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Ash CD Cabinet

Ash CD Cabinet

Maker: Christopher Sebzda

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

This CD cabinet is made of 10 solid ash boxes created by re-sawing 6/4 stock down to 5/16" plates. The challenge was getting 3 plates per board and then preventing them from cupping prior to assembly. The use of a damp towel and a steam iron were invaluable in the process. The boxes were then each fastened together and placed into upper and lower 3/4" ash panels, routed to depth to fit the shelving and glued in place. Because the lower panel initially looked a little plain, a slot cutter was used to add a 1/4" thick strip of black walnut. The most challenging part of project required routing a 1/4" wide 4mm deep channel to accommodate the wooden inlay pattern. To say that this last step was nerve-racking is an understatement. One mistake with the router and the whole process for the top panel would have to begin again. All surfaces were sanded up 320-grit prior to assembly and then twice stained with Danish oil (4 parts golden oak and one part golden pecan). The main surfaces (top, sides and edges) were sanded to 400-grit and stained as well. Finally, the project was sealed with three coats of polyurethane and sanded between coats.

This is the side view of the project and from this angle you can see the brass fasteners used to secure each of the boxes to a hidden 1/2" hardwood plywood core. I was initially concerned that the fasteners might be too prominent, but when the cabinet is seen from a frontal perspective they become nearly invisible.

Submitted: August 2023

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