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With the wide selection of new products that come out annually, it can be overwhelming to have to keep up to date with everything that hits the market. To make this task easier on Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement readers, we have assembled this list of “Hot Products” to kick off 2022.

With the wide selection of new products that come out annually, it can be overwhelming to have to keep up to date with everything that hits the market. To make this task easier on Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement readers, we have assembled this list of “Hot Products” to kick off 2022.

Laguna’s new PX|12 benchtop thickness planer features the QuadTec I cutterhead with 26 four-sided solid car­bide inserts that deliver a superior finish on domestic and exotic hard or soft woods, no matter how wild the grain pattern. The 2 HP 15-amp universal motor delivers a feed rate of 26 FPM with power to thickness stock up to 6″ thick. With the PX|12 you can plane stock up to 12-1/2″ wide and as short as 10″, down to 5/32″ thick. Setting cut depth is easy with the hairline depth-of-cut gauge. The planer bed is 10-1/4″ long and with the two folding infeed/outfeed extensions you get a total bed support length of 32-3/4″. There is a 4″ dust port for use with a dust collector and a 2-1/2″ step-down should you wish to connect it to a dust extractor. If you’re looking for exceptional cut quality, then look to the Laguna PX|12.

Laguna PX|12

A favourite of renowned furniture maker James Krenov, Clapham’s Beeswax Furniture Polish is a fine, museum-quality polish based on an old family recipe from England. It’s made with or without lavender essential oil, from beeswax with a little carnauba wax and deodorized mineral spirit. It can be applied over any cured fin­ish including waterborne or solvent-based varnish, polyurethane and lacquer as well as penetrating oil finishes. You can also apply it directly to bare wood – you’ll get a gorgeous, soft beeswax shine that will become part of the patina as the years go by. Apply the polish very thinly over the surface using a cloth. Wait for about 5 minutes, then buff lightly with a different cloth to bring out the shine. Available in 50g/1.75oz, 200g/7oz and 1134g/40oz sizes.

clapham waX

Made in beautiful British Columbia, Clapham’s Salad Bowl Finish is a non-toxic, food-safe finish. It’s made of beeswax, carnauba wax and mineral oil. You can use it on any wooden kitchen utensil or surface, including countertops, butcher blocks, cutting boards and salad bowls. It’s also the perfect finish for baby cribs and chil­dren’s wooden toys. The finish helps protect wood from the elements and gives it a soft lustrous shine. Apply thinly with your hand, cloth or paper towel. It may take some time to dry depending on the temperature and humid­ity of your home or workshop, but the piece can be used immediately. When dry, buff to a light shine. Available in 50g/1.75oz, 200g/7oz and 1134g/40oz sizes.

Salad Bowl Finish

Clapham’s newest, cleanest and greenest wood wax finish, Hemp Wood Wax is 100% food-safe, completely non-toxic and contains no petroleum by-products. Hemp seed oil conditions and protects wood leaving it with a nourished sheen finish. It’s the perfect finish for all wooden surfaces such as charcuterie boards, butchers’ blocks, countertops, tables, utensils and even children’s toys. Apply the wax thinly with your hand, cloth or paper towel. Once dry, buff to a light shine. The piece can be used immediately if needed but it’s suggested to allow 12 hours between application and use. Available in 50g/1.75oz, 200g/7oz and 1134g/40 oz sizes.


Track saws are designed to deliver consistently clean, chip-free cuts in both solid wood and sheet goods. The KC-8365 has a 6-1/2″ blade and a 12 amp soft-start motor with constant torque that delivers vari­able speeds from 2,000 to 6,000 RPM for optimum performance in a variety of materials. When installed on a track it has a cut capacity of 2-1/8″ at 90° and 1-1/2″ at 45°. The bevel angle range is 0° to 48°. The flat blade housing design allows you to cut as close as 11/16″ from the wall, while a depth stop feature delivers splinter-free cuts. A mode selector enables fast, easy settings for major functions, such as blade removal, free plunge cutting and making scribe/scoring cuts at 0.1″ deep. Included is a very effective dust collection bag and chute to keep the work area clean. There are a range of accessories for the KC-8365 including a 50″ extruded aluminum track, track connector kit for joining two 50″ tracks, track clamps and track storage bag.

