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Hot Products 2012


With the wide selection of new products that come out annually, it can be overwhelming to have to keep up to date with everything that hits the market. To make this task easier on Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement readers, we have assembled this list of “Hot Products” to kick off 2013.

With the wide selection of new products that come out annually, it can be overwhelming to have to keep up to date with everything that hits the market. To make this task easier on Canadian Woodworking & Home Improvement readers, we have assembled this list of “Hot Products” to kick off 2013.

You’ve seen their work in books and maga­zines. They are modern mas­ters, admired and respected by their peers. Why not join them for a class at Rosewood Studio in Perth, Ontario? Adrian Ferrazzutti, Michael Fortune, Garrett Hack and Christopher Schwarz have taught across North America and around the world, and they are teaching at Rosewood in 2013.

Why it’s Hot: Rosewood guest instructors include some of the most respected furniture designers and makers working today, live and in person here in Canada. While books and video instruction go a long way, there is no better or faster way to flatten a learning curve than in-person, one-on-one interaction with a master of their craft.

rosewood studios

Rob’s online workshops provide a virtual apprenticeship.

Members are taught to build house furnishings and shop implements through (stored) daily half-hour, real-time sessions. Rob’s son and cam­eraman (Jake) doubles as the “student” to create those true-to-life “Now what do I do?” teaching moments. Rob also manages the member forums himself, and provides his personal “expert” advice.

Why It’s Essential: Shorten your learning curve and increase your enjoyment with Rob’s online workshop. Watch and learn as Rob demonstrates and explains which tools to use, how to sharpen them, and how to best use them – This is truly an essential small shop solution.

Payment options $1.53 – $2.21 per episode. Free – one-month trial

Rob Cosman

A.G.E. saw blades from Amana Tool are laser cut from virgin steel, then flattened, ground, tensioned and tipped with large, European-style car­bide tips that can be resharpened for increased blade value. The A.G.E. series features a variety of blades ideal for use in wood, metals and plastics.

Why they’re Hot: The popular A.G.E. line provides budget-priced, industrial-quality circular saw blades for professional woodwork­ers and hobbyists alike. Every step of the manufacturing process is computer-controlled and moni­tored by sophisticated inspection equipment to ensure superior quality. A.G.E. blades start at $39.60 (item #MD10-240).

For more information, visit

saw blades

APOLLO SPRAYERS lead the world in essential HVLP spray applica­tion technology for the serious craftsman. Apollo offers the 1050VR 5-stage HVLP turbine system with 22% more power, low overspray, variable speed, pressure control and other unique precision and safety features, coupled with the award-winning Apollo 7500 Spray Gun. The Apollo 1050VR lets you dial-in exceptional finishing quality every time.

Why it’s Hot:   APOLLO 1050VR provides increased power, ultra-fine atomization of low to high viscosity coatings or paints. Now you can auto­matically calibrate HVLP turbine speed, see it on an LCD read-out, and eas­ily replicate a high quality finish time after time.

Available at: Exel-NA Canadian Branch, Scarborough.

Apollo Sprayers

Black & Decker Introduces the GYRO 4V MAX Lithium-ion Rechargeable Screwdriver (BDCS40G). The World’s First Motion-Activated Screwdriver that controls speed and direction with a twist of the wrist for improved control while screwdriving compared to current rechargeable screwdrivers. With gyroscopic technology, users need only to rotate their wrist one-quarter turn to the right for forward or left for reverse.

$39.99 at all major Canadian home improve­ment and general retailers.

Why it’s Hot:   The GYRO is the perfect tool for any application that requires a screwdriver. Great for the home, boat, cottage, trailer, car, etc.

Black & Decker Gyro Screwdriver

Now available through Busy Bee Tools, the Oliver intelliCarve is the perfect way to create beautiful 2D and 3D images on wood, acrylics and more. This machine is extremely easy to use and requires no previous knowledge of CNC to operate. Includes iPicture Software and everything you need to get started. This model and a larger 15″ model are now available to your local Busy Bee Tools.

Why it’s Hot: With the capabilities of this machine and low price, the IntelliCarve from Oliver is a winner. Learn, talk and play with one at your local Busy Bee Tools. Be sure to check the Busy Bee Tools web­site for demo days on this machine. Visit your local Busy Bee Tools store or for pricing.

Oliver 13” intelliCarve CNC Machine

Clamping force can be adjusted within a range of 25-550 lbs with the turn of an integrated pressure screw – the clamp will auto-adjust to varying work piece heights without signifi­cant change in applied clamping force – holding capacity up to 700 lbs.

Why it’s Hot: Because it auto-adjusts to variations in work height, there is no need for continuous adjustment – resulting in better pro­ductivity. The range of applied clamping force also replaces a variety of competitive offerings with one BESSEY.

BESSEY Auto Adjust Toggle Clamp

This 8″ Jointer features a powerful 3HP TEFC motor, a long precision ground cast iron 76 3/8″ bed, parallelogram table adjustment, inte­grated mobile base, top mounted pedestal on/off switch and overall heavy duty construction. A top selling jointer in the CX-Series line, other features on this unit include a four H.S.S knife cutterhead, powder coated paint and a three-year warranty.

