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Work Sharp professional precision adjust knife sharpener


A premium manual sharpener that enables you to quickly get razor sharp edges on just about any knife.

Author: Carl Duguay

If you’re looking for an easy to use angle-adjustable knife sharpening system that delivers repeatable precision on knives of any size, then the Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener is what you need. It’ll handle just about all of them – every day carry, fixed or folding blade, throwing knives, camping, fishing, hunting and kitchen knives as well as Sloyd and all manner of straight blade whittling and carving knives.

Company: Work Sharp
Price: $339.99
Warranty: 3 years
Made in: USA



  • Metal and ABS plastic construction
  • Continuous angle adjustment from 15° to 30° in 1° increments
  • Includes:  V-block clamp; 1″ x 6″ 220-, 320-, 400-, 600- and 800-grit diamond plates; fine ceramic plate; leather strop plate; digital angle indicator; small knife attachment.
  • 3-year warranty

The Work Sharp Pro Precision sharpener comes with everything you need to sharpen and hone knives. The main unit consists of a chassis that is attached to a base with a couple of mounting screws.  There are five 1″ by 6″ diamond sharpening plates, along with a ceramic plate and leather strop plate. Unless you’ll be sharpening a truck load of knives on a daily basis these abrasive plates should last for quite a few years.

The plates are attached to a magnetic plate handle (which is screwed into the top of the chassis). To grind a new bevel on a blade or repair a blade that has chipped, you’d attach a coarse grit plate (either the 220 or 320), then work up though the rest of the plates. To sharpen an edge start with a medium grit (say 400 or 600-grit); to hone an edge use the ceramic plate and then the leather strop plate. The plate handle can be quickly unscrewed from the chassis and used freehand to sharpen serrated knife blades (using the integrated ceramic rod).

A V-block clamp, which is inserted into the chassis, holds the knives to be sharpened. For extra support when sharpening larger knives you can install a clamp support. For very small knives you replace the V-block clamp with the small knife table. Finally, there is a digital angle indicator that you can use to establish precise bevel angles. Alternately you can set the bevel scale using the scale on the chassis.

The base unit has a rubber bottom that does a good job of keeping the sharpener from moving around in use. However, there are four holes that you can use to secure the sharpener to a plywood base (or even to a worktable) if you so choose.

The user guide that comes with the Work Sharp Pro Precision sharpener is well written and illustrated, and provides very clear instructions on how to use the sharpener.


Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust sharpener

You’ll use the V-block clamp for most knives. It snaps into the front of the chassis. There is a small red button on the side of the chassis that you press to remove the V-block clamp from the chassis.

Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust sharpener

The V-block clamp has 1-3/4″ wide padded jaws that securely hold knife blades without marring or scratching them. It hold blades up to 4mm / 5/32″ thick.

Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust sharpener

You can quickly set any sharpening angle from 15° to 30° in 1° increments. I find it much quicker using the digital angle indicator to set the bevel angle. The knob for adjusting the angle is located at the top of the chassis.

Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust sharpener

The sharpening and honing plates have a metal backing that attaches to magnets on the plate handle. The magnets are super strong and keep the plates firmly attached.

Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust sharpener

The plate handle pivots back and forth smoothly and you can tilt the chassis back to rotate long knives 180° in order to sharpen both sides of the blade without removing the V-block clamp from the chassis.

Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust sharpener

I’ve used a number of knife sharpeners over the past several decades, and the Work Sharp Professional Precision Adjust Knife Sharpener is by far the easiest and most convenient to use. It delivers consistently superb results. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to put the ultimate edge on their knives.




Last modified: February 2, 2024

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