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King Canada KC-4900S sharpener

King Canada KC-4900S sharpener

Sponsored: Experience the benefits of perfectly sharpened tools with the King Industrial Wet Dry Sharpener, your must-have workshop companion. This wet/dry sharpener is a versatile, sturdy and efficient tool for sharpening all types of cutting edges. The sharpening system comes with a 10″ × 2″ 220-grit aluminum oxide water wheel and an 8″ leather strop wheel. The water stone wheel can be used for wet grinding which helps prevent overheating of the tools during sharpen­ing. The leather strop will put a fine hone on your tools. This machine has a powerful motor that runs at 1/4 horsepower (1.6 amp) and rotates at 115 RPM for smooth, cool grinding. It will run in forward or reverse. It comes with angle guide, honing compound and a square edge jig for sharpening a variety of blades and wood chisels. Check out the KM-130 Accessory Sharpening Kit for even more versatility. Visit for more details.

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  2. After purchasing this sharpening system I wasn’t surprised to find the wheel needed some truing.. I was surprised to find that there isn’t a jig for that offered by King. Tormek makes one but I cant find any comparability info. What does king suggest you use to true the stone?

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