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Author: Ted Duquette
Published: June July 2006

Canadian Provincial Capitals Scroll Saw Patterns: Winnipeg


Winnipeg – Gateway to the West

Winnipeg is just about at the geographic center of North America. With its very cold winters and its rather warm summers, it is a city of climatic extremes. Well known Winnipeggers include Terry Sawchuk (goalie extraordinaire), Lenny Breau (God’s gift to jazz), Gabrielle Roy (author of The Tin Flute, among others), and of course, Terry Fox (man with a mission). The original 1905 shield (at the top of our pattern) features St. George’s cross, and a bison. This majestic beast represents the once-vast herds of bison that used to roam throughout the province, and were an important resource that provided food and clothing to the First Nations people, and the early settlers.

Scroll Cutting Tips

Photo-enlarge the pattern to the size you want. Cover your substrate (such as 1/4″ Baltic birch ply) with masking tape, and then spray glue the pattern to the substrate. Using a #5 13 tpi blade, cut out the shaded areas on the template. Start cutting out the smallest areas first, moving on to the next larger areas. Once the pattern is cut out remove the masking tape, lightly sand as required, then apply your chosen finish.


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