Why it’s Hot: One of the best selling jointers in the CX–Series line, this is “hot” because of com­bination of a fantastic sale price, multitude of features and the three-year warranty on this machine. On Sale for only $979 (Reg. Price $1349) until January 12th 2013. To watch a video on this machine, visit

CX-Series 8" Parallelogram Jointer

DEWALT’s new snap-off knives and utility blades feature a ground­breaking Carbide Blade Technology that lasts up to five times longer than the competition. These new utility blades and knives are designed to deliver increased blade life and maintain first-cut sharpness — two key factors that today’s professionals demand. Retails for $9.99 to $18.99 at Home Depot/IC Stores.

Why it’s Hot: These breakthrough utility blades provide heavy users with the long-awaited durabil­ity needed to keep cutting through a variety of build­ing applications, including roofing, drywall, ceiling tile installation, and other prod­ucts that prove challenging for traditional blades.

DEWALT Carbide Blade Knives

This band saw features a solid one piece upper frame steel body, a powerful 1HP motor, quick tension release, upper and lower blade guides and fea­tures a 14″ x 18″ work table. With a resaw capacity at 7″, precision balanced cast iron wheels and 2 work­ing speeds, there isn’t much this saw can’t handle. Also features powder coated paint and a three-year warranty.

Why it’s Hot: A top selling CX Series Band Saw, this machine is hot because of the combination of price and features. It also features a full length 28 minute instruc­tional DVD on the complete assembly, set-up and tips and techniques featuring Mark Eaton. On sale for only $549 (Reg. Price $799) until January 12th 2013.

CX-Series 14" Wood Band Saw

Introducing DEWALT’s TOUGHSYSTEM storage solution – the unique sys­tem is comprised of three storage units (DWST08201, DWST08203 and DWST08204) and metal carrier (DWST08210) for ultimate jobsite orga­nization. The TOUGHSYSTEM allows any professional to build the storage option that fits their needs. Technicians, electri­cians and contractors can use different combinations, eliminating the need for multiple storage boxes spread throughout the jobsite or workshop. $399 at Home Depot.

Why it’s Hot:  The system was designed to save contractors time by allow­ing them to customize their storage options and only pull out the tools they need for each application.

DEWALT Tough Case System

The DEWALT Reciprocating Saw (DWE357) is designed with a unique, compact configuration that provides outstanding control and balance compared to traditional reciprocating saw designs, without sacrificing the power that professionals expect. The saw measures only 14-1/2 inches in length allowing the user to get into tight areas including between studs that are 16 inches on centre. $129 at home improvement stores.

Why it’s Hot: The DWE357 is ideal for general contractors, mechanical contractors, demolition workers, electricians, HVAC professionals, framers, and other residential and commercial construction professionals who are tasked with completing cutting applications in challenging workspaces.

DEWALT DWE357 Corded Recip Saw

Dimar Canada Ltd. is excited to release its new Nova Industrial D-Coat Laminate saw blade (D1080TNTD).

Why it’s Hot: 1. Dimar’s New D-COAT Nano Technology System! Coating is absorbed into the saw blade body and teeth. It will not peel, crack or rub off during regular use. Protects against rust and resin build up.

2. Dimar’s Dynamic Balancing System! Each blade is individually balanced using a specialty designed CNC machine, guaranteeing minimal vibration and qual­ity cut.

3. Dimar’s German Made D-Max Carbide! No-chip cutting on two sided laminate mate­rials. 15-20 Sharpenings! WOW!  Available at Dimar Dealers across Canada

Dimar Nova Industrial D-Coat Laminate Saw Blade

Sharpen your dull and broken drill bits with Drill Doctor. Don’t get stuck in the middle of a project and run to the store for a new bit- just sharpen it and get back to work. Drill Doctors can sharpen a wide range of point angles and drill materials, probably everything you own. Visit drill­ to learn about special offers.

Why it’s Hot: Free $40 knife with 750x or 500 models at select retailers!
• Fast, easy to use, works every time
• Sharper than new results
• Saves money – pays for itself in just a few sharpenings
• Models to fit any budget
• Durable- three-year warranty

Drill Doctor (MB)

Using the new revolutionary DMT Diamond Hardcoat Technology- this lapping plate outlasts any other diamond coating in the market. With a consistent, aggressive diamond surface and precision ground, hand certified flat to +/- 0.0005″, the Dia-Flat assures rigid execution when flattening stones. Greater surface area for ease of use. Durable construc­tion will provide years of consistent performance and reliable service. For proper tool maintenance, woodworkers, chefs and other professionals rely on the superior quality and versatility of DMT products. Made in USA.

Why it’s Hot: Dia-Flat Lapping Plate designed to easily flatten all conven­tional and waterstones in less time than other methods.

Dia-Flat Lapping Plate

A high-speed drill should be in everyone’s DIY toolbox, and its indispensable companion is the YEL-004 carbide tool set.

DuraGrit’s carbide burrs and wheels are long lasting, high performance accessories that come in a variety of useful shapes and grit grades.

