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Upgrade your planer, jointer, or moulder with a Tersa planer head

Upgrade your planer, jointer, or moulder with a Tersa planer head

Switching to the light weight, noise reducing Tersa™ Cutter Head will enhance your planing experience and knife changes have never been so easy.

Unlike traditional planer heads, the Tersa cutterhead system was designed for quick blade switch. Each blade locks in automatically with a wedge when the machine starts up, you will not have to waste your time with height adjustments and screw settings. You simply slide the blades in from the side and start your machine! Once you have used one side, flip the knife over and use the other one. Knife changes with Tersa happen in seconds.

Tersa wedge and knife profile

Tersa blades are also disposable, meaning you can say goodbye to sharpening! When you’ve used both sides, you can move onto your next set right away and recycle the used blades.

With the Tersa™ Cutter Head, you will be able to choose your Tersa™ planer blades according to your needs. With our selection of High Speed Steel, M+, Chrome steel and Carbide Tersa™ planer knives, you will lower operational expenses.

While many popular planer and jointer models come with Tersa pre-installed, it may be possible to retrofit your existing machine.

To receive an estimate for your machine, try our online head quoting tool on our website. All you need to do is enter your head diameter and length to receive an instant estimate!

Watch a video on how easy it is to change Tersa blades.

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