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A good glue idea

A good glue idea

Maker: Mark D. Goldman


I think it was an idea born from staring straight at an upside down bottle of ketchup. The label was right side up, but the bottle was inverted so that the ketchup would always be at the bottle top when squeezed out. What an idea for glue! If you are like me, getting glue out of the bottle as it gets used up becomes more challenging as the remaining glue diminishes. It is hard to squeeze, takes up time, and comes out unevenly. If you could do what the ketchup and shampoo companies do, that would be wonderful. So, I did it. All it takes is a piece of scrap wood about 2 ½ inches high, by 1 ½ inches wide by about 10 inches long. I drilled three 5/8 inch diameter holes in it evenly spaced, put a couple of flat feet on it, and now my glue is eager to come out when I need it with hardly a squeeze. Another benefit is that I get more glue out of the bottle as it continually seems to have some left long after I might have thrown out the bottle before I made this. Worth the little time it takes.

Submitted: May 2021

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