Why it’s Hot: Whether you’re looking to bore and enlarge a clear­ance hole in a ceramic wall tile to accept a water pipe, re-shape the edge of a wall tile to fit a contour in the corner of the backsplash, cut and fit laminate flooring or carve a duck decoy, there’s a Dura-Grit carbide tool in the YEL-004 tool set to suit the job. $40.75 USD

Dura-Grit Hi-Speed Carbide Burr Set

Your random orbital sander or bench sander has never seen anything like the carbide DuraDisc from DuraGrit. With DuraGrit’s Carbide Fusion Technology, it will sand through your entire project. DuraGrit’s testers sanded more than 10,000 feet of wood with a single disc, which looked barely used after­wards and still performed like new!

Why it’s Hot: Sand hard and soft wood with your ROS. Shape and grind wood, plywood, fibreglass, lam­inates, wall tile, rubber, leather and many more materials on your bench sander. You’ll have trouble running out of ways to use them!

Available in 46,60,80,120 & 150 grit – all five- and eight-hole compatible. $24.98 ea. USD

Dura-Grit DuraDisc

Not only is it a long-life sand­ing block that is the same grit grade each time you use it, it’s a sander that can true a rough edge 90¼ to the work surface, easily round corners, or bevel edges.

The TruSander will not wear down or tear, so you won’t have to change worn sandpaper in the middle of a job.

Why it’s Hot: It sands hard and soft woods, MDF, PVC, laminates, composites, rubber and fibreglass. Its ergonomic handle and perforated sanding plate incorporate a dust col­lection system that clears the debris while you work. Every home and workshop should have one.  Available in 60, 80, 120 and 150 grit. $19.98 ea. USD

Dura-Grit 90¼ Carbide TruSander

The Kreg Toolboxx is a durable organizer for your entire Kreg Jig collection.

The 15 bins, plus three storage compartments in the top section work great to hold all the small accessories such as extra drill bits, driver bits, spacer blocks and depth collars.

The lower compartment is large enough to hold your Kreg Jig, several clamps, additional drill guides, and more.

Why it’s Hot:  
• Keep your entire Kreg Jig collection secure and organized with the Kreg Toolboxx.
• 15 Bins Organizer with Full Access Top and Bottom.
• The Toolboxx comes with over 1,000 Kreg Screws so you always have the screw you need at hand.

Kreg Toolboxx KTC22

Exchange-A-Blade has introduced a full line of Industrial Grade screw­driver bits and nut setters designed for use with modern impact drivers.  Made with specially tem­pered S2 spring steel which has been heat treated for maximum strength and dura­bility. The hardened tips have been milled for optimal fit and extended life.

Why it’s Hot: Extensive testing has shown these bits to be among the lon­gest lasting, highest torque bits available on the market today.

Exchange-A-Blade Screwdriver Bits

Exchange-A-Blade introduces a full line of heavy duty, Industrial Grade, oscillating tool accessories to cut, grind, scrape and sand. These Swiss made accessories last three times longer and include bi-metal blades for cutting through nails and light metal.  The new universal fit arbor is designed to fit directly on to Bosch, Skil, Fein 636, Ridgid, Milwaukee, King & Hausmann tools. A universal adapter is available to fit most other manufacturers including Rockwell, Dremel, Porter Cable and Craftsman.

Why it’s Hot: The Exchange feature allows you to keep worn accessories out of the land­fill by returning them to your dealer for a credit towards your next purchase. Exchange-A-Blade power tool accessories save money as well as the environment.

Exchange-A-Blade Oscillating Tool Accessories

Multi-surface design provides five sanding surfaces:
– Use on flat, curved and hard to reach surfaces
– Ideal for large sanding projects and difficult detail work
– Uses standard 3″ x 21″ sanding belts
– Eliminates the aggravation of constantly changing worn sandpaper
– Includes 80# grit cloth-backed sanding belt…up to 5 times the life of regular sandpaper
– Designed by a long-time professional woodworker
– Made of tough injection-molded thermoplastic
– Patented load and lock mechanism

Why it’s Hot: This high-tech, quick-reload manual sanding tool delivers power tool results with hand-sanding precision. Dealer inquiries welcome.

Big Bear SandDevil

The Fuji Spray Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System offers features like no other in its price range. The Fuji M-Model Spraygun has professional features such as non-bleed, a fan control knob (to adjust size). A super-powerful 1400 watt two-stage bypass motor in metal turbine case with handy gun holder. A 25ft Hose with air control valve and quick-connect coupler. $449.00

Why it’s Hot: DIY HVLP Systems typically feature low watt­age motors that are underpowered for most spraying. Our 1400 watt two-stage version can handle any type of coating. The Semi-PRO 2 is for the serious user. 20 page user manual included.

Fuji Spray Semi-PRO 2 HVLP Spray System

Stanley introduces a magnetic tape measure that is accurate and provides both long reach and a power magnet, making it the perfect choice for pros in a host of different trades. A powerful rare Earth magnet securely holds the tape in place to metal and a patent-pending Tru-Zero  magnetic hook ensures accurate measurements within +/-1/32 inches. The magnet fea­tures a holding force up to 4 pounds and the blade can stand out 11 feet. Retails for $27.99

Why it’s Hot: Designed for professional users including HVAC, elec­tricians, plumbers, machine shop workers, steel framers and general contractors.

