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Cute tile game

Cute tile game

Maker: Leslea Herber

Location: Coronation, Alberta

My sister has a game called "Qwirkle" and I enjoy it. But I was in a severe car crash last March, and I had a hard time telling a star from a pointed X or a circle, and the X from a plus sign. I also had a hard time telling a square from a diamond shape. I made two versions of the game, where each shape is more distinct from the others. I did find the yellow to be hard to see in certain lighting conditions, so I added a border using a pink fountain pen. I used 1/2" maple for this set and each tile is about 1-1/4" square. I used "Circa 1850 Terra Nova NaturOil" to finish the tiles. They look and feel nice, and soft, and the finish is meant to be used for toys, so it's a perfect option for this game. It took about 5 days to cut the tiles (ripped via table saw, chopped via mitre saw, sanded, painted, oiled) for each set. It was a lot of fussy work, but the end result is quite fun.

Submitted: February 2023

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