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Wooden cube puzzle

Author: Rea Gibson
Published: October November 2002

The seven shapes in this puzzle represent all the ways three or four cubes can be arranged, other than in a straight line.


These shapes go together to make a solid cube, as shown, but can be arranged to make dozens of other interesting shapes.

When there is a set of these shapes in a toy box, it is an excellent way of nurturing a child’s grasp of spatial relationships.

Cut out twenty-seven ¾” square blocks and glue together as shown – then the project is complete.

Now comes the hard part: put the variously shaped pieces together to form a solid cube. (We used ¾” blocks but you can make your cube puzzle pieces any size you like.)

Find the solution here.


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    1. Hi John: There are 27 blocks – but one is not visible in the drawing. It’s on the 3rd row, 2nd column – three blocks are shown; the 4th is in the back, bottom. You’ll find the solution here: click on the Solution tab.

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