Stanley FatMax Magnetic Tape Measure

Brand new on the market, Grizzly offers a track saw that allows for great portability and accurate cutting of sheet goods without a table saw or panel saw.  An integrated dust shroud connects to a shop vacuum to help keep the work area clean and it features a retractable riving knife behind the blade for improved safety.  The saw features a powerful 1.1 kw, 120V, 5500 RPM, 9A motor and includes one 55″ track and one pair of clamps (optional extension tracks also available)  This saw is ideal for making plunge cuts in the middle of a panel!

Why it’s Hot: You can have panel-saw accuracy at home and the job site with Grizzly’s new T10687 Track Saw. And only Grizzly can bring you a track saw with German engi­neering at such an incredible price. With the plunge cutting capabilities and the riving knife both add up to increased safety. Cost: $229.95

Grizzly T10687 Track Saw

These chisels are precision made by Veritas Tools. Turned and milled from solid bar stock, the blades are O1 tool steel (Rc58-60), chosen for its ease of sharpening and its excellent edge-retention properties at low bevel angles. The set of five chisels includes 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ widths, with blades ranging from 4-5/8″ to 5-1/8″ long. Made in Canada.

Veritas Bench Chisels

• Powerful 220V TEFC motor
• Superior dust collection and air filtration
• Cyclone action separates heavy particles from fine particles and drops them into steel drum
• Fine dust particles collected in 1micron canister
• Steel drum with quick release levers and cas­tor wheels for easy disposal
• Magnetic line interruption switch – needs a restart after a power failure
• Manual crank handle for easy cleaning of inside of canister filter
• Remote control with timer setting – automatically shuts dust collector off after 2, 3, 6, or 8 hours
• Complete with four-wheel casters for portability

Why it’s Hot: Exceptional two stage dust collection efficiency AND easily emptied.

King Cyclone Dust Collector

This plane takes large-scale rabbeting work in stride. Weighing 6 lb, with a 15-1/8″ long body, it is suitable anywhere you need to make a long, wide cut that would require major effort with a smaller rabbet or shoulder plane. Includes a lapped blade made of PM-V11, our propri­etary high-performance powdered metal alloy, which offers superior edge retention while still being sharpenable with conventional abra­sives. Patented. Made in Canada.

Veritas Bevel-Up Jack Rabbet Plane

Ideal for plumbing, automotive repair and construction – for inspec­tion of hard-to-reach or hard-to-see areas

• 9mm diameter x 39″ flexible camera probe – waterproof, and extendable up to 15ft
• 2.4″ LCD colour monitor – detachable with range of 20-30ft
• LED lights inside the camera probe tip illuminate dark spaces
• Connects to PC
• Records with micro SD card
• Kit comes with three accessory tools (45¼ mirror, magnetic pick-up, pick-up hook) and 4 AA batteries

Why it’s Hot: Very affordable, incredibly versatile.

King Inspection Camera With LCD Monitor

Offers a simple solution for planing and moulding on your shaper. Manufactured in Switzerland to exacting standards, these economi­cal two-knife shaper heads assure that both profile and planing knives are self aligning. Heads are available for various shaft sizes.

All knives are manufactured right here in Canada. Next day delivery on stock knives

Why it’s Hot: Versatility – design your own profile. Custom knives are made within two business days. Over 100 standard profiles in stock.  Knives also fit some Dimar, Amana, and CMT shaper heads.

Euro Shaper Head & Knives

The 6-Blade Carvin’ Jack is the world’s first folding multi-tool for woodcarv­ing. It’s equipped with two scorps, straight gouge, a hook knife, chisel, and a detail knife. You also get a slip strop, a bar of Flexcut Gold polishing compound to keep your blades sharp, and a leather belt-mounted sheath that looks good with jeans or even your better pants.

Why it’s Hot: The only tool like it in the world – A woodcarving set in your pocket.

flexcut carving kife

The 2-Blade Whittlin’ Jack features a 2″ rough­ing knife that’s great for carving walking sticks, caricatures, and much more. Its 11/2″ detail knife quickly removes wood from surfaces and is perfect for fine detailing and delicate work. Blades do not lock.

Why it’s Hot: It weighs in at just 3 ounces and is just over 4 inches long when closed, so it neatly fits in your pocket. It has two of the sharpest blades in the world.

Flexcut Whittlin’ Jack

Our Starter Set has everything a new wood carver needs. It includes 16 interchange­able blades, cutting knife, quick connect handle, and a power handle. There’s also a SlipStrop, gold polish­ing compound and an owner’s manual show­ing how to care for the tools. Plus you’ll find a free step-by-step, instructional DVD for a great first project.

Why it’s Hot: This Starter Set contains profiles not included in any other interchangeable set. So it’s a great way to add to your col­lection and save money.

Flexcut Deluxe Starter Set

Includes everything you’ll need to get started in the rewarding world of woodcarving.

Why it’s Hot: Includes an interchange­able palm handle, three carving blades, bass wood boot blank, 16-page manual and project guide, and instructional DVD.

Includes everything you’ll need to get started in the rewarding world of woodcarving.  Why it’s Hot: Includes an interchange¬able palm handle, three carving blades, bass wood boot blank, 16-page manual and project guide, and instructional DVD.

Our most popular blades into one set. The set includes 10 carving tools, instruction manual, carving blank, and 11-pocket tool roll.

Why it’s Hot: Each blade is made with the same edge-holding steel as our gouges and chisels. Plus the interchangeable handle.

