Canadian Woodworking


Author: Ted Duquette
Illustration: Marcus Cutler
Published: February March 2006

Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns: Edmonton


Here is the second pattern in our “Canadian Cities Skyline” series. You can either photocopy the pattern and enlarge it to the size you want, or scan and print it out.

Spray glue the pattern onto a piece of ┬╝” Baltic birch plywood, which is stable and strong, so fragile areas will not easily break off. Cover the plywood with masking tape first, otherwise the glue will get into the grain of the wood and you will have problems applying your finish. Cut out shaded area of the illustration. A #5 13 t.p.i. blade will give a nice smooth cut on plywood. Always start cutting out pieces with the smallest area (in this pattern the areas around the shield in the bottom), so the larger areas will support the smaller areas while you are cutting. Then move on to the next larger area, leaving the largest areas to the last. Finish the project with your favourite wood finish. A clear coat polyurethane or lacquer are good choices. You might want to lay the project on a piece of black (or other coloured) bristol board, trace around the project, and then cut the bristle board out and glue it to the back of the project. This will give your project some depth and a nice shadow line. This may look like a difficult project, but really it is not. This pattern is very well laid out and will be fairly easy to do if you slow down your cutting and take your time.


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