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Disappearing dime puzzle

Author: Rea Gibson
Published: February March 2003

Place a dime in the hole of the coin block. When you push the coin block into the wooden pocket, the dime disappears.


Coin Block & Wooden Pocket

Or, a variation on this trick is to have a penny turn into a dime. With a little practice, you’ll soon be turning pennies into dimes and dimes into thin air!


• Make up all the pieces as shown.

• Glue the side and end spacers to the top.

• Adjust the slider so that the two holes match up exactly with the hole in the top, as it moves back and forth.

• Sand the slider so that it moves freely when the bottom is glued into place. Be careful when gluing so that the slider remains free.

• Drill a hole through the centre of both end spacers so that the nail in the wooden pocket can push the slider back and forth.

• Before gluing up the pocket, put a nail (with the head removed) in the centre of the end space. Let the nail protrude 1 ⅜”.

(Magician’s note: make sure you hold your hands, and the slider, in such a way that your audience doesn’t see the holes in the ends of the slider.)

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