Canadian Quotes

>Mark Qualizza

Mark Qualizza

Fernie, British Columbia woodworker Mark Qualizza on functional art, curves... Read more
>Brocklen Johnson

Brocklen Johnson

Vancouver, British Columbia furniture maker Brocklen Johnson on inspiration, commissions... Read more
>Samuel Hunt

Samuel Hunt

Penticton, British Columbia studio woodworker Samuel Hunt on historical design,... Read more
>John Glendinning

John Glendinning

Sutton, Quebec furniture maker John Glendinning on dovetails, design and... Read more
>Sandra Carr

Sandra Carr

Victoria, British Columbia furniture maker and teacher Sandra Carr on... Read more
>Jackie Chapman

Jackie Chapman

Blue River, British Columbia wood sculptor Jackie Chapman on design,... Read more
>Tom Fidgen

Tom Fidgen

Toronto based furniture maker and instructor Tom Fidgen on music,... Read more
>Vic Tesolin

Vic Tesolin

St. Catharines, Ontario woodworker Vic Tesolin on hand cutting dovetails,... Read more
>Melanie Hamilton

Melanie Hamilton

Rothesay, New Brunswick furniture maker Melanie Hamilton on planting trees,... Read more
>Felix Mckenzie

Felix Mckenzie

New Westminster, British Columbia based furniture maker Felix Mckenzie on... Read more
>Chris de Champlain

Chris de Champlain

Quebec-based furniture maker Chris de Champlain on design, joinery and... Read more
>Alex Low

Alex Low

Ottawa based furniture maker Alex Low on historical design, accuracy... Read more
>James Esworthy

James Esworthy

James Esworthy, from Vancouver, British Columbia, on graceful curves and... Read more
>Bobby Grace

Bobby Grace

Furniture maker Bobby Grace talks about Nova Scotia, NASCAR and... Read more
>Andrew Szeto

Andrew Szeto

Wakefield, Quebec, furniture maker Andrew Szeto on Instagram, his A-frame... Read more
>Yorgo Liapis

Yorgo Liapis

Toronto furniture maker Yorgo Liapis on small-batch furniture, hand shaping... Read more
>Nick Barna

Nick Barna

Nick Barna from Chelsea, Quebec, on Scandinavian design, growing his... Read more
>Stéphane Dumont

Stéphane Dumont

Quebec furniture maker Stéphane Dumont on mistakes, the joys of... Read more
>Nathan Sterkenburg

Nathan Sterkenburg

Nathan Sterkenburg, from Medicine Hat, Alberta, talks about spruce, scale... Read more
>Seth Christou

Seth Christou

Vancouver, British Columbia furniture maker Seth Christou on sketching, woodworking... Read more
>Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter

Stratford, Ontario furniture maker Andrew Hunter on on woodworking books,... Read more
>Elynyd Benjamin

Elynyd Benjamin

Wood artist and carpenter Elynyd Benjamin from Nelson, BC, ruminates... Read more
>Wyatt Walkem

Wyatt Walkem

Furniture maker and woodturner Wyatt Walkem on sanding all night,... Read more
>Andres Schneiter

Andres Schneiter

Furniture maker Andres Schneiter from Maple Ridge, BC on his... Read more
>Jason Wheeler

Jason Wheeler

Port Perry, Ontario furniture maker Jason Wheeler on being creative,... Read more
>Kenton Jeske

Kenton Jeske

Furniture maker Kenton Jeske on enjoying other people's work, quitting... Read more
>Bruce Stuart

Bruce Stuart

Bruce Stuart on canoeing, losing track of time and the... Read more
>Ryan Davidson

Ryan Davidson

Furniture maker Ryan Davidson on elm, getting fast in the... Read more
>Mark Salusbury

Mark Salusbury

Mark Salusbury on design, when he works best and his... Read more
>Chris Zumkeller 

Chris Zumkeller 

Chris Zumkeller on being inspired by nature, having a plan... Read more
>Rob Brown

Rob Brown

Peterborough, Ontario based studio furniture maker (and editor of Canadian... Read more
>Stephen Dalrymple