Our most popular blades into one set. The set includes 10 carving tools, instruction manual, carving blank, and 11-pocket tool roll.  Why it’s Hot: Each blade is made with the same edge-holding steel as our gouges and chisels. Plus the interchangeable handle.

Flexcut knives are precision made for maximum perfor­mance. Their high-carbon steel blades have durable points, hold an edge extremely well and are easily maintained by simple stropping. Each knife is expertly hand-sharpened and tested before shipping, so it’s ready to use right out of the package. Comfortable, curved ash handles allow for long periods of carving without hand fatigue. In addition to those pictured, a wide range of knives are available to handle every task from roughing in to fine detail carving.

Why They’re Hot: Flexcut knives are versatile, well-engineered tools, 100% North American made, assembled and sourced. The top pick of pro carvers, hobbyists and woodworkers around the world. Visit for your nearest Canadian retailer.

Flexcut Knives

The CXS Compact drill is by far the smallest extension of Festool’s Li-Ion drill platform. Featuring the FastFix chuck system, the CXS can be used with the Centrotec chuck, keyless chuck, or a right-angle attachment that allows you to access even the tightest spaces. Tough inside and out, the CXS features sophisticated electronics that protect the tool and batteries from the worst you can throw at it.

Why it’s Hot: As you would expect, the CXS features excep­tional ergonomics, with a battery design that removes the bulk from the handle, ensuring maximum comfort over extended use. But the real beauty of the CXS lies in its quick-change ability, with versatility that leaves other drills in the dust. Visit to learn more.

Festool CXS Compact Drill/Driver

The new CMS Routing System from Festool is available as an ultra-por­table, standalone unit as well as a two-legged version that attaches to their innovative MFT/3 Multifunction Table. A smooth-as-glass sliding table, exacting mitre gauge, solid extension table, plus featherboard and hold-down options come together to deliver a precise, yet portable routing solution that is at home in the workshop or on the jobsite.

Why it’s Hot: Built for pre­cision above all else, the CMS features tremendous adjustabil­ity plus a host of features that help you control the workpiece, so you get uncompromised results. Above- and below-table dust extraction captures dust and chips for a cleaner running operation with cleaner air and less mess. Visit to learn more.

Festool CMS Routing System

With the new Domino XL from Festool, you can build solid and durable, solid wood mortise and tenon joints in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional methods or stationary equipment. Create mortises up to 9/16″ thick x 5″ long, perfect for constructing doors and full-sized furniture like tables, benches, beds, and much, much more.

Why it’s Hot: Be prepared to watch your stationary machinery collect dust. Whether on the jobsite or in the workshop, you’ll have the freedom and versatility to take the machine to your heaviest, least mobile workpieces. Cut down on wasted time and transport-related damage to materials, all while giving your back a much needed break.

Bigger and Stronger
No job is too big for the Domino XL. With an expanded range of thicker, longer tenons, you will quickly and precisely join massive slabs, doors and gates, or construct the most durable of tables and beds.

Immensely Portable
Light enough and nimble enough for use anywhere in the shop or the jobsite. When the workpiece is too large to come to the machine, this makes all the difference.

True Mortise and Tenon
Precision placement of solid hardwood tenons guarantees not only a perfect fit, but a finished product that will last for generations. Visit to learn more.

Festool Domino XL DF 700 Loose Tenon Joiner

The RO 90 Multi-Mode Sander, the newest member of the highly-regarded Rotex family, is one sander that can truly do it all. The RO 90 features a tool-less base design, enabling it to easily transform from a round pad sander to a delta-shaped, random-orbit detail sander in seconds, so you can cover broad spaces and tight corners with a single solution.

Why it’s Hot: The RO 90 DX features three modes, but quadruple func­tionality for aggressive rotary sanding, random orbit finish sanding, detail cor­ner sanding and even polishing. And like every other Festool sander, the RO 90 DX captures virtually every speck of dust, resulting in cleaner air, a better finish and longer abrasive and pad life.
Visit to learn more.

Festool RO 90 DX Multi-Mode Sander

See what you’ve been missing thanks to 170 degrees of even light dispersion that goes where your work takes you. Six high-efficiency LED bulbs will provide even, consistent light for up to four hours on a single charge, longer when paired with a Festool battery, and without interruption when plugged directly to a power source.

Why it’s Hot: Whether your work takes you under a cabinet or crawlspace, or to an attic or the outdoors, the SysLite’s robust build and shock-resistant body is easy to carry and designed to perform when you need it most. Ready for your toughest abuse, this rugged worklight is backed by a full three-year warranty. Visit to learn more.

Festool SysLite KAL 100 Worklamp

Stanley introduces a complete line of floor protection products that not only reduces noise and dust but also saves money associated with floor maintenance in homes, schools and offices buildings. The Stanley line of floor protection products features high-density plastic furniture glides, sliders, leg tips, bumpers, casters and a wide array of new Flexi-Felt 100% wool felt protectors, all con­structed for performance and durability.

Why it’s Hot: Stanley Flexi-Felt heavy-duty adhesive pads are made of 100% pure wool industrial felt so they last longer and won1t compress like polyester felt products. The full line of Stanley Floor Protection Products can be found at independent home improvement general retailers across Canada at retail prices ranging from $2.00 to $25.00.

