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Now is the time to upgrade your flooring

Mys-Teak is 100% environmentally responsibly grown plantation teak that will last for decades, and look beautiful with minimal maintenance while adding value to your home!


To accommodate a variety of flooring projects, our teak is finished, planed, and bevelled to your exact specifications.


Depending on the look you are hoping for will determine the Grade that we use. We have a number of “READY TO SHIP” items for a variety of different projects:


  • T&G Flooring 8’’ short at 40% off
  • Designer Grade 3’’ 35%off
  • 100% HW G1S TnG 3″. SALE $14.97


*We also have options available for the budget conscience consumer.


We are happy to work with you on a custom order in Designer Grade or 100% Heart Wood, which is offered from 3″ to 6″ in variable lengths. Options exist JUST ASK! For more information visit

Now is the time to upgrade your flooring

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