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One Forest - One Lumber

One Forest – One Lumber

Teak is one of the most sought after timbers in the world.  The virtually weatherproof wood is built to last. Teak is extremely durable, resistant to the ravages of weather, chemicals and all kinds of would be attackers, from termites, fungi and specialized wood-boring marine clams.

Mys-Teak offers a unique quality grading system designed to provide choice and confidence in purchasing teak lumber. They chose their grades specifically to ensure both clarity and transparency in the finished product. What their quality grades offer is standardization. There are no surprises and you have the confidence knowing you are getting the best value based on your project needs.

Mys-Teak pride itself on giving each customer a personalized purchasing experience, assisting you through the entire process to ensure you end up with the best grade for every project. Their designer grade is great for interior use like furniture and unique art pieces and comes at a cost effective rate, whereas 100% heartwood is great for any job, anywhere. The marine grades are for the discerning enthusiast or traditionalists who prefer the look of flawless, knot free teak.

Knowing the different quality grades ensures you are maximizing your budget on whatever project you are working on. Maybe a lower grade will be perfectly fine, or you can go for a particularly high-quality piece for a certain high visibility area. Either way, knowing the right grade for you ensures you are spending only what is required for your favourite projects.


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