Stanley Flexi Felt Floor Protection

From the ordinary to extraordinary, Gorilla Glue is the go-to adhesive for any job. Gorilla Glue’s incredible foam­ing power penetrates into the material, making the bond strong and reliable. It is the ideal solution for indoor and outdoor projects because it is 100% waterproof. Gorilla Glue easily bonds wood, stone, metal, ceramic, foam, glass and more.

Why it’s Hot:  Gorilla Glue is now available in a single-use tube, meeting Gorilla’s No. 1 consumer request. It’s the same incredibly tough Gorilla Glue for­mula, in four single-use 3g tubes. These tubes are perfect for your small projects and repairs.

Gorilla Glue

Equipped with a heavy-duty cast-iron head, column and base for steady, vibration-free performance and a powerful 1/2 HP 110V motor with start capacitor for smooth start-up, the 75-040 5/8″ hollow chisel mortiser from General International is built to help you quickly and accu­rately fill your mortise cutting needs and comes with 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″ & 1/2” chisel and bit sets.

Why it’s Hot: Practicality and ease of use! The ergonomic adjustable feed handle has an extra-long, multi-position arm for better leverage and feed control, and can be installed on either side of the machine to suit right or left handed users. Price $389.99 (valid until Feb 28th, 2013) at participating General International retailers.

This product is no longer available

General International 5/8" hollow chisel bench top mortiser

The best of both contractor and cabinet style table saws – easy-to-transport weight and size of a high-end contractor saw, with dust control and full features of a cabinet saw. Includes quick-change blade guard, anti kickback pawls, and interchangeable true riving knife. Serpentine belt and pulley system give optimum power transfer and reduced noise.  CSA certified.

Why it’s Hot: Offers many features of a cabinet saw at much less cost. Portable enough to take to jobsite, or moved easily in small work­shop. Powerful 2hp motor makes for easier cutting in hardwood or thick material, and built-in dust port. Cost: $795 USD

Grizzly Hybrid Table Saw with Riving Knife

This all-in-one deluxe router table package from Excalibur by General International includes the 40-125 universal router lift with 9 1/4″ x 11 3/4″ Aluminum insert plate, a 16″ x 27″ full cast-iron table top, a deluxe guide fence system, a sturdy steel stand with built-in on/off switch and a steel dust containment box with dust port and large access door.

Why it’s Hot: Heavy-duty design! The lift is designed to fit all fixed-base routers, features a unique four-post lift screw and massive chain driven lifting system, to allow for smooth above-the-table adjustments, fast tool changes and precision bit height setting. Price $889.99 (valid until Feb 28th, 2013) at participating General International retailers.

This product is no longer available


Excalibur Deluxe Bench Top Router Table and Lift with Cast-Iron Table

Advanced woodworkers wanting to minimize materials waste while achieving highly precise cuts in expensive exotic hard and soft woods will find Forrest’s Ultra Thin 080 Woodworker II blade ideal. With a kerf of .080″, it cuts 1/64″ thinner than most thin kerf (3/32″) saw blades. The combination of its super thin body with an alternate top bevel grind reduces resistance, tearout and waste.

Why it’s Hot: Exotic woods are extremely expensive, so using the Ultra Thin 080 Woodworker II that’s specifi­cally designed to minimize waste is a cost-effective choice. This blade also makes those really thin, polished cuts essential for creating projects that go beyond the usual. List Price: $153.00 U.S.

Forrest Manufacturing Ultra Thin 080 Woodworker II

The new IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series saw blades deliver the precision and accuracy needed for fine finish work in a wide range of materials. Made in Italy, these blades are crafted to the highest design standards for precision and accuracy.

Why it’s Hot: These laser-cut, thin kerf saw blades feature extra-sharp, oversized carbide teeth for long life and multiple re-sharpenings.   Engineered with a heat-resistant, non-stick coat­ing, these blades reduce gumming for cleaner, truer cuts and provide extended life and a flawless fin­ish. Featuring 10″ and 12″ blades and a Stacked Dado Set, the line ranges in price from $30-$149.

IRWIN Marples Woodworking Series Saw Blades

The new IRWIN Marples Woodworking Chisels features a high carbon steel blade, hardened to 58-61 HRC for improved sharpness and edge reten­tion. Designed for use with a wooden mallet or the palm of the hand, this bevel edge chisel is structured with a slim, ergonomic handle for added control, precision and comfort. Sizes include 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ and 2″ and they are available in 3-piece, 4-piece and 6-piece wooden box sets.

Why it’s Hot: Since 1828, Marples woodworking tools have con­sistently stood for superior performance and ultimate precision in fine woodworking.The line ranges in price from $15-$80.

RWIN Marples Woodworking Chisels

Ever wanted to run a narrow blade (like 3/32″ wide) only to find your guide bearing sys­tem can’t accommodate running small blades. Problem solved, R&D Bandsaws now offer “Bearing” Guide Blocks. These phenolic “blocks” are available in most bearing sizes, replacing the bearing on your guide system. They lock in place against the blade increasing stability and extend­ing blade life.

