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Have you considered upgrading to the Tersa System?

Switching to the light weight, noise reducing Tersa™ cutterhead will enhance your planing experience, as changing a knife has never been so easy. With the automatic centrifugal locks and replaceable blades that slide in at a precise height, no more setting or sharpening is required.

With the Tersa™ cutterhead , you will be able to choose your Tersa™ planer blades according to your needs and with our selection of HSS (High Speed Steel), M+, Chrome steel and Carbide Tersa™ planer knives, you will lower operational expenses.

The Tersa head can be retrofitted to most machines. For a quote on a planer head that fits your needs, use our online calculator or contact us on our website at

Have you considered upgrading to the Tersa System?

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