King Canada KC-8365

If you want a cleaner, healthier workshop, then you need to collect dust at the source with a downdraft sanding table. They’re portable, durable, quiet and powerful. SandMan Products LLC has tables to suit the needs of hob­byists, small woodworking shops, and large production facilities. For objects too large for sanding tables, there’s the Sand Pro Sanding Booth SBP108, a complete self-contained 9,300 CFM backdraft unit. With the Sand Pro Inspection Light you can easily see scratches, swirl marks and other imperfections before the material is fin­ished.

Sand Pro Sanding Booth SBP108

The 6-Blade Carvin’ Jack (JKN91) is the world’s first folding multi-tool for woodcarving. It’s equipped with two scorps, straight gouge, hook knife, chisel and detail knife. You also get a slip strop, bar of Flexcut Gold polishing compound to keep your blades sharp, and leather belt-mounted sheath that looks good with jeans or even your better pants.


With the industry’s greatest selection of micro-tools, Flexcut offers Flexcut’s Palm Tools, perfect for carving small projects such as wood carvings, netsuke and linoleum blocks. The FR804 set includes FR800, FR801, FR802, FR803. These tools are especially adept at carving small items, making this box the perfect starter kit for people trying to get into wood carving.

Flexcut Micro-Palm Carving Set

The FR604 set includes four mini-palm tools. The tools are extremely sharp and require no extra hon­ing before use, and the sturdy handles allow for easy gripping and maneuvering. The set comes in a sturdy wooden box specifically designed to provide you with a wide range of capabilities applicable to different types of carving. Includes FR600, FR601, FR602, FR603.

Flexcut FR604

With three user-selectable speeds of 420, 490 and 550 CFM, the 8500AM delivers serious air move­ment to dry floors, carpets, walls or ceilings. There are two on-board 120V outlets that enable you to connect up to three Air Movers together for bigger jobs. And the stackable design with interlocking intake guards makes it easy to bundle multiple units together. The 8500AM features three operating positions, ther­mal overload protection, a 10-foot power cord for longer reach, and a convenient top handle for power cord storage and portability.

King Canada 8500AM

Handheld routers are notorious for kicking up a lot of dust. The Oneida Air Systems Dust-Free Router Hood captures nearly all the dust, chips and shavings generated by portable routers. The router hood fea­tures both a universal baseplate that fits nearly any make and model of portable router as well as an upper dust dome and lower chip cover that combine to fully encapsulate the router bit. The upper dust dome and lower chip cover freely rotate as the router moves so you can work unimpeded. The lower chip cover can be removed quickly without use of tools for inner plunge work and can be replaced by the included shallow cover for tighter edge work. The router hood installs easily in minutes using the router’s existing hardware and includes a quick-release hose connection port for simple storage. Moulded from clear polycarbonate, the router hood offers both excellent clarity and superior durability.

oneida router hood

If you use a router or CNC machine for woodworking, then you need Whiteside bits. These router bits are used in a variety of applications, including cutting decorative edges, adding joints like rabbets, dadoes and grooves, and hollowing out an area within wood. Whiteside bits are manufactured in the U.S. with high-qual­ity steel and solid carbide for reliable, consistent performance. Each bit features a micro-grain carbide tip. KJP Select Hardwoods offers a wide selection of Whiteside spiral, straight and form router bits to suit your woodworking needs. They also carry accessories like flat washers, steel router collets and more. Stock up on router bits to make your next piece look sharp, precise and unique.