Why it’s Hot: These “Bearing” phenolic blocks give the advantage of capturing/controlling even the narrowest blade. All while lubricating and cleaning the blade, reducing friction and extending the blade life by running directly against it – some­thing you could never do with a bearing system.

TuffTooth Bearing Guide Blocks

Big brother of the Little Ripper, The Ripper .032 is a high tungsten silicon Resaw blade that offers the same smooth thin kerf straight cut of the Little Ripper .025, but built to work on larger wheeled machines. The .032 thick hard -edge, hard-back material pro­vides greater beam strength.

Why it’s Hot: The smallest production silicon blade made, the 3/32 x .025 x 14TPI . This blade provides the tightest radius of any blade available on the market, of special interest to those who enjoy making Bandsaw boxes or intricate puzzles using your bandsaw (please note use of Phenolic blocks a must.)

TuffTooth: The Ripper

Rob and IBC have re-created his famous dovetail marking knife. It’s cast metal handle and special blade make trans­ferring tails to pins easier and more precise than traditional style knives. Thin to accommo­date skinny dovetails, two bevels per side for tight registration against the tail and a legible mark in the pin board, curved tip for better tracking in end grain and replaceable if necessary.

Why it’s Hot: Considered the missing link in dovetail work, Rob has said “it doesn’t matter how good the first half is – if the second isn’t right, it doesn’t work!” This tool has 30 years of dovetail experience behind it, make it yours! $46.95

Rob Cosman Dove Tail Marking Knife

The Earlex HV5500 is the #1 selling hvlp spray system for the woodworker.  It is ideal for the DIY enthusiast and the light contractor. It is a complete unit with the spray gun (2 psi) and turbine (air supply) 42 cfm and eliminates the need for a compres­sor and the overspray that accompanies those high pressure systems. Ideal for virtu­ally all spray materials.

Why it’s Hot: Priced right at $389, the unit has a two-year warranty, is British-made, and gives a fabulous fast finish with virtually no overspray. Very easy to clean. It sprays lac­quer, varathane, stains and varnish right from the can without thinning. Sprays a great even coat of thinned water-based paints.

Earlex HV5500 Spray System

Only half the size and weight of traditional electric finishing sanders, CEROS features digitally controlled variable speeds from 4,000 to 10,000 rpm to provide the ideal finish for a variety of applications. Sanders incorporate a powerful brushless DC motor for smooth, quiet, maintenance free operation and are vacuum-ready using multi-hole backing pads with hook and loop attachment.

Why it’s Hot: Styled after pneumatic sanders, the lightweight maneu­verability and performance of CEROS is suited for DIY, produc­tion shops and trades people, particularly for onsite work or small shops where high capacity compressed air is not available or practical. Available in 5″ or 6″ models for $499 with three-year limited warranty. Free shipping at

Mirka CEROS Compact Electric Random Orbital Sander

An easy to use, dry sharpening system for chisels, plane irons, lathe & carv­ing tools and more.

Precision sharpening port has repeatable bevel angle settings: 20, 25, 30, and 35 degrees. Routed air flow and heat-sink cooling system. With NEW Tool Bar Attachment ($59.95) A faster, more consistent and repeatable way to sharpen lathe turning tools.

Why it’s Hot:
• Sharp blades mean better results
• Complete, frustration free sharpening system for your woodworking tools
• Consistent sharpening results
• Dry, air-cooled sharpening means less water messComplete package: two glass wheels, one Edge-Vision wheel, complete abrasive kit, instructional DVD, and more! $249.95

Work Sharp WS3000 Wood Tool Sharpener

Evapo-Rust is a water-based, environ­mentally friendly rust remover that eliminates flash rust in 10 minutes and deep rust in hours. Just dip your rusted items into this reusable solution. One gal­lon removes rust from up to 300 lb, or approximately 20 sq ft of rusted steel. It will not harm un-rusted steel, brass, cop­per, aluminum, galvanization, rubber, plastic, PVC, Viton, vinyl or clothing. No special equipment or protective clothing is required and solution is reusable.

Why it’s Hot: Simply Soak Out Rust, No Acids, Non-Toxic, Safe to Use and Environmentally Friendly!

Evapo-Rust Super Safe Rust Remover

The A-Line-It systems are specifically designed for aligning woodwork­ing machines. Setting up woodworking machines for the perfect cut has never been easy, until now.

The A-Line-It Deluxe tests: saw blade and saw arbour run-out, rip fence straightness and alignment, drill press chuck run-out and drill table squareness, router collet run-out, planer head parallelism, Jointer cut depth.

Why it’s Hot: A-Line-It Deluxe is the only alignment system available to setup all your woodworking machines. Basic Models start at $49.95. Visit for dealer listing.

BlackJack A-Line-It Wood Machine Alignment System

This product can be fitted beneath any Tormek model including the T-7 or T-3 and the earlier 2000 and 1200 Series.

It enables the machine to be easily rotated by 180¼ and then locked into position.  The design is as thin as possible in order not  to affect the working height and the rubber feet make sure that it sits firmly on the bench.  The base is designed with a frame to keep the machine firmly in place.  It is con­structed from three optimal high performance materials to ensure a low friction and maximum stability.

Why it’s Hot: The Rotating Base enables the user to easily rotate the machine in order to select the ideal sharpening direction with the stone run­ning towards or away from the edge.  It also makes it simple to switch from sharpening to honing. There is no more heavy lifting or water spillage.

