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Upgrade to a spiral cutterhead for enhanced performance

Upgrade to a spiral cutterhead for enhanced performance

To get the best performance from woodworking machines that use conventional straight blade cutterheads, consider upgrading to a Sheartak spiral cutterhead.

The best way to upgrade a woodworking machine is to replace the cutterhead with a spiral cutterhead. It can alleviate the machine’s performance through substantial noise reduction, deliver no tear-outs even on figured lumber, and increase machine lifetime. The staggered cutting on spiral cutterheads breaks up chips for easy material removal, and each carbide blade can be rotated 90 degrees for a brand-new sharp edge. You only need to replace the blade when all four edges are dull. The clean-up process is also easier as the clean cutting reduces three-quarters of the sanding work. And, installing a Sheartak spiral cutterhead is easier than you think.

Sheartak spiral cutterheads are available for more than 800 planers and jointers and come with all the supplies you’d need to upgrade your machine.

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To read about how Chip McCoy upgraded a 100+ year old Oliver 166 C with a Sheartak spiral cutterhead click here.

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