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Black ash coffee table

Black ash coffee table

Maker: Terry Mader

Location: Battersea, Ontario

This Black ash coffee table was put together using 12 separate pieces of salvaged black ash that were approximately 4″ thick, 20″ long, giving an overall width of 3 feet. I used a dado blade to groove each board to accept spline tenons. I then drew 1″ grid lines to map out the pattern. I used a router to mill pattern lines to a 3/8″ depth, and used a Foredom and a lot of hand sanding to complete the shaping. To round the edges of outside profile I used a Makita die grinder with different rasp bits. The black lines and white dots are ecopoxy inlaid. The finish is three coats of teak oil followed by 3 coats of clear gloss varathane.

Submitted: August 2021

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