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Woodworking products to help you tool your shop.


Woodworking products to help you tool your shop.

Amana Ogee Raised Panel Door Making 3-Piece Set

3-piece set (#MD502) combines the 2-piece Stile & Rail cutters with one Horizontal Raised Panel bit with back cutter. With this set you can make raised panel doors in soft or hard wood from 3/4″ to 1″ thick. The cutters are made from high-quality micro grain carbide, and feature tri-foil brazing to ensure optimal bonding of the teeth to the cutter body. A.G.E. Pro-Series router cutters are engineered and manufactured to maximize performance at competitive prices. The AGE line also features a complete line of carbide tipped saw blades that are “Made in Germany.”

Why It’s Essential: With the MD502 you can make raised panel doors quickly and efficiently. Set-up is straight-forward, and the cutters produce smooth, clean cuts without chattering and tear out.

BESSEY’s Auto Adjust Toggle Clamps

Eight models of inline, horizontal and vertical models are currently offered. All models automatically adjust to work piece dimensions (size dependent) while maintaining constant clamping force (up to 550 lbs)

Why It’s Essential: Toggle clamps are essential for any workshop requiring small jigs and fixtures. BESSEY self-adjusting toggle clamps leverage the already flexible nature of toggle clamps further because they cover a wide range of clamping forces and work piece heights that only a few are needed for tremendous workshop flexibility.

Find out more at

Arbortech Contour Sander

The Arbortech Contour Sander is your answer for sanding and finishing projects with irregular shapes and profiles. The true random orbital action will provide a smooth and even finish without burning or digging in. The interchangeable grits allow the user to quickly move through the stages of rough sanding to final polishing.

Why It’s Essential: The contour random sander in many cases will eliminate the need to “sand-by-hand.” The unit is compatible with any 4 or 4 ½” angle grinder. A screw and flange is included within the kit, allowing the end-user to punch out / secure their own non-adhesive sanding discs.

RRP $89

Festool Track Saw

Festool’s TS 55 Plunge Cut Track Saw sets a whole new standard for portable circular saws. With its accuracy and versatility, a better comparison would be to the most advanced table saws, miter saws or panel saws available. Add in its incredible portability and unbelievable ease of use, and you have a precision-cutting solution like no other.

Why It’s Essential:

• When used with Festool guide rails, you can achieve perfectly straight, glue-ready and splinter-free cuts.

• Spring-loaded riving knife (splitter) keeps the cut kerf open so that the material does not pinch the blade. This reduces the chance of kickback.

• Blade changes are easier and safer using the FastFix system which locks switch and arbor simultaneously for easy arbor bolt removal.

Next Wave Automation CNC

Next Wave Automation makes a complete line of small format, award-winning CNCs. From the CNC Piranha Fx, to the CNC Shark and Shark HD3. Commercial grade builds and limitless possibilities await you!

The CNC Piranha Fx – the Make Anything Machine features:

• Carve, Laser & 3D Printing Modules

• Copy/Recreate with the optional digitizer

• Works on wood, aluminum, soft metal, and plastic

• Easy to use with robust, professional capabilities

• Design software included

Priced from $1,599.99 US

The CNC Shark and Shark HD3® feature

• Heavy duty, commercial grade construction

• Use a 2-1/4HP router or our new water-cooled spindle

– HD3

• Perfect for heavy cutting, carving and machining on wood, soft metals or plastics

• Software is included so you can be up and running in no time

• Also available with an extended, 50″ base

Priced from $2899.99 US

Fein Starlock Mounting System

The Starlock Mounting System is the new standardized system for mounting blades and other accessories on oscillating tools. Accessories that feature the Starlock design can be mounted on Fein, Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, Metabo, Milwaukee, and Einhell oscillating power tools (an adaptor will be required for Dewalt tools). Due to its three-dimensional geometry and remarkable rigidity, the Starlock system provides faster blade change-over, and it delivers 100% power transmission between the power tool and the blade.

