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Woodpeckers tools now available in Canada

Woodpeckers tools now available in Canada

No more expensive shipping & duty fees – in fact most orders actually ship for free!

Enjoy browsing KJP Select Hardwood’s website as they have the largest selection of Woodpeckers tools in Canada.


Slab Flattening Mill Pro

Imagine being able to mill a flat face on a live edge slab over 4-feet wide and up to 3-3/8″ thick without having to shim the rails or your work piece! Woodpeckers Slab Flattening Mill PRO guides your router over your slab in a controlled plane. Since you’re using a router instead of a planer-style cutterhead, tear-out is minimal…and thanks to the uniquely engineered rails and enhanced solid steel carriage, the surface will only need light sanding afterwards.


RackBit Router Bit Storage System
Starting at $34.95

Protect your valuable router bits with a solution that can grow as your collection grows. The system starts with the molded bit bases, which hold both 1/4″ and 1/2″ shank router bits. The powder-coated steel rack mounts to your wall, a cabinet or the side of your router table and holds the bit bases neatly and securely, with your router bits in plain sight and within easy reach.


Exact-90 Miter Gauge

No matter how cleverly engineered a table saw might be, it always seems like the miter gauge was an after-thought. Click to read how this product solves this headache and provides solutions you didn’t know you needed.

Shop all things Woodpeckers at KJP Select Hardwoods right here in Canada.

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