“C” Cab Stake Truck

Author: Jim Thoms
Published: June July 2002

Here is a cool toy that you can build over a few evenings or on the weekend. For even greater enjoyment build it with a young friend at hand. Leave it ‘au naturel’ or apply a custom paint job.

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  • Date
    June July 2002
  • Author
    Jim Thoms
Cab C truck illustration

  • Cut all parts to size.
  • Cut two pieces of 3/4” stock for motor block and glue together.
  • Sand and round edges.
  • Drill axle holes, shift rod hole and steering rod hole.
  • Dry fit parts. Sand for proper fit (if necessary) before gluing.
  • Start at front of truck and glue motor block in place. Work towards the back of truck. Dry fit and glue pieces in place.
  • Varnish or paint to finish.

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