Why It’s Essential: The Starlock system gives you better tool performance, quicker blade exchange, and compatibility with a wider range of oscillating tools.

Laguna Tools IQ CNC

Laguna’s IQ benchtop CNC router is ideal for prototyping and smaller production runs. Featuring a work envelope of 24″ x 36″, hand-held controller and an industrial-grade liquid-cooled electrospindle

(RPM: 6,000-24,000). Motor specs: 3HP 220 Volt, 30 Amp and Single Phase. Gantry clearance is 6″ with ball screw on all axis.

Why It’s Essential: IQ CNC provides an affordable and easy-to-use CNC router. Despite its smaller footprint, it has the same accuracy and cut quality of larger CNC machines. It can run for hours to increase production needs which can benefit hobbyists or professionals.

Mini-Mite 5 PLATINUM T-70

Fuji’s Heat Dissipation Box, located at the rear of the case, reduces any heat buildup from the Turbine. It is also equipped with The Noise Reduction Covers to reduce turbine noise. Plus Bonus 5 for 5 – 6’ Whip Hose, Wet Film Gauge, 19 pc Cleaning Kit, Extra Turbine

Filters and “Always Measure” Booklet – Record your material preparation and results.

Why It’s Essential: The Heat Dissipation feature results in a longer life for your turbine. The additional power allows the user to apply heavier coatings and thicker viscosity finishes faster. All this can be done with less time spent on preparation of materials.

Axiom Precision CNC Routers

Digital fabrication just took a huge leap forward. Axiom Precision offers commercial quality CNC machines for rapid prototyping and small part production. Despite Axiom Precision’s competitive prices, you won’t be sacrificing a thing. Their ‘engineered and built in-house’ philosophy allows Axiom Precision to offer advanced features for less money than competitor’s entry level machines.

Why It’s Essential: Every Axiom AutoRoute CNC machine offers precision ball screws, prismatic guides, robust steel frames, and interlocking aluminum tables with integrated MDF spoil boards. Whether you’re a DIYer attempting to modernize your home-shop, or an industrial fabricator enhancing your demanding commercial environment.

Models starting at $2,799

Supermax Tools Open Stand Drum Sander

Perfect for the small shop or woodworking enthusiast, the SuperMax 19-38 Drum

Sander reduces the tedium of hand sanding, speeds up the sanding process, and produces more consistent results! The simple alignment feature requires only one nut to adjust and align the very wide conveyor. To prevent any damaging, burning and gouging, the speed will vary according to the load. The self-cooling drum system forestalls overheating and extends the abrasives’ life.

Why It’s Essential: The 19-38 drum sander is a 5 star awarded sander that provides consistent finish, even with varying grain and density.

It’s a great asset to have in a workshop and a safe bet for quality woodworking.

Price : $2,099

Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System

This Guided Sharpening System is a Work Sharp’s complete benchtop sharpening and honing tool created for both novice and master sharpeners. The WSGSS-C can be used with every knife you own; the abrasive follows the curve of the blade thanks to Pivot-Response Technology for a consistent edge along the blade. According to your skill level and type of blade you want to sharpen, you can lock the pivot for straight blades, or activate for curved blades.

Why It’s Essential: Sharp tools make for better woodworking. This portable, versatile, affordable and professional sharpening system helps you obtain a sharp and consistent edge, no matter the curve of the blade.

Price : $72.99


General International 1 ½ HP Portable Two-Stage Dust Collector

The 10-805CF offers all the benefits of a 2-stage dust collector with the portability needed for most small shops. The cyclone design separates large chips into the 30 gallon collector drum before sending finer dust to the 1 Micron canister filter for capture in the heavy duty see-through bag.

Why It’s Essential: The totally portable 10-805CF is equipped with a 1-1/2 HP 110V 11amp motor, putting out 770 CFM, and is supplied with a convenient remote controller for convenient operation from anywhere in your shop.