whiteside router bits

Making a cutting board is the perfect introductory woodworking project. If you don’t have access to machinery, you can still start a new hobby using KJP Select Hardwoods packaged cutting board packs. Choose from pre-made packages or design your own pack by purchasing individual blanks of different pre-cut wood species and sizes. Laminate the boards in any pattern of your choice – all you need are clamps and glue. Complete your board by applying a nourishing wood finish such as KJP’s locally made Honey Bee’s Wood Cream to help protect your new creation. Don’t feel like using individual blanks for a cutting board? Check out their live edge craft and charcuterie boards.

cutting board pack

Since early 2016, Waterloo, Ont.- based Sienci Labs has been developing CNC machines for small wood­working shops, hobbyist woodworkers and crafters. The LongMill is their flagship three-axis CNC router capable of cutting 2D and 3D designs. With a starting price of around $1,500, the LongMill is one of the most affordable and easiest-to-use CNC machines in its category. A comprehensive set of resources and guides help new users go from opening the box to starting their first job in an easy step-by-step manner. The LongMill comes in a kit that takes a couple of hours to assemble and includes free software options for designing and running the machine. Sienci also provides excellent customer and technical support while you take your first steps as a CNCer. If you’re thinking of adding a CNC router to your shop, then think LongMill.

sienci longmill

Regardless of which challenges you face when woodworking, with the MULTIMASTER and the right acces­sories, you will master just about any task – from sawing flush with the surface, to plunge cutting, and to sanding in tight places. The AMM 500 TOP set offers you a tool with all the versatility and freedom that cordless provides, with the power of a corded tool. The AMM 500 features variable speed control, an innovative anti-vibration system, three-second accessory changes, and the Starlock mounting system for maximum transfer of power from the tool to the accessory. The set includes over 30 accessories for cutting in wood and metal, removing grout, sanding, scraping and more – all packed neatly into a carrying case.

fein multimaster

Diablo’s bi-metal teeth jigsaw blades (#DJT308BFP5) are specifically designed for maximum durability, cut quality and longer life in ultra-fine finish wood applications. These high-performance blades feature an ultra-hardened cutting edge to deliver up to five times longer life than standard blades. The optimized blade design provides precise cuts in straight, angled and intricate curved cutting applications. A bi-directional tooth design features teeth facing in opposite directions at each end of the blade to deliver ultra-fine finishes on the top and bottom of the wood. The T-shank design fits all combo and most U-shank cordless and corded jigsaws.

freud jigsaw blades

Diablo’s universal fit bi-metal oscillating blades (#DOU350RBGP) feature application-specific designs that deliver maximum durability and longer life in general-purpose cuts: nail-embedded wood, clean wood, metal and plastics. These high-performance blades feature an ultra-hardened cutting edge to deliver up to five times longer life than standard blades. Curve contact edge creates a pilot for precise, clean plunge cuts with less vibration. Black ICE (Industrial Cooling Element) keeps the teeth cool and buildup-free for fast, clean cuts. The blade’s universal fit, adapter-free design easily attaches to most tools, with the exception of Starlock tools.

diablo oscillating blades

The new Festool TSC 55 K cordless track saw sets the standard in precision panel processing. The combina­tion of a brushless EC-TEC motor and dual battery system makes the TSC 55 K as powerful as any corded track saw while giving you the freedom of full mobility. With the newly designed Festool saw blades and the concen­trated torque of the TSC track saw, you’ll be able to work up to twice as fast without having to sacrifice cutting performance or quality. User safety is greatly enhanced with a unique kickback feature that stops the saw blade in the blink of an eye, minimizing the risk of hand injury. With the TSC you get a full 2-1/8″ (55mm) cutting depth at 90° and 1-11/16″ (43mm) at 45°. The bevel range is from -1° to 47°. You can use the TSC with the included cloth dust bag or, for optimal dust control, pair it with the Festool CT line of dust extractors. The TSC is available in three models, starting at $649. The Basic model (#576717) includes the saw, blade, splinter guard, dust bag and Systainer. The Plus model (#576718) adds two batteries and a rapid char­ger. With the Plus-FS model (#577008) you also get a 55″ guide rail. There is a wide range of accessories to go with the TSC, including eight different track lengths from 32″ to 197″ (800 – 5000mm), a choice of six saw blades, and an edge guide for making guided, parallel cuts without using a track. All mod­els include Festool’s three-year, all-inclusive, wear-and-tear warranty – once product is registered online.

