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RALI - the hand plane with interchangeable blades

RALI – the hand plane with interchangeable blades

With the RALI™ hand planes interchangeable blade design, you don’t need to spend time sharpening or setting your blades. Simply slot your blade in and get to work, then adjust for depth of cut with a cam lever almost instantly.

The RALI™ 105 Monobloc hand plane fits snugly into your hand for comfortable, intuitive use. Keep it close at hand in the shop or in your tool kit on the job site for those essential finishing touches. A small block plane has a myriad of uses – bevel edges,  round off corners, trim end grain, remove mill marks on lumberyard stock, flush-trim wooden plugs, create chamfers, add a smooth finish to your projects, and more.

Comes with one chrome knife. Replacement knives are available in chrome steel and carbide. $79.50.

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