Retail Price: $1599.99

General International 13″ Heavy-Duty Benchtop Planer

This 13″ segmented head planer is powered by an industrial quality 2 HP 15 amp 120V motor for smooth planing results. With fold up tables and inset lifting handles for easier portability, the unit is equipped with a large adjustment handle, easy to read thickness indicator and a safety switch with lock-out key.

Why It’s Essential: The 30-060HC is an affordable bench-top planer that is sturdy enough for everyday use and provides professional quality results. The head is equipped with 26 reversible two-sided carbide inserts making it a valuable addition to any small shop.

Retail Price: $829.99

WoodworkersWorkshop FREE Plans

Jim Barry’s WoodworkersWorkshop online store is the one-stopshop for the creative woodworker. The online store is available 24 hours a day and orders ship within 24 hours from the Nova Scotia HQ. Be on the look out for new project videos at his personal web site:

Why It’s Essential: In addition to offering thousands of project plans, they also carry the entire Arbortech product line.

Grizzly 9″ Benchtop Bandsaw

There is so much to like about this little 9″ bandsaw, it had to be on our list of essential machines for the small shop. Its compact size, portable weight (42 lbs.), and handy top-mounted carry handle make it easy to store and it’s quick to set up on the workbench when needed.

Why It’s Essential: The G0803 is also loaded with a lot of “big bandsaw” features, such as an LED worklight, quickrelease blade tension, ball-bearing roller guides, and convenient push-stick storage— making it the perfect entry-level bandsaw when you don’t have the floor space available for a larger floor-model unit.

Retail Price: $189.95

Grizzly 15″ Heavy-Duty Planer

With its 3 HP induction motor and 15″ wide workpiece capacity, the G0815 offers a level of power, durability, and size you just can’t get in a typical benchtop planer. It can be set up on a workbench to save precious floor space in your shop, or with an optional stand (an additional $79.95), it can be set up as a floor-model unit.

Why It’s Essential: With its introductory price of $895, the G0815 is the perfect way to step up to a big-time planer—without paying thousands of dollars to do it!

TradeMaster 3-1/2″ 5-Amp Circular Saw With Mitre Base

The compact TM11051 circular saw, with its powerful worm drive gear motor, can cut a host of materials including solid wood, chipboard, plywood, plastic, aluminum, ceramic tiles, and stone. Its light weight and ergonomically designed handle make the TM11051 easy to use, and the laser guide helps you make accurate cuts. The specially designed mitre base ensures you get clean, accurate cuts with every pass, and the 3-1/2″ blade provides up to 1-1/8″ depth of cut.

Why It’s Essential: Designed for lighter work and applications that involve thinner materials, the TM11051 is a smart choice for home improvement and craft projects, and for a variety of finish carpentry applications.

DEWALT Tough Music System

DEWALT introduces the ToughSystem Music player providing premium three-dimensional sound in a player that is durable, easy to use, and integrates with the portable ToughSystem tool and accessory storage solution. This Music player blasts out premium quality sound and offers remote control access up to 100 feet with Bluetooth technology connectivity from any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or music device.

Why It’s Essential: To solve low battery issues on DEWALT powertools, or on phones and music devices, the player also features multiple charging options like a 12V/20V DEWALT Li-ion built-in battery charger as well as a 1A USB charger.

$249 at Home Depot and other home improvement stores.

Porter Cable Cordless 20V Brushless Nailer

The 18 GA Brad Nailer has a fastener length capacity of 5/8″ to 2″ and a magazine capacity of 100 nails. The nailer is capable of driving up to 1300 nails per charge using a 4.0Ah PORTER-CABLE battery (sold separately), and up to 450 nails per charge** using a 1.5Ah PORTERCABLE battery (included in kitted offering).

Why It’s Essential: Weighing only 5.1 lbs without a battery, this lightweight and balanced tool contains a rubber over-mold ergonomic handle that provides maximum comfort and control during use. The Brad Nailer includes several tool-free features including a tool-free jam release, tool-free depth adjustment wheel, and a tool-free stall release lever.

