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Wood-Mizer Introduces MP180 Jointer Planer Moulder

Wood-Mizer introduces the MP180 Jointer Planer Moulder as a three-in-one woodworking machine able to produce tongue and groove paneling, shiplap, trim, and more. Starting at $11,999 CDN, the MP180 takes the versatile functionality of the Wood-Mizer MP160 Jointer/Planer and adds a vertical side cutter head to the planer table. The MP180 joins the established Wood-Mizer range of woodworking products that includes jointer/planers, two-sided planer/moulders, four-sided planer/moulders, slab flattening machines, dust collection systems, planer blades, moulder knives, and more.

Wood-Mizer Introduces MP180 Jointer Planer Moulder

Similar to the MP160 Jointer/Planer, the MP180 efficiently shares one horizontal cutter between two cast iron tables to produce straight-edged boards with the top jointer table and evenly planed boards with the bottom planer table. Switching between jointing and planing is done easily by moving the board from one table to the other without needing to adjust the table or stop the cutter or extractor. When jointing boards on the upper table, an adjustable board fence tilts up to 45° and locks into place for angled boards.

In addition, the MP180 features one vertical side cutter that can be fitted with moulding profile knives. The vertical side cutter moulds material on one side with each pass through the bottom planer table. With the MP180, moulding material on two sides for profiles like tongue and groove can be completed in only two passes. When planing and moulding boards on the bottom table, two power feed rollers move the board through the horizontal cutter and vertical side cutter at a variable speed.

MP180 Jointer Planer Moulder Features


  • 3-in-1 jointer, planer, moulder combo
  • Switch between jointing, planing, and moulding without adjusting the table or stopping the cutters
  • Jointing capacity: 9″ wide
  • Adjustable jointer board fence up to 45°
  • 1-sided planing capacity: 16″ wide x 9-1/2″ high
  • 2-sided planing/moulding capacity: 12″ wide x 2″ high (4” high with optional side cutter head)
  • 6-39 fpm variable feed for planing and moulding
  • Heavy-duty cast iron tables and sheet steel chassis
  • 240V 60Hz 1-phase or 3-phase electric power


“In addition to three-in-one versatility for jointing, planing, and moulding, woodworkers will appreciate the convenient no-flip table for reduced downtime, compact footprint for easy workshop integration, and an adjustable fence for making angled boards,” said Chad Sanders, Wood-Mizer Woodworking Product Specialist.


The MP180 Jointer Planer Moulder ships on a pallet and requires minimal assembly. Planer blades, moulder knives, and dust collection systems are also available from Wood-Mizer. The MP180 Jointer Planer Moulder is now available to order worldwide. For more information, visit woodmizer.com or contact your local Wood-Mizer representative.

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