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Sheartak Helical Cutter Head for Porter Cable 126 Planer

Sheartak Helical Cutter Head for Porter Cable 126 Planer

The Porter Cable 126 Planer is a highly sought-after tool for door makers due to its spiral carbide blade. However, the blade is welded onto the cutter block and requires helical sharpening. The lifespan of welded carbide is often reduced by up to 1/3, and after a few rounds of resharpening, it cannot be used any longer

Fortunately, the Sheartak helical cutter head provides an excellent solution to upgrading your Porter Cable 126 Planer.

The staggered cutting design of the carbide inserts reduces tear-out noise during operation. Each insert has four cutting edges and when an edge becomes dull or chipped, simply loosen, clean and turn it 90 degrees to expose a new sharp edge.

The inexpensive carbide inserts are standard sizes and easily accessible. Their quality cut reduces sanding work by up to three-quarters. Additionally, the life span of carbide inserts is 50 times that of high-speed steel blades. A Sheartak cutter head makes retrofitting your Porter Cable 126 much more cost-effective.

Key Features:

  • Cutterhead material: Alloy steel
  • Number of spirals: 2
  • Number of carbide inserts: 14
  • Insert size: 12x12x2.2mm
  • Screw size: T15 M5

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