$299 Available at Lowe’s and

Stanley Inspection Camera

Introducing the STANLEY Inspection Camera – this camera rotates 90-degrees to allow users to adjust the display for the best viewing position. The high-resolution viewing screen features an LED light with eight brightness and contrast settings to provide maximum visibility in dark environments.

Why It’s Essential: With an 8-mm wide camera head and a camera wand that’s 1-meter in length, the STANLEY Inspection Camera slips into most small spaces and will extend to reach behind most surfaces. The IP67 camera wand is water and dust resistant and includes three AAA batteries.

$149.00 Available at home improvement stores and

King 17″ Variable Speed, Wood/Metal Bandsaw

This full-featured, bandsaw is ideal for the shop that does both metal and wood fabrication. Its variable frequency drive and digital readout insures proper speed control for cutting virtually any material. The cast iron wheels, ball bearing blade guides and rack and pinion blade guard system offer accurate travel & height adjustment. Dual 4″ dust ports, quick release tensioning and work light, round out the exceptional features of this versatile saw.

Why It’s Essential: Today’s small shop demands multi-function machines. For cutting wood, plastic, metal and virtually all other materials, the KC-1700WM-VS provides fingertip speed control, accuracy and stability for any job. It is truly your “do-everything” bandsaw.

PowerForce/King Canada Extension Cords

New extension cords perfect for the shop or jobsite. These 12 Gauge/3 conductor cords are ultraflexible and stay that way at low temperatures (-40°C to 60°C temperature rating). The two lighted ends glow amber to show power at one end, and green at the other to indicate it is grounded. Available in a variety of high visibility colors in both single and triple tap ends.

Why It’s Essential: Whether you are a contractor or homeowner, good quality extension cords are vital for the safe and efficient operation of power tools, benchtop tools, appliances and electric motors. Best of all, these are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Osborne Country Bench Leg

Creating the perfect farm table is sometimes only half of the project. The real trick is creating the perfect bench to match the new table design. The Country Bench Leg (Part #1329) is a perfect solution to your bench seating needs and it matches our Husky Dining Table Leg (Part #1109) perfectly. It offers a simplistic, yet stylish look and feel.

Why It’s Essential: Instead of purchasing machinery for turned legs, purchase your legs through Osborne Wood Products! We offer a wide variety of turned legs that are essential to small shops that do not have the room or budget for a turning lathe.

SawStop Jobsite Saw

The SawStop Jobsite Saw is the lightest and most portable SawStop yet. Using technology proven over a decade, with thousands of finger saves, the Jobsite Saw detects contact with skin and stops the blade in less than five milliseconds. The Jobsite Saw also showcases multiple pioneering innovations that increase accuracy, save time and improve results.

Why It’s Essential: Table saw injuries are far too common – and the consequences can be life-changing. SawStop’s patented safety feature turns a likely amputation into a mere scratch.

$1,299 USD

Leigh RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig

The RTJ400 Router Table Dovetail Jig is designed exclusively for use on a router table, now found in most shops. It offers fast and accurate routing of through and half-blind dovetails, and two sizes of box joints, with no jig adjustments. With the accessory kit the RTJ400 makes 9 sizes of through dovetails, 3 sizes of half-blind dovetails and 4 sizes of box joints. It’s light in weight, easy to store, comes with cam-action speed-clamps, quick reference instructions on jig, a fully illustrated user guide and more.

Why It’s Essential: The most versatile router table dovetail jig on the market. Features quick and easy set up, patented technology, 16″ width capacity for larger projects, and a CNC machined template for precise measure.

