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Product Showcase 2024 - Einhell Canada

Product Showcase 2024 – Einhell Canada

There are lots of choices to be made when setting up a first workshop or upgrading an existing shop. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned woodworker, these hand and power tools, machines, and workshop accessories will help you tool your shop so that you can build your dreams.

The go-to tool for cutting, cleaning, polishing and shaping metal

Einhell 4-1/2" Cordless Angle Grinder

The Einhell 4-1/2″ Cordless Angle Grinder (#4431147) delivers a maximum (no-load) speed of 8,500 RPM and accepts standard 4-1/2″ accessories. It features a brushless motor (with a 10-year warranty), soft start, restart protection, overload protection and quick-adjust safety guard. The quick-fix nut eliminates the need for a face spanner to change the cutting wheel – accessory changeovers are quick and tool-free. Its sepa­rate motor and gearing design provides for smooth operation. At only 3.4 pounds you can use it for extended periods of time without undue forearm and hand fatigue. Battery and charger sold separately.

Cut tiles quickly and cleanly, anywhere

Einhell 4-1/2" cordless wet tile saw

With the Einhell 4-1/2″ cordless wet tile saw (#4301191) you can cut ceramic, porcelain and stone tile quickly, cleanly and just about anywhere. The worktable, which can be tilted, has an angle scale from 0° to 45°, plus an adjustable angle stop for miter cuts with settings from -45° to +45°. You get a generous cutting depth of 15/16″ at 90° and 5/8″ at 45°. At just under 8 pounds it’s easy to carry, while non-slip, low-vibration feet keep the saw steady in use. Includes a diamond cutting blade. Battery and charger sold separately.

The ultimate tool for drilling and chiselling concrete, stone and masonry

Einhell 3/4" SDS-Plus cord­less rotary hammer

The Einhell 3/4″ SDS-Plus cord­less rotary hammer (4513906) is the tool to use when you need to drill large, deep holes in concrete or a regular basis. Powered by two 18V batteries, its powerful brushless motor (with a 10-year warranty) delivers 2.3 ft.-lbs of impact power with speeds up to 1,100 RPM and impacts of up to 5,300 BPM. It’s equipped with a universal SDS-plus tool chuck with semi-automatic function, precision electronic speed control, overload slip coupling, an infinitely adjustable drilling depth stop made of solid metal and a vibration-cushioned main handle. Supplied with a practical transport and storage E-case. Battery and charger sold separately.

Clear clogged drain pipes quickly and easily

Einhell cordless drain auger

The Einhell cordless drain auger (#4514165) will clear obstructions from drain pipes up to 2-14” diameter with a 1/4” diameter 22 foot long galvanized rust resistant cable. The auger operates at variable speeds up to 560 RPM and features a right and left rotation that makes it easy to release the cable and a locking mechanism for freeing up stubborn dirt. A convenient LED light illuminates the working area. Battery and charger sold separately.

The ideal glue gun for shop or home

Einhell cordless full size hot glue gun

The Einhell cordless full size hot glue gun (#4522201) makes a better tempo­rary adhesive than masking tape, enables you to build and then disassemble models, holds odd-shaped workpieces in place while wood glue dries, holds moulding in place while you perma­nently attach it with a brad nailer, and a lot more. Shaped like a drill/driver you’ll find it much easier to control and it doesn’t require a stand like many glue guns. It has a short 120-second warm-up and switches off automati­cally after 5 minutes without being used. Includes an additional flat gluing nozzle and five 7/16″ × 8″ glue sticks. Battery and charger sold separately.

Illuminate your work area

Einhell 2000 lumen hybrid LED work light

When working in areas around the home or jobsite that are not ideally illumi­nated, the Einhell 2000 lumen hybrid LED work light (#4514137) enables you to clearly see what you’re doing to do the job well. It has 20 modern, high-performance LED lights with three user-selectable brightness levels that illuminate even the darkest corners. Its compact size and swiveling head allows you to reposition it easily and quickly for the task at hand. You can also use the work light with the included 120V adapter. Battery and charger sold separately.

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