Festool TSC 55 KEB Track Saw

The PantoRouter makes woodworking joinery fast, accurate, easy-to-use, repeatable and fun! Mortise and tenon has never been easier with over 150 perfectly fitting sizes using their patented tapered templates. You can set up and cut angled or compound-angled joints in minutes, virtually dust-free due to the incredibly effective dust collec­tion hood. Go from setup to glue-up in under five minutes in most cases.

Box joints and dovetails can be variably spaced, and custom templates can be shop-made to produce the perfect size and shape for your project. Hobbyists and custom furniture makers use the large table and numerous clamping positions as a convenient platform for custom jigs and fixtures so the tool never limits their design.
Customers rave about PantoRouter’s thoughtful design, engi­neering and high-quality construction. And because it’s one of the easiest ways to use a woodworking router, the PantoRouter is popu­lar in high school shops across the country. For optimal performance add the optional Bosch 1617 EVS router motor when ordering your PantoRouter.

Visit their website to see videos of the PantoRouter in action and learn more about how others are using this unique tool.


powered by bosch

The Magnum Industrial 2-Stage Cyclone Dust Collector (MI-12250) is perfect for small- to medium-sized shops where extra fine filtering is required. The cyclone action directs the larger wood chips and particles into the quick-release 30-gallon drum, which extends the life and efficiency of the extra-fine 1-micron filter media. The top-mounted flapper han­dle makes it easy to keep the dust canister clean. The 1-1/2 HP totally enclosed continuous duty motor delivers 950 CFM (1,350 CFM nominal) of air flow at a quiet 75 dB level. Includes a 6″/or dual 4″ dust port, four full swivel casters for easy movement around the shop and remote control. An optional HEPA canister filter is available.

magnum dust collector

You can now upgrade your DeWalt DW735 thickness planer to a spiral cutterhead with the Sheartak S00512 replacement cutterhead. The S00512 features a high-tensile strength alloy steel cutter block with 40 four-sided interchangeable carbide inserts that deliver a super-smooth finish with no tear-out. Each insert sits at a slight angle and produces a shearing cut for exceptional smoothness. Carbide inserts will give you more than 10 times the work life than you get from high-speed steel blades. Installation is straightforward. The S00512 comes with 40 carbide inserts along with five extra inserts and screws. The cutter block has a one-year warranty.

sheartak cutterhead

With benefits that include producing a smoother finish (especially with figured grain), less sanding, much longer life and less noise, a spiral cutterhead will surprise you with how well it performs. You can now retrofit your straight blade JET 12″ jointer-planer, model JPT-310, with a Sheartak S00648 spiral cutterhead. The S00648 features a high-tensile strength alloy steel cutter block with 56 replaceable four-sided sintered tungsten carbide inserts. The precision-ground interchangeable inserts are easy to change – simply loosen a holding screw, rotate the insert 90° to expose a new edge and re-tighten the screw. Low cost to use, a spiral cutterhead will pay for itself in a very short time. Use discount code 2108 and save 8% off your order.

sheartak cutterhead

Bring the most advanced precision cutting solution to your workshop. The Shaper Origin and Shaper Workstation combine to make even the most demanding projects approachable and intuitive. Enjoy unri­valled precision cutting for a variety of applications. Create complex joinery, tight-fitting box joints and much more. Origin + Workstation is the “complete system” solution to unlocking next-level projects in your shop.


