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What is P-Tec wood filler?

What is P-Tec wood filler?

This is the exact product you need to fill a crack while never having to worry about shrinkage, workability, or food safety. It’s a game changer and is now part of our daily woodworking repertoire. A day doesn’t go by that we don’t use this product on one of our custom woodworking projects.

What is it exactly? It is a high-performance epoxy wood filler repair paste ideal for fixing damaged wood, filling cracks, voids, or stabilizing rotten wood. It can also be used to fill knots and split, damaged, or rotten exterior or interior lumber.

It is a Polyurethane paste that is 100% Solid and 0% VOC. Once fully cured, P-Tec can be lightly sanded and will take stains, oils, and pigments.

It’s also safe to use on charcuterie boards or serving trays!

Why do we love it?

  • Food Safe, VOC Free
  • No shrinkage
  • No odor
  • The easy mixing ratio of 1A/1B volume
  • Can be drilled, planed, carved, and screwed
  • Super quick and easy to sand
  • Fast setting time of 18 minutes at 22°C.
  • Excellent thermal and dimensional stabilities
  • Compatible with many surface coatings
  • Excellent adhesive for many substrates
  • Can be coloured with Chill Drops

Learn more! Watch Vic Tesolin demonstrate how to use this handy wood filler here.

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P-tec wood filler

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