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Need wood? Shop lumber online

Need wood? Shop lumber online

The nice thing about purchasing lumber online from KJP Select Hardwoods is you can be rest assured that you will receive quality wood! Whether you need 1 board or 20 board feet, your boards are carefully handpicked by an actual woodworker.

Their growing collection of wood species includes some must see options!

KJP Select hardwoods

Our personal favourite is Shedua. This beautiful wood showcases dark brown/almost black streaks with green and yellow highlights. Don’t underestimate this wood species for your upcoming projects!

KJP hardwoods

Lumber can be purchased in 3 different ways:

S4S Boards:

These boards have already been milled to size for you. They are straight, flat, and ready for immediate projects. Great for those with limited tools or time. You can grab these boards as thin as 1/2″ thick!

Rough Cut Individual Boards:

These boards are ideal for those equipped with the tools to surface/dress raw lumber.

Rough Cut Lumber Packs:

You can expect the same quality as our individual boards, but saving while purchasing in bulk! For orders larger than 20bf, feel free to connect with KJP directly for a shipping quote.

Still not convinced that ordering quality wood online is possible?

KJP Select Hardwoods has over 3000 verified reviews on their website! Why not take some time and read the feedback from real customers.

If you’re ready to start a new woodworking project, enjoy shopping from Canada’s largest selection of lumber online!

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