple, Plum Instagram: @foxsfollywoodworks

David MacMillan

Ann Basarich, Terrebonne, QC
Decorative spoon Basswood

Ann Basarich

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