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Festool launches game-changing plunge-cut saw, delivering innovative cutting capabilities 

Festool launches game-changing plunge-cut saw, delivering innovative cutting capabilities 

Ottawa, ON, May 24, 2023—Festool, a leading manufacturer of innovative, precision-engineered and durable power tool solutions, today announced a new range of offerings designed to improve efficiency in the shop and on the jobsite. Available beginning June 21, 2023, the TS 60 K Plunge-Cut Saw, RENOFIX RG 130 ECI Surface-Restoration Grinder and GHS 25 Ear Protection set a new standard for professional tradespeople seeking streamlined solutions to help them build smarter, faster and cleaner.

“These new power tool solutions are designed to be durable enough for heavy use on the job, yet versatile for seamless use across applications,” said Philip Strnad, Marketing Director at Festool Canada. “Whether working in carpentry, remodeling, painting or construction, the new plunge-cut saw and restoration grinder help get the job done the right way, every time. Our TS 60 sets a new standard for cutting capabilities across applications, and we’re confident professional tradespeople will see the difference in the quality of cuts and efficiency of the process.”

TS 60 K Plunge-Cut Saw: Uncompromised Power, Effortless Cuts

With more capacity, more function and more power, the new TS 60 K Plunge-Cut Saw redefines possibilities for carpenters, woodworkers and remodelers.

The TS 60 embodies absolute precision and power with integrated features that help minimize risk so professionals can focus on the job at-hand. Key features include:

Durability Maximized:
Complete with robust and sophisticated details, the TS 60 makes cuts feel effortless. The latest-generation EC-TEC motor is virtually maintenance-free while providing extreme power and high speeds for ideal sawing performance.

Versatile Across Applications:
Whether ripping and cross-cutting, making bevel and mitre cuts or cutting thick materials, the TS 60 features a larger diameter blade with a cutting depth up to 2-7/16” (62mm) for premium results in every area of application. Combined with FSK cross-cutting guide rails, the TS 60 quickly transforms into a portable and easy-to-use compound mitre saw system for accurate angle cutting.

Improved Functionality and Safety:
The first corded Festool offering to feature industry-first KickbackStop technology, the TS 60 incorporates functions to actively reduce kickback, protecting workpieces and reducing the risk of injury.

RENOFIX RG 130 ECI Surface-Restoration Grinder: Nonstop Performance for Perfect Results

A perfect surface requires perfect substrate preparation. For remodelers, painters, contractors and construction professionals, the RG 130 is the prerequisite for the first phase of restoration. A reliable sidekick for griding concrete and removing old coatings and adhesive residue, the RG 130 provides impressive power and virtually dust-free work in combination with a Festool dust extractor. Key features include:

Unbelievable Power, All The Time:
Featuring a brushless EC-TEC motor, the RG 130 provides outstanding, long-lasting power without overheating. This results in rapid and highly efficient work progress with no interruptions. With the RG 130, overheating and forced shutdowns are a thing of the past.

Maximized Service for The Long Haul:
The RG 130 is extremely durable thanks to the resilient and robust gearbox that guarantees a maximized service life. Coupled with the brushless EC-TEC motor, the RG 130 is capable of a constant high removal capacity.

System Connectivity:
In combination with Festool’s CT 36 AC HEPA and CT 48 AC HEPA Dust Extractors, the RG 130 ensures a virtually dust-free work environment. Whether working with particularly high volumes of dust or in rooms that remain occupied, the combination creates a flawlessly clean workplace. The RG 130 can also connect to the dust extractor via Bluetooth®
for automatic connectivity.

GHS 25 Ear Protection: The Daily Companion for The Jobsite

Block out distractions on the job with the GHS 25 Ear Protection. The GHS 25 helps professional tradespeople stay focused on the job amid the sounds of the site. Small, light and convenient, GHS 25 features innovative technology to protect from noise while enabling phone calls or listening to music. Key features include:

Earplugs, With a Bonus:
With an ANSI-rated noise reduction rating of 25 dB, outside sounds are easily blocked out. Combined with Bluetooth technology, the GHS 25 serves as a multifunctional device to listen to music or make phone calls.

Noise Out, Speech In:
Eliminate distracting noise but stay tuned in to the conversations taking place with microphone technology that enables listening to only what’s needed. Hear ambient noise with a safe listening volume up to 79 dB and talk to colleagues without removing the earplugs for maximum comfort and flexibility.

Continuous and Clear Conversation:
When making phone calls, the built-in microphone effectively suppresses disruptive background noise for clear conversation. The GHS 25 features simple touch control operation directly on the plugs to switch modes. With a battery life of 13 hours, GHS 25 can power the sound of an entire day. Once the day is done, simply place them in the charging case for a cordless recharge.

Starting June 21, 2023, the TS 60 will be available in two options, including the TS 60 KEB-F-Plus-FS (577422) for $1169. and the TS 60 KEB-F-Plus (576726) for $1039. The RG 130 ECI-Plus (577048) will be available for $899. The GHS 25 Ear Protection (577793) will be available for $234.

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