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Two new from King Canada

When you need to move a lot of air, the King Canada Air Mover delivers up to 550CFM of air flow. For cutting subfloors underneath cabinets check out the new King Canada Toe Saw.

Two new from King Canada

King Canada Air Mover

With three user-selectable speeds of 420, 490 and 550 CFM, the 8500AM delivers serious air movement to dry floors, carpets, walls or ceilings. There are two on-board 120V outlets that enable you to connect up to 3 Air Movers together for bigger jobs. The 8500AM features 3 operating positions, thermal overload protection, a 10 ft. power cord for longer reach, and a convenient top handle for power cord storage and for portability.

King Canada 8500AM

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3-3/8″ Toe-Kick Saw

Designed to cut subfloors underneath cabinets, the King Canada KC-8359 has a flush mounted carbide blade that cuts up to the inner wall of toe-kick panels. It features 4 depth-of-cut positions (1/4”, 3/8”, 5/8” and 3/4”), an automatic return safety guard, trigger switch with safety button for extra safety, and comes with a 3-3/8” x 18 tooth carbide blade and adjustment hex key.


King Canada KC-8359

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