Stephen Dalrymple

Toronto based furniture maker Stephen Dalrymple on creating relevant work,... Read more
>Fred Miller

Fred Miller

Fred Miller on power naps, drafting and teaching his daughter... Read more
>Kathryn Miller

Kathryn Miller

Victoria, British Columbia based furniture maker Kathryn Miller on CNC... Read more
>Jay Miron

Jay Miron

Studio furniture maker Jay Miron on shop aprons, Danish modern... Read more
>Steve Neil

Steve Neil

Furniture maker Steve Neil on Ikea, being a morning person... Read more
>Bill Maniotakis

Bill Maniotakis

Alberta-based furniture maker Bill Maniotakis on retirement, finishing and the... Read more
>Paul Lemiski

Paul Lemiski

Paul Lemiski on full-sized templates, Instagram and how technology is... Read more
>Christina Hilborne

Christina Hilborne

Furniture maker Christina Hilborne, from Victoria, BC, on exotic woods,... Read more
>Alfons Laicher

Alfons Laicher

Furniture maker Alfons Laicher, from Victoria, BC, on Biedermeier design,... Read more
>Peter Coolican

Peter Coolican

Peter Coolican, from Toronto, Ontario, on Shaker design, exotic wood... Read more
>Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Based in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Chris Wong talks about... Read more
>Cirvan Hamilton

Cirvan Hamilton

Studio furniture maker Cirvan Hamilton, from Dorset, Ontario, on living... Read more
>Trent Watts

Trent Watts

Woodturner Trent Watts on dreaming, building things and cow... Read more
>Robert Akroyd

Robert Akroyd

Toronto, Ontario furniture maker Robert Akroyd on working in a... Read more
>Ian Laval

Ian Laval

Ian Laval on using locally sourced woods, restoring a sailboat... Read more
>Karen McBride

Karen McBride

Karen McBride on painting furniture, her lack of love for... Read more
>Andrew J. Wainwright

Andrew J. Wainwright

Andrew Wainwright, a studio woodworker from Kitchener, Ontario, talks about... Read more
>Weldon Gray

Weldon Gray

Lute maker Weldon Gray on research, losing track of time... Read more
>Tom Gorman

Tom Gorman

Studio furniture maker Tom Gorman on his Celtic roots, his... Read more
>Jean-Claude & Talar Prefontaine

Jean-Claude & Talar Prefontaine

Jean-Claude & Talar Prefontaine on sharp knives, their backyard garden... Read more
>Arthur Perlett

Arthur Perlett

Asquith, Saskatchewan furniture artist Arthur Perlett on curves, working in... Read more
>Konrad Sauer

Konrad Sauer

Tool maker Konrad Sauer on figured wood, saying no to... Read more
>Jacques Breau

Jacques Breau

Ottawa furniture maker Jacques Breau on straight-grained woods, selling his... Read more
>Adrian Ferrazzutti

Adrian Ferrazzutti

Guelph, Ontario based studio furniture maker Adrian Ferrazzutti on the... Read more
>David Atkinson

David Atkinson

Studio furniture maker David Atkinson from Guelph, ON, on curves,... Read more
>Keith Logan

Keith Logan

Keith Logan on power tools, the challenges of professional woodworking,... Read more
>Steven Kennard

Steven Kennard

Steven Kennard in Canning, Nova Scotia, on the creative process,... Read more
>Rob Diemert

Rob Diemert

Furniture maker Rob Diemert from Dundas, ON, on shaping solid... Read more
>Heidi Earnshaw

Heidi Earnshaw

Toronto, Ontario studio furniture maker Heidi Earnshaw on trends, women... Read more
>Reed Hansuld

Reed Hansuld

Reed Hansuld on creating movement using straight lines, trusting your... Read more
>Jonathan Otter

Jonathan Otter

Nova Scotia furniture maker Jonathan Otter on his studio, straight-grain,... Read more
>Jamie Russell

Jamie Russell

Russell, a self-confessed bachelor hermit, has quietly made sculpted furniture... Read more