DustFX 1 HP HEPA Dust Collector

The CWI-DCP005H offers a superb blend of performance and protection for the small to medium size workshop. The motor generates 700 CFM and 5.6″ of static water lift and has a balance machined cast aluminum impeller for improved performance. The DCP005H comes with a HEPA filter that captures 99.6% of all dust particles 0.3 to 0.5 micron and 100% of all dust particles 1 micron and larger, and a lower reusable cloth bag with a viewing window to monitor dust collection levels. A quick release spring tension aluminum bag clamp makes it easy to empty the bag.

Why It’s Essential: This machine is loaded with high performance features. It can be run off of any 115 Volt circuit, and takes only 15″×26″ of floor space.

DustFX 1400 CFM Air Cleaner

The CWI-DAC1400 features a two stage filtering process that cleans 98% of 5 micron dust particles and 85% of 1 micron particles. It features a washable electrostatic outer filter, dual exhaust diffusers, three different speed levels, and a remote control for start/stop with a built-in timer for 2 to 8 hour settings. The DAC1400 will clean an average 20″ x 20″ shop 16 times per hour, yet it only consumes 335 watts of power. Four hooks are included so you can suspend the unit from the ceiling.

Why It’s Essential: Air cleaners take care of the dust created by hand sanding and from smaller powered tools like sanders and routers that aren’t connected to stationary dust collectors.

SandX Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

The CWI-S220 is powered by a 1/2 HP 7.5 amp motor. It features a 14.5″ x 14.5″ cast iron table that can tilt up to 45 degrees, and uses 5 different sized sanding spindles from 1/4″ to 2″, along with four interchangeable table inserts. An optional 3″ spindle is also available. Spindles are either 5.5″ or 6″ long. The frame of the machine is a solid steel welded stand with a storage compartment for the spindles. A 2.5″ dust collection port with a 4″ adaptor enables connection to a shopvac or small dust collector.

Why It’s Essential: Nothing makes sanding convex and concave curves easier, and more effective, than an oscillating spindle sander.

Stallion 3 HP Left Tilt Table Saw

The CWI-T1003L Stallion cabinet saw features a 3 HP 220 volt motor for excellent power in the cut. To support this strong motor is a heavy cast iron trunnion mounted to the steel cabinet with a cast iron base for stability. The 27″ x 44″ cast iron top also has a steel extension wing to create a massive 27″ x 80″ working area. Also included are a large metal tool storage drawer and two steel legs for extra stability. The Stallion “T” style fence provides very accurate cuts up to 50″ to the right of the saw blade.

Why It’s Essential: The CWI-T1003L provides the optimal blend of power, strength, and features that hobbyist and professional woodworkers need.

Scorpion 6″ Jointer with Stinger Carbide Helical Head

The CWI-J100HC has a powerful 1 HP motor and convenient paddle style lockable on/off switch which drives the new STINGER 5 row carbide helical cutterhead. The Stinger head uses four sided carbide knives set on a shear angle for the ultimate in cutting performance. The 56″ machined cast iron bed is easily adjustable for flatness by the machined dovetail ways and locking adjustment screws, while the huge 4″ by 29″ cast iron machined fence has set stops at 135, 90, and 45 degrees. Front facing hand wheels make for easy table height adjustment, and a heavy duty flared enclosed welded steel stand has a handy storage compartment.

Why It’s Essential: The 5 row Stinger helical cutterhead produces fewer knife marks on wood surfaces and virtually zero tear out even on wood with the most figured grain.

The Noodle from Rolair

ROLAIR’s Noodle air hose is one of the most versatile products in the company’s new pneumatic accessories line. Its flexible hybrid construction relies on a blend of rubber, polyurethane and PVC to push the operating temperature range to an impressive -40° to 150°F. The Noodle comes in 1/4 or 3/8 inch diameters and 50 or 100 foot lengths with a working pressure rating of 300 PSI. Each hose includes an industrial coupler and plug.

Why It’s Essential: No matter what nature has in store, The Noodle has you covered. With virtually no memory, it’s guaranteed to stay flexible and lay flat in the most brutal conditions.

$39.99 – $69.99 CDN

Last modified: September 29, 2023

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