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SuperBrush single brush sander

SuperBrush single brush sander

The SuperBrush Sander is available in 24″, 36″ and 49″ capacities to meet the many needs of any woodworking shop.

These easy-to-use machines come with an extremely low learning curve and offer many different features which include: quick change brush heads, infinitely variable brush and conveyor speeds to allow for endless finish possibilities, adjustable tension rollers to prevent stock slippage, and precision height adjustments.

Here are just a few applications this machine will help you with: Raw Wood Sanding/ White Wood Sanding, break sharp edges, blend out minor defects, sealer Sanding/ Primer Sanding/Scuff Sanding, profile sanding, clean reclaimed wood, wire brushing to pull out soft grain to create textured surface.

Choose from 4 brush heads – dense wire, open wire, nylon brush and flatter brush.


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