Click on the link to see the video: Sells for about $55.00

Tormek Rotating Base RB-180

The SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw offers SawStop’s legendary safety system, groundbreaking 99% dust collection and peerless fit and finish. SawStop is North America’s #1 selling cabinet saw, provid­ing superior and award-winning precision, durability and performance to meet the demands of discerning craftsmen and woodworkers without compromise.

Why it’s Hot: The SawStop saw is hot because it virtually eliminates table saw amputations while surpassing other table saws in quality and precision engineering. Over 36,000 SawStop saws have been installed since 2005, with countless satisfied operators. SawStop has become the industry standard.

SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw

Trend has combined features of their two flagship precision 8″ stones into one product, which offers a continual diamond surface AND unique clearance channels.

• Coarse side has 300 grit and unique clearance channels for faster speed of cut and rapid displacement of lapping fluid and residue.
• Fine side is 1000 grit with a con­tinual diamond surface.
• The grit size is clearly embossed on each surface.
• Both sides of stone pre-ground to +/-0.0005″

Why it’s Hot: A razor shaving edge with smooth continual cut, and unique clearance channels ideal for flattening backs, re-shaping and seri­ous stock removal.

Trend Classic Professional MK II Hybrid Stone

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands offers guaranteed relief for dry hands that crack & split. O’Keeffe’s con­centrated hand cream is chemically different than other hand care prod­ucts – a difference you will feel in days. The absolutely odourless, non-greasy formula draws moisture into the skin and keeps it there, so the skin’s natural repair process is stimu­lated and healing can begin.

Why it’s Hot: O’Keeffe’s Working Hands relieves painfully, dry cracked skin when nothing else works. We’re so confident that it’s 100% money back guaranteed.   Your hands are the most important tools you’ll ever own, so take care of them with O’Keeffe’s Working Hands.
O’Keeffe’s Working Hands

The new Revo Lathes from Laguna offer more mass and less vibration. All major components are made from cast iron. DC Servo Motor offers more torque, even at low speeds, and precision speed control by 10-turn potentiom­eter giving the user the ultimate control. Optional 20″ Multifunction Extension can be mounted in four different locations with keyhole slots. Sliding Headstock features a projected nose cone for the bearings and provides unparalleled tool clearance around the workpiece. Headstock, Tailstock and Banjo are fitted with soft-grip handles.

For more information, please visit us at to find the nearest Laguna Center.
Laguna REVO Lathe 24-36

Producing razor sharp tools and finely finished bevels has moved from an art to a sci­ence.   Any grinding job from skews, scrapers, bowl gouges or roughing gouges are all easy prey for this jig. The Wolverine will speed up your grinding, give you sharper tools and pro­long the life of both tools and grinding wheels.

Why it’s Hot: Makes sharpen­ing skews and gouges a snap, which means less time grinding and your tools last longer. Easy to set up. The best invest­ment an amateur or occasional woodworker can make.  $87.95

Wolverine Grinding Jig

Freud’s new Ultimate Finish Blade gives users flawless crosscuts in wood with virtually no rework. The new Axial Shear Face Grind (ASFG) tooth geometry gives you splinter free cuts even on fine molding. The new Ultra Thin Kerf allows portable job-site saws to perform to the level of stationary saws. Available in 10″ and 12″ sizes, Diablo delivers effort­less cutting with energy efficiency users can feel.  Available at Home Depot, EG Penner Building Supplies, KMS Tools, Midland Tools, Timbertown, Pierre Berger.

Why it’s Hot: Finally a true fine finish crosscut saw blade for wood that leaves a perfect cut ready to fin­ish with no sanding required. Try it once and you’ll never want to use anything else again!

Freud Flawless Finish Blades

Cutting bowl blanks, bases for pillars and trophys,  and round bandsaw boxes has always been risky – not only for your fingers, but causing heat damage to your bandsaw blade, and causing your blade to drift.

The Round Ripper elim­inates all the risk, securely holding the wood from the top AND bottom, and also putting your hand in a safe position, far from the blade and on a crank that drives the wood through the blade.

The  Round Ripper works perfectly with Stockroom’s new sliding track system, which fits any bandsaw. Patented and manu­factured by Stockroom Supply in Canada.

Why it’s Hot: Round Ripper, Little Ripper, Sliding Track: the perfect combo for any bandsaw.

Stockroom Supply Round Ripper

Freud Introduces another Industry Innovation. The first saw blade dedi­cated for Composite Decking co-branded Diablo-Trex! These blades available in 12″, 10″, and 7 1/4″ sizes will deliver unparalleled perfor­mance. The modified triple chip tooth grind (MTCG), Perma-Shield coating, and special TiCo High Density carbide will give the user cleaner cuts with less gumming, no swirl marks, and greater longevity when compared to standard saw blades in the market today.

Available at Home Depot, Various Trex Dealers.

Why it’s Hot: Smooth Effortless cuts for Stationary and Underpowered Jobsite tools. The new tooth design ensures smooth melt free cuts with less gumming to provide superior blade life. A must-have for both professionals and DIYers alike

Freud Composite Decking Blade

Last modified: September 29, 2023

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