The RALI Cut disk cutting machine is the perfect tool for making successive rapid, clean and precise cuts on wood, steel and plastic up to 25mm/0.98″ in diameter. It enables you to cut solid and hollow pipes and square stock, as well as shorten screws and bolts, and make a precise range of angle cuts with the angle cut accessory (sold separately). Also includes a deburring wheel that quickly deburrs and finishes. For a limited time, receive 10 free RALI fibre cutting disks with your purchase of a RALI Cut.

rali cut disc

Take your power carving to the next level with the introduction of the Mini Ball Gouge as a part of the Arbortech Precision Carving System. This three-piece precision set will open the door to more intricate power carving, detail­ing and texturing. In addition to the Mini Ball Gouge, the set also includes a precision Barrel Cutter and Drum Sander. Each piece connects to the universal base which can attach to the Arbortech Power Carving Unit or any standard 4″ – 4.5″ angle grinder with a 5/8″ spindle.


The Orion 950 is the all-in-one solution for busy professionals desiring superior accuracy and multi-tool functionality. The Orion 950 features true in-the-field calibration capability with the included On-Demand Calibrator, an on-board Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) calculator, Bluetooth connectivity to free smart device apps, a built-in temperature and relative humidity sensor, and more. A flexible rubber boot makes the 950 durable enough to withstand your toughest jobs.

wagner meters

UVPoxy is a professional quality, high-performance epoxy system that’s UV-stable and produces a high build crystal clear fin­ish. It’s an ideal solution for woodworkers, artists and craftspeople, and is perfect for top coating, decorative coating, and thin casting. UVPoxy resists yellowing, fading, and cracking. UVPoxy is self-leveling and can quickly be built up in 1/8″ layers to a maximum 1/4″ thickness. This epoxy is highly durable, capable of withstanding heavy use for countertops, tables, charcute­rie and serving boards. Adding glitters and liquid and metallics pigments leads to marvelous creative expressions. Professional applicators prefer it over cheaper alternatives because of its proven performance, crystal-clear finish, high viscosity, low fading over time, and unmatched reliability. UVPoxy offers consistent results in coating projects, offering efficiency and savings over time. Visit our website for hundreds of creative ideas and information on our wholesale pricing program.


FlowCast is a bio-based casting epoxy resin that cures to a water-clear finish. When the two parts are combined, it hard­ens to an inert durable structure. It is recommended for a pour thickness of 1/2″ to 1-1/2″ (13 – 38 mm) per layer. More experienced applicators have employed cooling techniques for deeper pours and encapsulations. Use FlowCast by itself for a water-clear, bubble-free finish or with pigments and glitters to create custom colors and effects. After cure, FlowCast can be worked using the same tools you already have for woodworking, such as lathes, table saws, routers, and sanders, offering you with thousands of possibilities to create attractive projects, such as river tables and ocean tables.

Woodworkers prefer it over cheaper alternatives because of its water-clear appearance, excellent air release, and unmatched reliability, which provides them with consistent results in deep casting applications, offering efficiency and savings. Visit our website for hundreds of creative ideas and information on our wholesale pricing program.

flowcast epoxy

Conserve time, money and exertion on your next cabinetry or woodworking project with PureBond Prefinished Plywood Project Panels. A UV-resistant medium gloss coats the face and back veneers on these 3/4″ × 2′ × 4′ panels, protecting your carpentry creations from fading, scratching and chipping. Sustainably harvested trees form the foundation for the decorative veneers, exhibiting the natural warmth and beauty of hardwood that supplies visual allure for shelves, cabinets, end tables, serving trays, wall panels, benches, letter baskets and more. The soy-based PureBond technology used to assemble each seven-ply panel is formaldehyde-free, so it will not off-gas toxic fumes as UF-constructed plywood commonly does. All-wood construction includes aspen veneer core layered in alternating cross bands for superb strength, flatness and rigidity.

purebond plywood

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