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Precision meets versatility

Precision meets versatility

The Laguna 14CX Bandsaw sets a new standard by offering upgraded features that facilitate the precise cutting of ferrous metals. With a Digital Readout (DRO), a Speed Control Knob, a 2 Speed Pulley system, and electronic variable speed, users can now achieve precise blade speeds in specific applications. This innovative solution positions the 14CX Bandsaw as a powerhouse for efficient and accurate cutting across various materials, including steel, iron, stainless steel, and more, while still maintaining the traditional woodworking bandsaw capabilities.

Laguna CX14 Bandsaw

Highlighted Features:

  • Enhanced Foot Brake System: Safety and control are paramount in the 14CX Bandsaw, evident in the improved foot brake system. With a larger brake disc, the bandsaw now provides enhanced stopping power, ensuring operator safety during operation.
  • Digital Readout (DRO): The DRO offers a quick reference for blade speeds, displayed in SFPM. It enables users to set the blade speed based on a specific blade and material, ensuring high-quality cuts in diverse materials.
  • 2 Speed Pulley: This mechanical High and Low range pulley system keeps the bandsaw in the correct torque range for the blade speed and materials being cut, enhancing performance across a variety of materials.
  • Speed Control Knob: Conveniently located on the control panel adjacent to the DRO display, the Speed Control Knob allows users to adjust speeds on the fly, optimizing blade performance during the cut.
  • PWM Electronic Speed Control: The Pulse Width Modulation system provides electronic speed control, allowing for quick stops of the powerful DC motor and wheels when shut off.

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