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Tower of brahma puzzle

Author: Rea Gibson
Published: October November 2003

The object of this puzzle is to transfer all the discs to another peg, one at a time, never placing a larger disc on a smaller one.


This puzzle has 6 discs ranging from 1″ to 6″ in 1″ increments.

  • Layout the base shape with compasses on the ½” plywood.
  • Layout the circles for the discs on solid wood.
  • Cut all the pieces to shape and sand all the edges.
  • Drill ⅜” holes in the base, as shown, and glue the dowel posts into place.
  • To move the discs from one post to another requires 63 moves.
  • Find the solution here.


Solution From last issue’s Wine Bottle Puzzle

  • Loosen the rope at the top hole as shown.
  • Push the rope through the bottom hole as shown.
  • Put the block through a loop made with the rope behind the locking panel and the rope can now be removed.


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